Elements of a Blog Post – 5 Simple Guidelines

Elements of a Blog Post

There are quite literally millions of popular blogs out there bringing in their owners a healthy monthly pay packet. Here we take a look at the killer elements of a blog post that these webmasters are using – if they can do it why can’t you?

A Growing Community

Blogging is dynamite IF you know how to do it effectively! People now know that this form of expressing yourself is big business – over 175,000 blogs are added to the internet on a daily basis!

But how many of these blogs will be up and running in a years time?

Well, not many I’m afraid! You see, it’s not set in stone – just because you have something to say doesn’t mean you are going to make it big! 

There are elements of a blog post that cannot and should not be ignored if you want this to work out. Every half a second a blog is born – that’s about 10 new blogs since you started reading this article!

Let’s find out how to make YOURS stick…

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1) Engage With Image

I ALWAYS advise newcomers to blogging to include relevant and engaging images – this is SO, SO important!

Did you know it’s a fact that articles with images included get 94% more views! 

engage with images on your postsPeople are extremely visual by nature – they don’t like having a load of text thrown at them on a back-lit screen. Images break up the provided text and supply the readers with an opportunity to digest or absorb the information presented.

My training at the Wealthy Affiliate community always preached the importance of ‘white space’ on an article or a blog post.

People want to read short and sharp paragraphs with images surrounding them – they don’t want to come online to read a thesis of black and white text.

2) Clean Designs Won’t Hurt The Eyes!

All to often I land up on a blog and get bombarded with flash powered adverts and slideshows. Now this may seem ‘high tech’ and impressive but in the cold light of day – it won’t often impress.

I’m not saying this site doesn’t make use of a few ‘bells and whistles’ because it does in a SUBTLE way. It’s a dynamic enough website WITHOUT screaming out “Look at me! Look at me!” to my visitors.

Clean Designs Won't Hurt The Eyes!

If you are starting up your own blog I would always recommend picking a nice clean template and starting from there. Build it up over time without going ‘hell for leather’ on the flashy stuff.

People will be arriving at your site for INFORMATION. If they struggle to locate that information through all the glitz and glam they will leave pretty sharpish!

Remember – Quality content and a good, clean design are the top two factors that add credibility.

3) Don’t be a Drone – Be Unique! 

One of the most important elements of a blog post comes from within you – and it should be added to EVERY post or article you write!

Always make sure you allow your unique perspective and the subject/topic shine through. Don’t cram a load of fluff into your paragraphs – just use the sentences YOU find interesting!

When you have all your points and your facts in order try your best to write conversationally as if you are having a ( friendly ) discussion in a bar with a mate!

Cut down the length of paragraphs and sentences – don’t ramble on and try to impress with ‘big words’. A reader prefers to know you are cut from the same cloth as them – don’t be a smart ass ( nobody likes a smart ass! ).

4) Being Social

Be social with your postsI’ve gone over how important social media is to modern day online success so many times now there’s very little left for me to say on the subject!

Put it like this – if you are not connecting your blog to the top social media outlets ( Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon, Reddit ) then you are missing out on MILLIONS of free visitors!

The best thing about these social sites is that it takes you no time at all to post there – you have no excuse, use them!

5) Rough it up a Little! 

Don’t be a sheep and follow the crowd – rough it up a little! 

A majority of people want something controversial in their lives – they are pretty bored. They don’t come online to witness people patting each other on the back – they come online for something a little more spiky!

That being said – don’t be afraid to go against the grain with your writing!

If you manage to create conversational posts you will see a lot of people linking to your work and refuting the information you’ve provided. Engagement is critical when it comes to a successful blog – the more you get people talking the better your blog becomes!

By being a little outspoken you are sure to draw emotion out of certain readers. This in turn causes them to reply and comment on your work – comments on a blog/website are awesome indicators of a fresh and active blog ( they also help your search engine ranking! ).

If you know of any effective elements of a blog post that I have not included here today why don’t you chip in and leave them in the comment section below?

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11 comments on “Elements of a Blog Post – 5 Simple Guidelines

  1. I did not know there were over 175,000 blogs coming to life each day, thanks for the heads up. Could be discouraging news for some. I really like where you mentioned to “rough it up a little” and don’t follow the crowd. I remember speaking with one guy who made a page that was just for him and his close friends. He wasn’t looking for attention, he wrote naturally, and started getting visitor after visitor, unexpectedly. The site became a hit by accident by them being original is what im trying to say i guess!
    Thanks again for the great article.

  2. This is great content mate, really like what you have done with the site and it is obvious that you practice what you preach. Some great advice here and i defiantly going to taking onboard what you have said when it comes to writing my next article. One thing i think you should add is the use of video to engage your visitors, as i believe there are lots of people out there that would just prefer to watch than read. I am not saying you should just post a video as i think creating content to go with this video is the best way to go about it as google loves the content for SEO and humans love the video. Many Thanks, Mark.

    1. Yeah that’s definitely a good point Mark ( thanks for including it here! ). Videos are also very popular when embedded in blog posts 🙂

  3. Hi Chris,

    Great post! Very informative blog. I like how easy your site is on the eyes. Good, concise and easy to navigate. I too am starting to look for ways to get passive residual income and will book mark your site to refer back to. Best wishes in your future endeavors. Cheers

    1. Alright, well glad you like the layout and the theme of the site Stephen! Glad you found the article informative too 🙂

  4. Thank you Chris for yet another great post. .

    I read with interest your simple guidelines and because of my training at WA, I do do most of the things that you suggest. I try and put at least three images on my posts. I have a diploma in Journalism so know to keep the paragraphs short and sharp (no more than 5 lines at most) and of course unique.

    I can’t stand flashy websites and I lose interest very quickly so I have kept my site very simple I hope. I also share with social media – although I am not with Reddit yet.

    Kyle has actually suggested that videos enhance your google ranking and I intend to incorporate those too when I have learnt how to do them!

    Hopefully, I too will be able to make a substantial income.

    1. Yeah there’s definitely evidence leading to videos improving your overall page ranking with Google – after all, they do also own YouTube!

  5. Thank you for the great information on writing blogs. There seem to be a lot of people blogging these days. It is the way business is going for both small and large businesses. It is a good craft to have, being able to write engaging posts to draw people in.

    You mention social media such facebook, twitter, stumbleupon and reddit, and have written posts about it before. But, I was wondering what you thought about pinterest and linkedin for advertising.

    1. Pinterest is great as long as you keep in mind that it has a high female user base – pick your topics carefully. LinkedIn is also pretty cool but not for out and out advertising – I use it to release articles on that link back to this site here!

  6. Great post here… and I love your final point – a lot of people (myself included) tend not to think about making a controversial conversation/debate because they want to “play it safe”. This is an interesting perspective though… something I may have to consider in future posts I write for my own website!! 🙂
    Thank you for sharing!! 🙂

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