EarnHoney Review – Get Money For Tasks

EarnHoney Review - Get Money For Tasks

​Over the last several years I’ve come across many websites that strive to emulate their successful predecessors – some make it, but many fail.

Way back when, Clixsense offered it’s online members a chance to get money for tasks and boy did it take off.

Clixsense is still going from strength to strength now so it’s no surprise that new sites in the niche will want to emulate it.

That brings us to this EarnHoney review we will be covering today. Yet another reward site that is looking to take on the oldies.

Is it worth your time and effort? Is it legit?

Let’s take a closer look…

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The EarnHoney Review

EarnHoney was launched in September 2014 and it follows the typical reward site blueprint. It basically pays it’s members for carrying out small internet tasks.

Sign up is completely free and you can earn money by:

  • ​Playing online games
  • Taking part in surveys
  • Watching videos
  • Participating in specialized polls

​All you need to get started is a personal email address where EarnHoney can send you a verification code.

Monopoly Money

Good old Clixsense has always taken the opportunity to pay it’s hard working members in cold hard cash – most of these modern reward sites opt for what I call ‘Monopoly Money’.

Let’s be honest here – most of the online work you find on these sites is a right drag to get through but there is plenty of it!

When a mini job is this bad I want to see some sort of solid reward at the end of it – I don’t want to be paid in Monopoly Money!

So what is Monopoly money?

Well, this kind of internet currency is a point based system that is usually designed for low payouts ( payouts that will be lower than if they used cash rewards! ).

In this case the Monopoly money is given the rather tedious title of Honey Dollars ( give me a break! ).

How to earn with EarnHoney

Honey Dollars are thrown around the website pretty frequently – after all, they’re not really worth that much at the end of the day!

When you sign up you end up with a Honey Dollar reward, if you log in you end up with a Honey Dollar reward…and so on, and so on…

The amount of Honey Dollars earned varies by activity. Obviously the more difficult the activity the more you earn.

At the time of writing this EarnHoney review, the ratio of this currency is 100:1. That means 100 HoneyDollars will get you the awesome total of $1.

Yeah, I wasn’t that impressed either!

For instance a one-minute video gives you 0.2 HoneyDollars and you can earn about 4 HoneyDollars for sitting through a MUCH longer video.

Do the math – that ain’t a great return!

There are two options when it comes to cashing in your hard earned HoneyDollars – Amazon cards and Paypal cards.

Gift cards for EarnHoney

Amazon cards come in the format of $1, $5, $10 and $25 increments while Paypal options are limited to $5 and $25 cards.

As you may have noticed, if you want ACTUAL cash out of this site you will have to aim for the first Paypal card…which will cost you a tasty 500 Honey Dollars!

Making The Most of it! 

During my time on the site I did figure out a few short cuts to get you to your gift cards a little sooner than normal routes.

First off is the videos – go for it and don’t stop playing them!

These video offers require you to keep the video running for an allotted amount of time…but nobody checks if you actually watch them or not!

I needed to get to the 500 Honey Dollars mark as quick as possible for the purpose of this review so I absolutely smashed the video section.

At any one time I had 4 tabs open on my Google Chrome browser and I was running a video off each.

Now, I don’t know how long you will get away with this type of tactic, but it worked for me!

Don’t come back here wailing about how your account was canceled because I’m not interested. At the end of the day, this tactic might only work for a specific time frame ( before you get collared by the admins! ).

I was also reasonably impressed by their affiliate program that offered a 10% lifetime commission model:

Earn Honey Affiliate Program

If you have any experience with basic internet marketing then you could well be onto a winner here.

Basically use your promotion knowledge to draw in as many referrals as possible and let them do the rather tedious work for you!

Is EarnHoney Scam?

Okay, lets get into a few of the downsides surrounding this site – mainly complaints.

Remember that EVERY work online opportunity will have some sort of complaint linked to it. It could be 100% legit – but there will still be the odd f##k up here and there!

I came across numerous complaints about the video earning section of the site – apparently they often freeze up or won’t even appear in the embedded player.

Now this problem did not occur when I was using the site but I can imagine it being a really irritating problem!

There are also numerous reports of members not receiving their reward cards for various reasons.

The problem with these reports is that you can never really gauge the member who is complaining – did they try and cheat the site or do they really have some sort of case?

There also seems to be a problem with the support network in place with this bunch. Many members seem to believe that their problems end up falling on deaf ears.

Now, I’ve been around the earn online block for nearly a decade and I know how vital support is to a website.

At the end of the day – if they ignore your messages, what else are they ignoring?

Is EarnHoney Legit?

Hmmm I don’t really know where to go with this one – I had no problems with the site whatsoever but others have not been so lucky.

As I pointed out above, sites like this will always have some sort of problems but that goes with the territory. It’s how they deal with these problems that counts!

At the moment they seem to be paying and they have work to offer – what more do you want really?

Are they worth your time?

Well they certainly weren’t worth my time – I only signed up for the purposes of this review…

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9 comments on “EarnHoney Review – Get Money For Tasks

  1. HI there,

    another great review. I think this one is best avoided due to paying, well to be frank, an absolute pittance, almost rendering the tasks a complete waste of time..and well, I would say money but they hardly paying any.

    Keep up the good work and the great reviews coming

  2. Hello, Chris.

    Great article as usual.
    Monopoly money is the worst thing to work for. Honey dollars, that made me laugh hard lol. I can see that this EarnHoney is only a waste of time

    I noticed that you’ve mentioned Clixsense several times throughout the post. Is it really worth it? Is it possible to make some additional bucks with it?


    1. Yeah Clixsense is one of the sites I first started off earning online with Imad – it used to pay for my marketing tuition fees! 🙂

  3. Great review on earn honey site!
    I have never come across this online site before so I found your post very interesting and informative.
    At the start of your post I was eager to try out the earn honey site for myself.
    However after reading your full review and heard you earn money through honey reward points I thought it would be a waste of time as there is virtually no financial reward!

    1. No, not the most lucrative option online at the moment I’m afraid (there are better options out there!)

  4. Hi Guys,

    If you want to get a referral for earnhoney.com, you can use mine :-


    1. Come on idiot – you really think I’d leave a referral link up there? Haven’t you read the content on my site? Don’t you realize that your style of marketing is obsolete and worthless?
      I left your comment here so others can see POOR internet marketing at work. If I was you I’d feel pretty embarrassed at this point…

  5. Hey Chris,
    I came across Earnhoney today and joined. I figured I should read some reviews before spending any time on it. This is pretty informative. I think I will see how long it takes to cash out from watching videos on a split screen. Then if and when they pay out I will try to get a few referrals for some passive income. Not going to be my retirement income but may add up to something. Thanks for the info.

    1. No problem Paul – good luck with your EarnHoney journey. Don’t forget to come back here and tell us about your results!

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