Earn Money Promoting Websites


Earn Money Promoting Websites

When I first started out online I was in a pretty desperate situation – I’d lost a regular work gig and I was pissed off with the 9 to 5 lifestyle!

I’d worked really hard at this particular job and it suited me, I was happy and the money was rolling in. Unfortunately, all good things must come to ( a rather sudden ) end.

A friend of mine lived abroad and during a message conversation he mentioned he could earn money promoting websites. In typical fashion this is all he mentioned on the subject before switching the conversation back to football.

I was instantly taken aback by this statement – I knew he was a savvy operator but I had no idea he had been making extra cash in the internet world.

It seemed to be a good fit for me. I needed something new and I had always been interested in these successful online entrepreneurs you hear so much about.

I snapped open my laptop, grabbed a pen and pencil and my online career began…

Full Time Online Jobs

It all sounds pretty romantic so far doesn’t it? Kind of like a Hollywood movie? Well that’s where the romance stops for a while I’m afraid!

Full Time Online JobsUnfortunately for me full time online jobs are advertised everywhere in the digital domain but not all of them are what they seem.

My first experience was with an opportunity I found advertised on a torrent site named ISOHunt. Let’s be brutally honest here – I really should of known better!

Cut a long story short – I got scammed out of $20.

Not enough to put me out on the streets but enough to piss me right off!

My eyes had been well and truly opened to the world of full time online jobs. Not everything was as it seemed.

To Earn Money Promoting Websites

So I put my detective hat on and did a several day sweep of the internet to make sure I didn’t fall into a trap again.

It was well worth the time and effort. I was able to single out the potential scam artists at the same time as highlighting the legitimate ways to earn online.

During the process one subject kept on coming up time and time again – learn to make money with affiliate marketing. I had heard of affiliate marketing before but I had no real idea what it involved.

As far as I could see at the time it seemed top of the list for legitimate online careers…

How to Earn Money Online Affiliate Marketing

So I now had an aim – I now had something I could chase up without the danger of losing any more money. I needed to find out more on how to earn money online affiliate marketing.

My initial searches were very fruitful and I kept on coming across the a pair of internet marketers time and time again. They were known simply as Kyle & Carson and they had built up an online training school for people interested in learning internet marketing.

Kyle & Carson
Kyle And Carson

I was still a little fearful at this stage due to my initial scam experiences but everything I found positive on these guys seemed to stick.

The training website they run was known as the Wealthy Affiliate – an open education project that offered a starter account for anyone to join for free.

I signed up within five seconds of landing on their homepage…

Earn Extra Money With Affiliate Marketing

The Wealthy Affiliate turned out to be a lot more than a simple internet marketing course – it was a social community of online entrepreneurs helping each other out!

It wasn’t just a gathering of members looking to earn extra money with affiliate marketing – it was a place where the successful rubbed shoulders with the newbies.

This immediately put me at ease because I knew I had all the help I could possibly need. There was even a live chat bar at the side of my member’s page so I could ask fellow members questions as I worked through the tutorials.

On top of that I had the following positives to fall back on…

  • Getting Started Training ( Simplified Tutorials For Newcomers to The Subject )
  • Video Training, Full Courses, Text Training And Open Classroom Training
  • Over 15 Interactive Classrooms
  • The FREE Membership Came With Two FREE Websites
  • State of the Art Secure and Fast Hosting Thrown in For FREE
  • Access to Industry Experts & Millionaires
  • There Were no Catches – There Was no Need For my Credit Card

​This community caters to all levels of marketers and entrepreneurs, from a newcomer to someone that is running an already successful business and wants to scale it to a whole new level.

Affiliate Marketing Opportunities

When you sign up for the FREE starter membership at WA there are two main affiliate marketing opportunities you can choose from.

You can follow your passion and use that as a marketing niche. This means that you can turn a chosen hobby into an successful online business.

Affiliate Marketing Opportunities

The second option is take on a predefined topic that the WA supply to you. If you feel you don’t really have a strong enough interest or passion to invest in, this is the perfect choice for you!

This second option is supplied to you in a complete, step-by-step, walk-through fashion. The training is completely littered with videos showing you what to do as well as text tutorials telling you what to do!

You will be taught how to ‘build out’ a website that is centered around a particular niche. You will then be taught how to make money from this website.

Learn to Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

The free starter membership offers you all the tutorials and tools you need to succeed online but there is a more premium option. I was a starter member for approximately 6 months before I took the plunge and signed up for the full training experience.

This option will not be everyone’s cup of tea though – there is A LOT to learn in the premium classrooms and many members find success with the basic account.

It’s all down to the individual – how much do you want to know about internet marketing and how far do you want to go?

I have suffered ‘information overload’ on more than one occasion and I have had to sit through tutorials more than once. It’s not as if the education is hard or taxing – there’s just a lot of it!

So my advice would always be to stay away from the ‘shiny objects’ online when it comes to earning a living. If you want to learn how to earn money promoting websites then you are going to have to go through some form of training first.

There are no shortcuts in the internet world – the people who make money online are the people who worked the hardest.

If you are interested in reading our full review on the Wealthy Affiliate training available simply CLICK HERE

21 comments on “Earn Money Promoting Websites

  1. Hi Chris
    I absolutely agree with you that training is important for anyone now starting out outline. Knowing the right thing to do and what to expect, can make the difference between being scammed and finding legitimate ways to earn online.

    Once you know what’s legitimate online, you are more than able to detect the scams. I am sure you can attest to that. The get rich quick schemes are simply that really, “schemes” but the only people who are getting rich, are the ones who are doing the scheming.

    I would suggest that people take your advice and get the required training, because having that knowledge is the only way they’ll be able to make their online venture a success.

    You recommendation of Wealthy Affiliate is spot on. I don’t think that there is any other training that is as comprehensive and with such a supportive community. Let’s face it, you can never go wrong with plenty of help and support, especially when it comes from experts themselves as well.

    1. Hi Vanessa,

      Yeah unfortunately a lot of these ‘schemes’ are set up rather well therefore a lot of newbies fall for them. When I first started out online several years ago I fell for them TWICE!!! It’s safe to say I learned the hard way. I’m glad you have experienced the education available at the Wealthy Affiliate and you can vouch for them here – the ONLY worthwhile place to learn your online trade ( in my book! ).
      Cheers for stopping by and leaving your opinion 🙂

  2. My criteria for judging a page is as follows:
    1. Would I take another look at the product
    2. Is it easy to navigate
    3. Can I relate to the individual that produced it
    4. It it simply a commercial for products
    5. Can I duplicate this process

    I would take another look at his offering.
    The page is very easy to navigate.
    I was very comfortable with Chris.
    There were few more commercial then I like
    I could easily duplicate his process.
    I give him a A-

    1. Wow Stephen – I didn’t expect to be put under the microscope in this way today LOL. Feels like I’m back in school again!
      Well I’m glad I passed the test – a negative rating would have ruined the whole article 🙂
      This made me smile – thanks for the positive feedback!

  3. Hi Chris
    I got scammed so much starting out that I gave up for years. After being out of work for years, I finally got tired of endlessly putting in unfruitful applications. I said to myself that’s it, it can’t be harder to start a business than it is to find a job in this economy. So I looked and found yet another scam Empower Network. Finally after a while of no success I read Kyles review of EN so I decided to join WA and it is awesome.

    1. Hey Randy – that sounds like you’re reading off exactly the same story board as me!!!!
      I went down the exact same route when I first started out – no luck whatsoever and scammed at every corner! I also came across a WA review and decided to see what all the fuss was about – best decision I ever made 🙂

  4. It looks like you answered a lot of questions many of us have about earning money by promoting websites.

    I am familiar with Wealthy Affiliate and it seems you have really explained some of the core functionality very well!

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge so we can all learn about this amazing opportunity!

  5. Hi Chris, your article Earn money promoting websites has just given me one more way to make money online. I think I am going to recommend that to my readers. I hope that is not plagiarism. Don’t worry your ideas will always be respected, I am just going to put my personal spin on it. Thanks for the good work you are doing

    1. That’s fine Emmanuel, as long as you don’t copy it! ( duplicate content will get you a great big Google slap at the end of the day! ).
      As you say, put your own personal spin on it and make the article your own work 🙂

  6. Well there is nothing more to say! I think that the most difficult thing about building his own online business is the start and what to do exactly… That’s what you find on Wealthy Affiliate, a guide on how to start your online business, what’s important and so on. And there is nothing better then the community on WA. Great place!

  7. This page is very well thought out and the story told is nothing else except your exact experience in life and what you did about it! I really enjoyed this page because it reminded me of my start out here on WA. I wasn’t sure if i wanted to go through with it but after biting the bullet and doing it, it is slowly but surely taking me to a place where it is going to begin to pay off in time.

    I believe everyone who reads this page will be inclined to at least sign up for WA if not more. you have a good thing going here and I hope that you receive the success that this page deserves!

    Thanks alot!


    1. Well cheers Daniel – it’s nice to hear that you enjoyed the article as much as you did 🙂
      Good luck with your online journey!

  8. It took me years of looking until I found WA. I don’t even want to thing of the money I spent on program after program. I call it investing in my online education.

    So many affiliate programs just want you to build their companies and sell their products. WA actually teaches you to successfully build your business regardless of niche.

    This is a really good article. The timing couldn’t be better.

  9. Hey, Chris!

    I have heard on the grapevine that there is a lot of money to be made online through promoting websites, but wasn’t sure if it was true or not.

    I also agree with you on online jobs because they aren’t always what they appear to be since there are far too many online scammers.

    Affiliate Marketing sounds like an incredible opportunity to make a full-time living on the internet, and Wealthy Affiliate sure does blow me away after checking out your starter membership link.

    I’m definitely gonna sign up to Wealthy Affiliate with Thanks to this article.



  10. Having a website is only half of the matter and promoting it is the most important part of your business. Even if you have the most amazing website in the world and the greatest content and don’t know how to market your website your business doesn’t make any sense. I agree that affiliate marketing is the best way to promote a website because it allows to start a business with minimum cost.

    1. Hello once again Rufat! Great to hear that you agree with another one of our articles! 🙂

      You are becoming a bit of a regular in these parts – great to see you back here!

  11. Hey there! Thanks for sharing this information with us. There is so much confusion when it comes to making money online and affiliate marketing because as a few people have testified here, there are so many scams. I see a couple of the people here have mentioned getting scammed and its really difficult for the average person to judge what is the truth and what isn’t. Its actually quite sad. I like your recommendation and hope that a few people will follow your advice.

  12. Sorry to hear about your job. Nothing in the job market is secure any more. Loyalty is out the window on both sides.

    I also found many shiny objects online that were very enticing. At least it only cost you $20. to learn.

    Are you saying you were in this program for 6 months and did not pay a dime?

    I have tried to contact successful online marketers in the past without any responses so too be able to interact with them is a big plus for me. Who better to learn from than those that have done it.

    When you finally decided to join them how much did it cost you and are you still there?

    It took me a while to figure out that to make money online or any where else takes time and work.

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