Earn Money With Blogspot – Awesome Newbie Options

Earn Money With Blogspot

When I first started out in the world of online business I had about $100 left in my bank account. Well I say bank account – it was my overdraft!

My internet marketing training required me to own and run websites and I could only just scrape the money together to purchase one domain. As a result I had to learn how to earn money with Blogspot ( or Blogger depending on where you live ) and make it work!

In this article I will cover a few of the techniques I used to earn money with this free & easy platform and fight it out with the ‘real’ domain owners.

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What is Blogspot ( Blogger )?

For those of you that do not know, Blogspot is a FREE blogging platform owned by Google and it is VERY popular with newcomers to the blogging world.

Google provides you will all the tools needed to set up and run a blog smoothly and successfully. This platform is modular in design and extremely easy to use – if you don’t fancy a blog it’s very easy to covert it all into a regular website.

Second Class Citizens

Fight HarderThe main problem with the Blogger or Blogspot platform is that a lot of experienced people online consider it to be inferior to domains you own yourself.

There’s no way around this I’m afraid – you just have to fight harder and fight longer to succeed!

But don’t forget that Google OWNS Blogspot and it very much likes to show of it’s own services ( notice how many YouTube videos end up on the first page of Google? ).

This means that the ‘big G’ is more than willing to show off your Blogspot blog IF you create decent enough content.

How to Earn Money With Blogspot

Let’s start off with the most vital ingredient to any successful blog or website…

1) Content

Write, write and then write some more – don’t stop! If you feel like you can write 10 posts of over 600 words a day then go for it!

Content is the key and content is king – the more you write the better you will become at it. The more content you have on our blog the more posts Google will index resulting in more visitors…

More Visitors = More Money

2) Adsense

Blogspot makes it SOOOOO easy to link up and display Adsense adverts on your blog. Why? Well guess what folks…Google owns Adsense as well!

That’s right, what better way to promote your own service than offering it on another service you own?


Adsense adverts are pretty much a ‘click and go’ service with Blogspot but if you want to get a bit more adventurous with them it’s only a case of copy and paste code.

Whenever a visitor to your blog decides to click on an Adsense advert you display you will be paid a small amount of money. The more visitors your blog attracts the more Adsense money you are likely to make!

3) Amazon Associates

By far my most favorite option for earning money with a blog – Amazon Associates.

This is a completely free service offered by Amazon to anyone who has a blog/website up and running.

AmazonThe Amazon Associates program allows you to earn a portion of sales when people click-through from your blog to Amazon.com and make a purchase.

Amazon has millions of products on offer so it really doesn’t matter what niche your blog sits in – you are bound to find related items you can promote on Amazon!

The cool thing about Amazon’s system is that you only have to send buying customers to the site to earn a commission. For example I might advertise a blender on my Blogspot but a visitor may click on the blender image then chose something else once they get on Amazon. I will still receive a commission for that item due to the fact I sent the customer there through my blender link…

That’s pretty awesome right?

( NOTE: There are different Amazon Associate programs for different countries – I recommend signing up for the US and the UK programs first! ).

Affiliate Marketing

The three options I have covered above are all great choices for newbies to the world of blogging but if you’re looking to make BIG MONEY you need to take that extra step…

Affiliate Marketing ( Internet Marketing ) is what the big boys use to bring in residual income – it’s not easy but it does work ( providing you are willing to put in the elbow grease! ).

The Amazon Associates option I covered above is a great place to start off your affiliate marketing efforts but the commissions are pretty low. It is, however, easy to use and easy to sign up for – they have very helpful support system as well.

If you manage to get your head around affiliate marketing and learn the ropes the possibilities to earn money with Blogspot are endless.

This whole site ( that you are reading this article on! ) is the direct result of the affiliate marketing training I went through myself a few years ago – I never looked back! 

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12 comments on “Earn Money With Blogspot – Awesome Newbie Options

  1. Hey, Chris!

    I had a blogspot blog during my earlier days of blogging and I didn’t think it was still knocking around today, lol.

    Thanks for sharing the great ways to make money online with Google’s blogging platform, and my most favorite way to make money is to write content because I love writing online and entertaining people.

    HMMM… Affiliate Marketing sounds very rewarding too 🙂

    Cheers! Neil

    1. Hey Neil,
      Yeah affiliate marketing is the way to go if you’re looking to make serious money online. Only problem is – it takes a lot of hard work! Check out our #1 Recommendation in the top navbar of this site – the only place to go if you want to learn internet marketing ( for free of course! ).

  2. I’ve not used Blogspot for years, but I remember it kind of being the original blogging platform when blogging first started to take off around the early 2000’s. I remember the great thing about it being that it was so newbie friendly. Absolutely anyone could set up a blog on Blogspot and post whatever was on their mind.

    Is Blogspot stil the same, or has it got better now? How does it compare to WordPress?

    1. Hi Marcus,
      I would say that Blogspot is near enough the same as when it first started out – there are a couple of new themes here and there but nothing really ‘new’ in that sense. I suppose it’s a case of – if it’s not broke, don’t fix it!!!
      Yeah I agree – I used to enjoy using their platform as a newcomer as well 🙂

  3. Hi Chris , so is this site you have a Blogger or a WordPress platform?…I know about Blogger but I never used it as I started with WordPress immediately.May be I will try it in the future.May be Google wants to top their sites compared to WordPress

    I have not signed up yet with Amazon as I am waiting for my traffic to increase a little bit.

    You laid out everything very well , everyone can benefit from internet opportunities if there is the desire in blogging.I can see a lot of people fear of writing content , you can say it is the latest trend.But as you mentioned the simple trick is to write, write and then write again.As you write you are always improving and get faster.

    I vote for affiliate marketing and your recommendation is the top training program of the market.Very useful advices

    1. Hi Tasos,
      It’s become a well known fact that Google likes it’s own products, so Blogspot/Blogger is always going to do quite well from a ranking point of view ( if the content is up to standard! ). This site was built on the WordPress platform though 🙂

  4. Hi Chris,
    Thanks for your great tips about how to earn money with Blogspot. I have created a blog with Blogspot many years ago but during that time I only knew that I can earn money with it using Google Adsense. Didn’t know about affiliate marketing at all. Your article will surely help the newbies a lot.

    1. That’s great to hear Saber – it’s an awesome little platform for people who are just starting out in affiliate marketing!

  5. Great post with some great advice!! It looks like you have all the advertising techniques down… good work!!
    I can also vouch for WA as I’m a member myself and, although I’m still not through with the course, I’ve learnt soooo much over the last few months which I’d have had absolutely NO idea about joining WA!! 🙂

  6. Hi there, some great advice here, especially for those people who want to experiment with blogging for free and perhaps make a little money along the way.
    I myself started blogging on Blogspot and I can tell you that those blogs rank pretty well for the reasons that you have already stated. I would recommend trying blogspot to anyone considering venturing into the world of blogging or internet marketing, simply because these sites rank so well.

  7. Hi Chris, great article! I was close to going down the Blogger route and then read your article and decided to look at Wealthy Affiliate and have now taken the plunge. It seems that the support and resources are there and if I went done the Blogger route it soulds like I would have been on my own. Thanks for your advice.

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