Express My Cash Freebies Review

Express My Cash Freebies Review

Several days ago one of my ‘informants’ landed me on the homepage of a new sort of rewards website.

Now, I’ve gone through quite a few of these types of websites already ( that’s an understatement! ), so I wasn’t really that excited about the whole process.

But my friend/informant neglected to mention that the link he had given me was actually his own personal affiliate link – so I landed on the site as a referred subject…

I instantly realized that there were two ways into this brave new website and my interest snowballed at once…

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Express My Cash Freebies Review

Okay, the start of this Express My Cash Freebies review may get a little confusing so bear with me…it’ll all pan out as we go along ( I hope! ).

The main website ( we are reviewing today! ) is part of the Freebies Network which promotes products and services of Fortune 500 companies.

You can earn money/prizes on this main website by referring new members to the ‘other’ Fortune 500 companies. ( see where I’m going with this? ).

It’s a rather strange setup but it certainly is original – I’ve not come across another reward site that works on this model.

Express My Cash Freebies Sign Up

Well if you weren’t confused by the last section…this next section will probably tip you over the edge!

You can sign up for Express My Cash Freebies through the following avenues:

  1. Be referred to their site ( like I was! ): You have clicked an offer provided to you by your referrer and they have then claimed their free gift. You must complete this given offer before you can start sending in your own referrals.
  2. Organic Search: You arrived at the site through a search engine which means you were not referred there. You will have to complete a handful of offers before you can then draw in your own referrals.

See what I mean? Not exactly the easiest setup to cover in a review really!

The Money Side of Things

The earning money side of things is totally down to affiliate marketing really – if you don’t know anything about this form of marketing you ain’t gonna make that much!

Once you have completed your signup requirements ( depending on how you arrived at the site ) you are free to advertise every offer they have.

Express My Cash Freebies Sign Up

They have no problem in letting you get referrals in however you see fit – hold a gun to their head if you want! ( that’s a joke – please don’t do that! ).

It all boils down to how you choose to market the offers – how YOU can draw in new referrals.

For every new referral that completes an offer you will get paid $20 for the effort – not bad really when you think about it!

The payment system is also a little confusing at first – you are not actually paid by Express My Cash Freebies…you are paid by the company that has created the offer!

This company contacts Express My Cash Freebies and they pass on the money to you in the form of a Paypal payment.

The Downsides…

To be brutally honest here – not many of the members I could find online had anything bad to say about this company.

Simply put – if you or a referral complete the offer you WILL get paid ( every time! ).

The whole system is more than a little confusing at first but it pays what it owes without any problems whatsoever.

The main problem that I can see is newbies will go into it thinking it’s easy to attract new members – it’s not!

As I pointed out above, you will need some form of internet marketing training to get yourself moving with this site. Without it, I’m afraid you are going to struggle!

Express My Cash Freebies Scam?

Definitely not…but it is a little bit of a confusing format ( at first! ).

The model is fresh and modern but it does work…as long as you know a little bit about online promotion.

I found that it took me about an hour in total to get my head fully around the concept – but once it’s in there…it stays there!

If you are interested in taking on this type of online business model I recommend checking out the FREE internet marketing tutorials available at the Wealthy Affiliate.

There’s no point going into this unless you have some sort of grasp on marketing online as you won’t be able to draw in any referrals.

6 comments on “Express My Cash Freebies Review

  1. Hi Chris,

    Thanks a lot for this review. I’venever heard of this offer before and even though it does sound a bit confusing at first, I’m sure after a little while most people are able to grasp the concept. The referral rate sounds excellent. Have you started referring for them yourself?
    I think I might give it a go and let you know how it works for me.
    Thanks again

    1. Hi Vivia,

      No I didn’t refer any members – I was only there to scout about for information to use in this review! Unfortunately I don’t have the time to take on extra work online opportunities these days 🙂

  2. Hi Chris
    I was actually researching different MLM schemes and came across this group as an example of using referral marketing (which is MLM under a different name).

    I have read other reviews that state you have to use your own funds, especially for some of the companies listed under the Fortune 500, I wondered if that was your own experience?

    The problem with a lot of these schemes is you are actually just working for a larger company, you are not really your own boss. If people are genuinely interested in marketing and using the internet then owning your own business is definitely a better option.

    1. Hi Marie,

      Sorry but I’m a little confused about what you are asking here? I didn’t have to use my own funds at any point during my trial run of the membership! I was simply referred, I took part in the offers…and got paid a small amount for my effort. I didn’t take up the opportunity to refer new members. I’m unsure about what Fortune 500 companies you are on about but you seem to be a little muddled on this one!

  3. Greeting.

    This is really helpful article, I’m just new in online business and things are overwhelming at this point and sometimes seem like making money online is really a dream. Now I should give a try to this “Express My Cash Freebies”. The referrals rates seems awesome.

    Anyway thanks for writing helpful review. I wish you best of luck.

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