Easy Writing Ideas – 5 Simple Guidelines


Easy Writing Ideas

​Sometimes your great post ideas end up laying stagnant in social media streams leaving you scratching your head as to why it is happening. Most of the time the problem is not the idea – it’s the way the idea has been written.

In this article I will be going over a handful of easy writing ideas to hack and seduce your visitor’s interest. Hopefully some of these ideas will help you produce the ‘killer content’ you have been looking for…

All The Planning in The World…

Sometimes it doesn’t matter how much effort or planning you put into your dynamic post ideas – things just don’t work out!

Always keep in mind that 99% of the people reading your content are looking for answers to a query they have.

Essentially they are looking for a solution or answer as fast as possible and they don’t really want to work that hard to find it.

So if you dance around the burning question or ramble on your readers are highly unlikely to be seduced by your writing.

All the research in the world will not help your career online if you fail to deliver your content in the correct way…

#1 Don’t be a Fancy Pants!

I often find really intelligent writers online and good for them – they have a talent so why not use it?

Don't show off with your writingThe problem is that these writers can sometimes alienate their readers by going a little to ‘Oscar Wilde’ with their articles. People don’t come online to expect Shakespeare – they come online to find more human content!

Getting overly posh with your writing leads to your reader’s brain feeling like it’s painfully fighting through quicksand to get the solution.

Nobody really cares about your education or your literature standard – they only care about a solution to their problem. Give them this solution in Layman’s Terms.

#2 Keep it Short & Sweet

And where would easy writing ideas be without simplicity?

Long sentences and paragraphs overwhelm most readers and plant a subconscious seed of boredom. This amount of text in one section will always cause the reader’s interest to dwindle.

My internet marketing training always taught me to leave lots of white space around my content/text. This means I had to keep my sentences short and sweet.

Short sentences are much easier to digest and even allow the article to read at a faster pace.

As a rule of thumb I try to express no more than one point per paragraph – this keeps content dynamic and entertaining. 

#3 Avoid The Common Cliche

I have to admit I’ve been guilty of this in the past but you live and learn right?

Try to avoid using cliches you find profound or cool – chances are your readers would have encountered them before.

I always liked the term ‘content is king’ but at then end of the day – at least 80% of the marketing blogs have used it at one point in time.

When you quote these types of cliches you are losing any originality you’ve got across. They effectively stomp out any hint of your personality and voice in your content.

#4 Think About The Reader

The best content writers always keep the needs of their audience at the front of their minds. This means that they are able to eliminate any unnecessary content from the article and end up with a flowing, informative piece of work.

I know how tempting it is to ramble on just to get your word count up – but is it worth expanding on your writing if all you’re doing is taking the long route?

#5 Tap Into News Trends

I always think it’s good practice to keep your writing as modern as possible – it gives your readers the impression that you are up to date within your niche! 

Tap Into The News

When news breaks in your chosen niche, everyone is searching for reactions online. This means that if you manage to include a bit of news within your posts/articles you are providing yourself with a slight position of authority.

As well as this you will receive natural, organic traffic from the people who are searching out responses to this news.

Easy Writing Ideas

Above all, try and stay true to yourself when you are creating content for the internet. People will recognize writing that has come from enjoyment – people will also recognize content that is forced!

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5 comments on “Easy Writing Ideas – 5 Simple Guidelines

  1. Oh yeah, I have used the common cliches strategy before and to be honest, unless it happens naturally, I don’t quite like it because I feel like it’s patronizing my readers. By using my own words, I feel that I can communicate with my readers better.

    Tapping into news trend – now that’s something I haven’t really try. When Google did an update in April, I tried to tackle the topic and ended up researching for days. I realized I still don’t understand most of the web fundamentals so I can’t come up with strong opinions when presenting my articles.

    But certainly something I would be getting into fairly soon.

  2. Great post! thanks for sharing your wisdom ;o) ha ha just kidding;o) I will think extra of the part where you say that the writer should try to put “news” in the content cause it makes the reader think that you are “up to date” .. that sounds logical and I really think you got a point there. thanks again/ John

  3. Hi there,

    Your 5 simple easy writing ideas are perfect. Many people try to be to critical with themselves that they never just get out there and make it happen.

    I took a blogging class a while back and one assignment was to speed write for 30 minutes.

    I ended up writing 2 post ideas down. One I critiqued and from that rough draft I produced a post that now gets over 4,000 visits and counting each month.

    Pretty cool when you let you mind free and see what creatively comes out.

    Thanks for your insights,

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