Easy Shift App Review – Is Easy Shift Scam?

Easy Shift App Review - Is Easy Shift Scam?

Well it hasn’t really taken that long for the ‘work online’ world to infect the popularity of smart phones (who couldn’t see that one coming?).

Over the last year or so I’ve reviewed a handful of these new app opportunities and I’ve not been that impressed by most of them.

These apps are much like the various reward sites online – they are not designed to make you rich, rather make you a little beer money for the weekend.

Today we will be hawking our way through this Easy Shift app review and asking the question – is Easy Shift scam or legit?

Let’s take a closer look…


The Easy Shift Review

The app itself was created by a company named Quri, Inc. It’s a relatively simple app that rewards you in payment for completing run-of-the-mill tasks (also known as shifts!).

The app works on reservation periods that cover the time limit you are given to complete each task.

Easy Shift screen shots

I found that a high percentage of the tasks were based on local retail areas in your vicinity.

You have to travel to a store, take a photo of a shelf or a product, send it through then receive payment!

Most of these types of apps are geared towards people in city areas but I was impressed that Easy Shift attempts to target shops just about anywhere!

Easy Shift App Money

I didn’t find many tasks that sort of stuck to a similar price range – most of them set their own level of reward.

What I did take note of was that the payment structure seemed to lie in between two dollars and twenty dollars.

Is Easy Shift a Scam?

When you complete a shift you must wait for it to get approved before you can withdraw your earnings into your Paypal account.

The waiting time for the pending withdraw is no more than two days in most cases.

The cool thing about this setup is that there is no minimum pay out level to aim for. Once you have earned some cash it’s time to withdraw!

What Phone?

The app is now available on both iPhone and Android smartphones but you must be at least 18 years of age to earn through it.

Other Easy Shift Reviews

I encountered no real problems when I was trying out the app but I am not ‘green’ enough to think that it’s glitch free!

I decided to have a scan around other corners of the internet to find out what other Easy Shift reviews said. Here is what I found out…

1. Poor Customer Service – I’m afraid this is something that I cannot really forgive when it comes to earning online.

If you are working for money you need a solid support foundation in place to reinforce your efforts.

More than a few of the members have complained that it was very difficult, if not impossible, to get through to customer service.

2. Not Enough Work – Unfortunately, even though this app tries to provide for all areas, it often fails miserably.

This is commonplace though overall when you think about it – these apps are always going to have more tasks on offer in the built up areas.

But for those of you living in the extreme rural areas – don’t give up your day jobs (farming maybe a better option!).

Is Easy Shift Scam?

Even though I came across numerous complaints about the customer service, I didn’t once come across a complaint about not receiving payment…which is pretty good news!

You are not going to make a lot of money out of this app, but, if you live near one of the major cities in your area you could possibly do quite well.

Rural areas do have some jobs going but these will only add up to a bit of extra pocket money at the end of each month.

It’s a decent solid app that doesn’t seem to have many glitches and pays it’s members without any problems (so far!).

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6 comments on “Easy Shift App Review – Is Easy Shift Scam?

  1. Hey there.

    I Have never heard of this app. I must say it sounds do really good. But also sounds like allot of work. I think it could work for extra cash at the end of the month. Thank you for sharing this app.
    I enjoy your posts and your website is full of helpful information.
    All the best

  2. Very good information here. I never tried easy shift. Only because I didn’t really have a good understanding of it. Being a full time college student your always trying to make some money on the side. I will give this app a try I know it won’t make me rich over night but some money is better than no money. Thanks for the great review.

  3. Lately Easy Shift rejects a lot of shifts. They are getting too picky with the quality of shifts that people do. If your photo is deemd the slightest bit of blurry or if you miss one display, they will reject the whole job you just did. It does not matter if you spent 30 minutes doing the shift and 12 miles in gas – they do not care about you. They will not explain exactly why the shift was rejected either. They do not reply to messages or emails when you ask them for a reason. Be careful with this company. They are shady.

    1. Yeah that does sound a bit dodgy Julius – they actually keep the images sent to them I take it…even if they say they are not good enough quality? Seems like a bit of a scam tactic to me – thanks for taking the time to inform us about this and leaving the comment (our readers will appreciate it!).

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