Excel Cash Flow Review – Scam?


Excel Cash Flow Legitimate?

Unfortunately most people who come online to work are under the impression that you can make big bucks daily. I’m not going to beat around the bush here – I know who is responsible for this!

Typical scam opportunities are usually well presented offers that catch people out and make owners money – they exist because they work.

That brings me to this Excel Cash Flow review – what delights does the Excel Cash Flow system have to offer unsuspecting newbies…

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The Excel Cash Flow Review

This opportunity boasts about being able to make members up to $370 a day. How they arrive at this precise amount is anyone’s guess!

They also have a clever trick on display that attempts to convince you that positions are set to specific locations. When I arrived at their offer they were telling me there were about 40 positions left in my area.

I had to hurry though – these positions were filling up like hot cakes!!!

You can see how newbies get drawn into this sort of thing – it sounds like a really decent opportunity to finally get those monthly bills off your back.

The Excel Cash Flow Review
Too Good to be True?

So what tasks must you undertake to rake in this decent amount of money every day? Surely this involves a LOT of work?

Heck no! All you have to do is post links online all day!

( Alarm bells should really start to ring inside your head at this point! ).

Now, take it from me, nothing is this easy in the online earning world!

Apparently there are companies out there that are desperate for the likes of you and me to post these links for them. You see, if they have to hire these people themselves they would need to build a new building for them to work from…

What a pile of ____!

This brings me to the rather good looking Debbie Jones, the apparent creator of this opportunity.

Debbie Jones
Our Good Friend Debbie Jones ( Hard at Work! )

She claims to have created the industry-wide acclaimed β€œWealth Development Certification Program which enables you to tap into this Billion Dollar industry at will”.

The problem here is that Debbie Jones doesn’t exist – the name is not exactly that original anyway when you think about it!

There is a picture of her on one of the product pages but a quick search reveals it is nothing more than a stock photo ( from Shutterstock I’m reliably informed! ).

The Excel Cash Flow System

This particular system has quite a story to tell it’s victims, sorry, perspective members.

Apparently Debbie Jones ( you know the one – the girl that doesn’t exist! ) is divorced and stuck with a young daughter. Times are hard and they are struggling to get by in their home country of Australia.

Suddenly she stumbled upon an awesome loophole and was able to rake in about $370 a day ( there’s that precise number again! ).

The Excel Cash Flow SystemNow all the bills are being paid and her daughter walks on water wearing shoes made out of diamonds….

…you get the picture by now ( hopefully ).

Then we get to the testimonials, where would a good scam, sorry, product, be without a bunch of positive testimonials?

The sidebar of this product’s sales page is littered with testimonials from areas of Australia I can’t even pronounce. They don’t even look real and are possibly some of the lamest examples I have come across so far.

They also try to convince you to sign up by displaying a video that proves their offer has acclaimed national media attention. This video is convincing and professional enough but there’s just one problem…

I’ve seen it used on many different scam offers before!Β Same news report, same newscaster, same crap.

Excel Cash Flow Complaints

I always advise people to go through a decent Google search before signing up for ANY online work at home opportunity. Google is your friend in these instances and ALWAYS weeds out the complaints.

So, that’s what I did and it brought up a tidal wave of negative reviews. Below are just some of the more frequent complaints:

  • As soon as email address was submitted members were spammed with untold amounts of similar job offers ( scams ).
  • People followed the system of paying for ads and posting links only to find out that these links were worthless. They received no money off them.
  • The support network is nothing more than a good looking button on a page. You can mail them as often as you want but you will not get any sort of reply!
  • The business phone number provided seems to end up at an automated ‘hold’ function.
  • Their online consultant will try and convince you to put $1000’s on your credit card because this is a no-risk tactic. Apparently you will make more money than this back.
  • You have to pay for the opportunity to work for them – $97
  • The ‘money back guarantee’ does not exist – no refunds will be paid out at any point.

So…it all sounds pretty promising right? ( a touch of purposeful sarcasm )

Excel Cash Flow Legitimate?

I don’t really know why I’m providing this conclusion as you should of got the whole picture from the Excel Cash Flow review above!

This is a poor, poor showing from a bunch that are only interested in taking your money and offering absolutely NOTHING in return.

It’s not the first time data entry has used to scam people and it certainly won’t be the last.

These people are con artists – the same type of people who knock on elderly people’s doors and try to get them to part with their savings.

Working online is very much a full time job – there are no quick fixes. Unfortunately these types of scams work on the unsuspecting and therefore they will keep creating them.

If you are interested in making real money online we suggest checking out the FREE tutorials the Wealthy Affiliate offer. Read our full review on their services HERE

33 comments on “Excel Cash Flow Review – Scam?

  1. Hey Chris,

    I’d never heard of Excel Cash Flow before, but i’m so glad that you are warning people about it. Time and time again it comes back to the same old saying: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. The sad thing is, so many naive people will be taken in by a scam such as this, and by the time they are asked to pay the extra money they will feel like they are already committed. It’s disgusting really, but at least we have people like you to keep everyone informed of things like this.

    Where can we find out more about Wealthy Affiliate? You mention clicking on the link below, but I couldn’t see it.

    1. Hi Marcus – you can’t see the link at the bottom of the page? Strange – it is there ( in banner format! ). I’ll check on a Mac laptop now to see if there’s any problem with it showing up on different browsers πŸ™‚

  2. Hi Chris, sounds a lot like the on line riches university scam, it might even be the same people and tactics under another name. A non-existing owner, trying to get your personal data as soon as possible to start bombarding you with e-mails or phone calls. Do you know if this is the same organization? Cheers, Jerry

    1. Hi Jerry,
      I have heard of the Online Riches University but I haven’t got around to reviewing them yet – so I couldn’t really tell you!
      I have heard that they sound a little bit dodgy mind πŸ™‚

  3. Hi Chris,
    I enjoy reading your post and review about online opportunities that are SCAMS, it is a great way to let people know about these SCAMMERS and put a stop to it. So many people out there are being riffed off by these SCAMMERS unfortunately, I was scammed in the past many times, but thank goodness I found Wealthy Affiliate so No more SCAMS for me. You have a lot of good information in your website so well done. Maria

    1. Glad you managed to find the WA University Maria – a great place to learn your trade online. I can tell by the way you’ve highlighted SCAMS and SCAMMERS in your comment that you’ve had experience with them LOL
      Glad you are now somewhere were there is no danger of being taking advantage of – have a happy Wealthy Affiliate journey πŸ™‚

  4. Thanks for this review. There are far too many of such scammy “opportunities” that still manage to catch the unwary or new folkjs to the internet looking to make some real money online!

    Nowadays, thanks to sites such as yours, that quickly show what a waste of time such stuff is, anyone that has more than a few days will be able to see through these…

    It is a shame that it is like this, but on the other hand, freedom on the internet means we all need to become informed on what is good and what is not…

    I remember very well the days of spam, where your mail would be inundated by hundreds of junk that just clogged up your mail…Thank goodness that has been legislated out…

    I saw also the reference in your post to another site at the bottom, but saw no banner, as Marcus (another commenter here) mentioned. Are you referring to the banner that is in the middle of the post (for Wealthy Affiliate)?

    Appreciate the info on this fake deal, I have added it to my huge list of scams to watch for. I pass this ever-growing list out periodically to my friends, and they are thankful, as I am for your post here! Cheers!

    1. Hi Dave,
      Yeah the banners there – loud and proud at the bottom of the article ( I think you and Marcus may need to update your browsers mate! ). But I think I’m going to change the banner to a text link just to be sure – two complaints in one comment section is enough to change my mind πŸ™‚

  5. As stated before by someone else, I have never heard of this Excel Cash Flow program. I have heard of similar programs that I have almost signed up with in a desperate attempt to make some money. Thank you very much for researching this program thoroughly. It has enlightened the rest of us and also helped us to understand the way that we should investigate something before signing up for it first.

  6. residual income now thats some thing i need not would like i need and i have read about WA many many times and i think its about time i give it ago as i just can not find anything negative about it on thigh net so can you please advise me on what i need to start doing this and how long will it take before i can start working on it

    many thanks


    1. Hi Jimmi,
      Simply visit our review on the WA located HERE and sign up for free – take your time working your way through their educational modules and enjoy πŸ™‚

  7. Thank you for the honest review. I especially like you Google method of exposing these fleecers. It seems to me that scams are abundant on the net. But which niches or opportunities are legitimate. I realize that open education projects such as Wealthy Affiliate is a good outfit. Do you have any other online outfits that pass the test?

    1. Hi Mike,
      Well I used to use Clixsense quite frequently when I was first starting out online – never had a problem with them ( legit ). You can find our review on it HERE

  8. HI Chris, honestly I have know idea what is excel cash flow but I am glad reading it and I noted it because you have described the program is scam. Thanks God, no more peoples will spend money for nothing. I think you are doing great by telling people which affiliate site is scam , which one is legit. I look forward for another review. Thanks chris

  9. I signed up online to make money from home, the advertising stated that a payment of 97.00 would be required so I signed up, then it prompted me to pay $19.97 to learn how. Paid a total of 116.97 this transaction occurred on 7/22/2015. There was a 60 day refund guarantee. On August 25th I called into the customer service center and requested a refund, I was told it would be refunded to my credit card in 5 to 7 days. 10 days later I called back asking about my refund, I was told they were unable to process the refund to my credit card and a check had been mailed to me on Sept. 1, I should be receiving with in 5 to 7 days. On September 15th I called in again and was told that the Sept 1 check was stopped and that a check was processed on September 11th, I should receive in 7 to 10 days. On September 21 I called in, was told that the check was not mailed out spoke with a supervisor Jonnie employee number 0142 and she said the check was not mailed that they are refunding the money to my credit card with in 24 hours. Today I called in to again inquire and was hung up on, when I tried to call back I got music then silence and was hung up on three times, when I called back with my called id blocked it went right through. I filed a complaint about the business with the FTC this morning. The gentleman I spoke with today would not let me talk to a Supervisor or Manager, he indicated to me that the check was processed on Sept 11, and I just need to wait. This is the 4th story I was told. I asked why was I told it would be processed on my credit card, all he said was he was sorry and I should receive the check from the 11th, that it takes 7 to 10 days. I informed him that I was told the check did not go out, and it is over 7 to 10 days. He said to me a Manager would call me back today and then basically hung up on me. I’m not holding my breath for a Manager to call me. i filed a complaint with the FTC and BBB

    1. Oh I’m really sorry to hear that Beth, but don’t feel foolish – these pigs have scammed thousands of people like yourself ( they are VERY good at it! ). I hope you manage to get some sort of refund out of them…but I’m not holding my breath.

  10. What you have here Chris.?.That title cash flowing is not usually a great product to look at.

    I want to stay on Beth’s message at the bottom of the page.This is the proof that matters and this is how THEY make money out of people.

    Too bad still these marketing products exist.But I am very optimistic for the future , I can clearly see that the number of the crap is reducing.What you think?

  11. Thanks so much for this review of Excel Cash Flow and explanation on how make money online “scams” work.

    There are certainly so many out there it’s quite irking, I think the industry has died out a little now, compared to before when it was new and most people were still open to the opportunity of making a lot of money overnight.

    What do you think?

    1. Hi Anh,

      Unfortunately I think it’s the complete opposite – there are now so many scams floating about out there it’s getting quite ridiculous! Problem is it’s getting easier and easier to design one – they all look very convincing! πŸ™‚

  12. Hey Chris, thank you for your review of Wealthy Cash Flow. These scams just never seem to go away. You can usually look at the spokesperson pic like you suggested and kinda tell that they probably bought the pic and slapped it on the page. There are some so called “Internet Models” who turn up time and again. Anyway, I’m glad you are recommending Wealthy Affiliate because it is a great program with plenty of value where you can join free and get tons of useful information.

  13. $370 per day is a huge amount of money for many people, so I can understand why so many get sucked into this! It sounds like this company does a great job of preying upon people’s insecurities, like being a single parent or wanting to work from home. It’s great that you are helping unsuspecting people that are looking for opportunities to work from home protect themselves and find a better opportunity that is legit.


  14. Hi Chris

    To pay $97 to work for someone is just crazy. They should pay you instead and not the other way around. This is what makes me mad about Excel cash flow products.

    I think I will skip this one because I will never pay for data entry scams. Thanks for the heads up πŸ™‚

  15. Hi Chris, Thanks for this review of Excel Cash Flow and explanation on how make money on-line scams work. I can see how people can get sucked into this, but with your advice we now know to avoid them. I’m now looking at Wealthy Affiliate on your recommendation. I hope this one is as good as you say, there are so many scams out there these days. Keep up the good works.

    1. Oh it’s a good one mate – just have a quick look around and see if it’s something that would maybe interest you! πŸ™‚

  16. I haven’t ever even heard of Excel Cash Flow before this review! The scams people throw together sometimes continues to surprise me very day! The worst part is some people still continuously fall for scams just like this every day because just like the “testimonials” these people need money to help their circumstances! And these sites just prey on them and take their money away and worsen their situation! So glad you’re putting in effort to help protect these people!

    1. Yeah testimonials seem to work on most newcomers unfortunately, and you can get them created on Fiverr for…a fiver!!!!

  17. So… how exactly am I supposed to use Excel Cash Flow to make money??

    I hate products with dozens of testimonials; it’s like they’re trying to shove in your face that they are indeed legit. I’m going to be making $370 a day doing what?

    If Debbie does exist, I’m sure she’s a nice woman; but I know from experience that the type of money this product is promising with the amount of work is not possible. Hard work is what makes you money online… not scams like this one.

    Thanks for the warning,

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