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Earn Money Teaching Online

​I love it when I come across inspirational figures that have made it big by successfully working online. The man I will be covering today decided to use poker to earn money teaching online.

His story is a fascinating one…

Primoz Bozic

Back in 2011 Primoz Bozic was earning approximately $6 an hour through a computer programming job. At the time he was still at university.

He was still living in his homeland of Slovenia and he felt he could achieve much more in life if he found the right niche.

He discovered two books that are based on productivity and habit change and he made his way through them taking notes as he went. He was impressed by the subject matter the books provided and decided to take on board the information they offered:

  • I Will Teach You to be Rich ( by Ramit Sethi )

Find Out More About the Book HERE

  • The 7 Habits of Highly Successful People ( by Stephen R. Covey )

​​Find Out More About the Book HERE

After a few weeks of devouring the information these books provided he decided to sign up for an online earning tutorials provided by Earn 1K.

This training is designed to help newbie online workers earn their first grand online.

Leaving The Competition Behind

Within weeks he realized that he was overtaking his co-workers by implementing the techniques the books and the course had provided him with.

He went from being a reasonably unhappy worker to a worker that people looked up to – if you wanted help with something you went to Bozic!

He still felt trapped in his job overall and had always had a desire to travel the world and broaden his horizons. He started branching out…

Earn Money Teaching Online

In the past Bozic had tried to earn money playing poker and he was familiar with how the system worked. He decided to write a post on the subject and leave it on a related online forum.

earn money playing pokerThe article was based on honing your productivity with online poker and was over 27,000 words long.

People absolutely loved it and before long it was translated into several different languages. He was steadily growing into an expert in this niche because of this one, single article!

Over the next few months he was constantly contacted by people wanting more information after reading the article so he decided to start charging them. His price was $50 an hour as a productivity coach for poker players.

Over the next few weeks he steadily started raising his price and people did start to notice – but the customers still kept coming and coming.

When he reached $125 an hour the whole process sort of leveled off and he got stuck – his project would not move any further forward.

He decided to attend a conference run by the guy who owned the Earn 1K course he had attended – Ramit Sethi.

Within a month of attending this conference his online business had doubled. Within three months, it quintupled. Before long he had raised enough money to start up a new online business called Skyrocket Your Productivity which was launched in December 2013.

The New Direction

Over the next few months Bozic moved slowly away from the ‘earn money playing poker’ niche and started to concentrate more on his new venture.

Skyrocket Your Productivity offers tutorials to entrepreneurs and helps them be as productive as possible.

This website is currently earning him approximately $400 an hour…

If you are interested in starting up your own successful online business we strongly suggest checking out the FREE tutorials the WA University offer. Read our full review on their services by clicking the link HERE

10 comments on “Earn Money Teaching Online – Primoz Bozic

  1. Success stories always motivate me . I just hate the ones that tell you how much money they make now and you can do the same EASY/ Your story is just what it says a success story . The fact that you let people know up front that to succeed with your own website is not an easy task but takes lots of time and hard work makes me more confident in any program you are recommending.

  2. Hi Chris. What a great story. I love the movie type story line – unhappy, underpaid worker betters himself through education and initiative, meets his guru and becomes a phenomenal success! Are you working on writing this story into a movie script? This is definitely a motivational post for all of us to read!

  3. Nice story here of taking the bull by the horns and leveraging the tools we all have available to us through the internet to achive success…

    It is always nice to have our thoughts on the potential substantiated…That is what I felt after reading this good news story, and thanks for that!

    Really there are no limits other than those we set for ourselves. If you can think it you can do it, and although each of us takes a different path, it is attainable for anyone with the drive…

    I will bookmark your page because it is like a booster shot, we all need one once in a while! Cheers and have a great day!! Good read!!!

    1. Hey Dave, glad you decided to bookmark the page – I often pop back to it myself as a little reminder of what can actually be achieved if you put your mind to it 🙂

  4. This story is very inspiring. I’m new to the online/blog scene and reading this makes me want to keep going. It’s true that when you build content on something you’re passionate or know something about, you’re more likely to be successful. Right now, I only have one website but after reading this I might consider creating another one that emphasizes in teaching a skill. I’ll definitely keep this story noted. Great website!

  5. Your website is a great resource for people considering earning an income online. Your recommendation about Wealthy Affiliate echos my own sentiments. I find WA very user friendly and I mean that more than the usual way that description is invoked. WA members have given me so much support and the information gleaned from just my short time at WA is astounding. I don’t think I’ll be leaving here anytime soon.

  6. Dear Chris,

    Wow, what a great powerful story. It has really got me motivated enough to keep on with what I am doing with my Website too. 🙂 Thanks for sharing this Chris. 😉
    I will definitely have to check out Primov’s Website SkyRocket Your Productivity. 🙂 Because in essence who wouldn’t want to improve themselves for the better, to go from what they were before to what they could possibly become right now. 😀

    Wishing you all the best with your online business and futuristic endeavors above and beyond the horizon,


  7. Hi Chris, I absolutely love success story of others too. The story of Bozic really inspire me to do even better with my curent online business that dwell with inspirational stories, although I am still a noob here.

    It is interesting how he can find his passionate niche and turn it into cash-generating machine. I’m sure this Wealthy Affiliate University really help him, and I will definetely check your review.

    Thank you for sharing.

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