Explosive Website Traffic Review – Seriously?


Explosive Website Traffic Review

​So I decided to shell out $10 on this product for the sake of this Explosive Website Traffic review. I’m not gonna lie to you – I’ve been burned in the past and running this website will probably ensure I’m gonna get burned in the future to!

A product title like ‘Explosive Website Traffic’ is bound to rope in more than a few unsuspecting newbies. When we start out in this online business we all lack website traffic – fact of life I’m afraid!

You can have the best website ever known to mankind, but without visitors it will be for nothing.

This results in most of us smashing social media as often as possible which results in a tidal wave of traffic.

One problem though – this ain’t targeted traffic! 

Without targeted traffic you are not going to sell anything. Without targeted traffic your bounce rate is going to be terrible.

So the makers of this product knew that they were onto a winner with this product. Once you have put in all the hard work to build up a website you will do ANYTHING to get visitors…right?

Explosive Website Traffic Review

We’ll start off with the rather overused pitch that this particular product is using. It’s a very typical sales letter that makes you feel about two foot tall because of your lack of website success ( i.e. traffic ).

Throughout the sales letter there are numerous passages in bold type attempting to convince you that it doesn’t have to be this way – millions of people get landslides of traffic every day!

Then we get to the slightly more ridiculous claims usually seen on traffic exchanges or PTC sites…

It’s claims are typically mad, such as getting your initial lead and sale within 20 minutes, or earning hundreds of dollars daily as a result of this system.

We also get the typical proof of earnings shot which accounts for pretty much nothing – are they the earnings off this product? I doubt it!

I bought the product for a tenner which is pretty cheap really – not to much of a risk but enough to piss you off if the product turns out to be a scam!

You get offered a load of other products as you travel through the marketing funnel but as you know – only an idiot would sign up for any more crap before checking out the main product out first.

Inside The Box

Well there’s no box really – this is another eBook purchase ( yawn! ).

You also receive two bonus eBooks but by the time you’ve made your way through the initial purchase, I’m pretty sure you won’t be bothering with them!

The eBook is only 16 pages long in it’s complete form – this includes all that disclaimer crap and a contents page.

It’s split up into 5 parts that are meant to guide you through the process of gaining untold amounts of traffic…

Part 1

A whole page dedicated to giving you the mindset of sitting on a beach and making money. Seriously – that’s it!

I wonder if the guy who compiled this eBook run out of ideas and threw this page in as a filler?

Part 2

Here we get to cover the two COMPLETELY OBVIOUS ways of getting traffic to your website – paid and free. If you didn’t know about these methods already then I suggest you take up gardening and shut your laptop.

Part 3 

By this point I was pretty much losing the will to live but I knew I had to write this review…so I carried on.

This page lists the tools you are going to need to succeed with this system:

  • A lead page
  • A stopwatch ( WHAT??? )
  • A computer ( give me a break! )
  • Lots of patience ( most of which is used up getting through this book! )

​​Yeah – lost for words really!

Part 4

At last – we come to the actual process that is gonna bring in millions of website visitors a day ( yippee! ).

Hold on a minute…what have we got here?

For a second I’m sure the author of this product was trying to convince me that using forums will generate this traffic…

Hell no! He was!

This is probably the oldest marketing method known to man ( with more than one brain cell ).

Forums are a great place for grabbing free and targeted traffic but don’t expect a landslide. You’ve basically just paid $10 for something EVERY marketer and webmaster should already know!

Part 5

A generous eBook conclusion…to a pile of s##t.

Time For MY Conclusion

You won’t find anything in this eBook that you couldn’t find for free online – it’s a waste of money.

There’s nothing wrong with the level of the training – it’s more the subject matter. Who, in this day and age, needs training on forum marketing – it’s so simple!

Sign up to a forum in your niche, leave a link to your site in the signature box, take part but don’t spam, bingo!

It’s not a scam product but it is based on regurgitated info that most people learned years and years ago.

If you are interested in attracting website visitors the right way I suggest signing up for the FREE courses at the Wealthy Affiliate. Here you will cover ALL aspects of marketing and it won’t cost you a dime. Check out our review through the link below:


5 comments on “Explosive Website Traffic Review – Seriously?

  1. Your review had me laughing most of the way through. I am not entirely sure if I was laughing at the idea of that ebook existing or your review at some points.

    I think someone has found a way to make whole lot of money with information free to anyone.

    I can guarantee your $10 is not the first or last $10 the author of this ebook will receive.

    I am glad you took the time to tell others about it so we don’t have to have the experience of trying it ourselves.

  2. Hi Chris,

    There are so many trash around the internet. One needs to be aware that some products are not worthy the money. Most people purchase these products thinking that there is a secret.

    Explosive website traffic review helps us visitors not to buy it. It is awesome that you have done a review for us.

    The Sky is the Limit

  3. Chrs, I appreciate the time you took to review the Explosive Website traffic ebook – what a waste it turned out to be. Good thing it only set you back $10, and maybe a couple of hours that you’d probably love to have back at this point. Just goes to show you how many systems are out there promising some pie in the sky illusion, but never seem to follow through on it. Classic marketing garbage.

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