Draw Traffic Easily With High Quality Content

Draw Traffic Easily With High Quality Content

I decided to cover the semi-checklist I use to draw traffic easily with high quality content. I complied this list about a year ago after coming across a really impressive and well written article.

Unfortunately I have ( completely ) forgotten who originally provided the article but thankfully I took good notes and I have tried to stick with them ever since…

Do I Suck At This?

Writing content can be a tough old process – especially when you are just starting out. There is an art to creating awesome content but that art changes slightly from person to person.

The checklist I have provided below should be tweaked from person to person – that’s the way I do it and it’s the way you should to!

Remember that writing is all about being comfortable with it – the more comfortable you are the more confident you are!

So without further ado, let’s take a look at some methods you can use to draw traffic easily with high quality content…

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1) Try and turn your article into a conversation. This actually sounds a lot harder than it is! What I tend to do is aim for using the words “you” and “I” as often as possible. Instead of sounding like a professor you will sound like a regular guy standing at the bar in the pub. People are far more likely to engage in what you say if you treat them as an equal.

2) Remember what we said about being a smart ass? This tends to happen all to often and it’s so simple to avoid. People don’t want to come online and end up reading a 10,000 word thesis. They also don’t want to come online to be bombarded with intelligent quotes and references. Aim to write content for a 16 year old – if they can understand it you are on the right track!

3) Make the page read faster. Whenever I am searching for something online I end up skimming over pages to see if one contains the info I am looking for. It’s a lot easier to skim over a page and find something if the author has made use of sub-headings. ALWAYS make use of sub-headings – the more the merrier!

4) Forget what you were taught in school. If you erase all the writing tips you were taught in school you will stand a much better chance of succeeding with your content. This involves cutting your paragraphs right down to about three sentences and getting to the point a lot quicker than you are used to!

5) Get visual with your content. Such a simple way to improve your content – why are so many ignoring it? By simply adding an image or two to your content you are erasing the boring element that plain text seems to breed. As a side note – don’t use images unless they are relevant to the content ( otherwise things start to get confusing! ).

6) Format is your content’s friend. if you are trying to emphasize a point, consider bold, italicizing, or underlining certain portions of your text. This is another great way of splitting up the monotonous look of plain text on a page.

7) Let people get to know the REAL you. I find it a lot easier to write as myself than try to be someone I’m not ( I’m not a good liar so it would never work! ). Don’t be afraid to allow your personality to control your content – some readers will take a shine to you! I’m not saying you should try cracking jokes every now and then – I’m just suggesting that you be comfortable with who you are when you write!

Draw Traffic Easily With High Quality Content

I’m pretty sure some of you were already using a few of these pointers before ending up on this page today – that’s great news!

Simply cleaning up your content and making it more user-friendly will result in a BIG turnaround for your site. Aim to write at a level everyone can understand and avoid using professor’s lingo – it only impresses other professors ( and pisses everyone else off! ).

If you have any questions regarding the checklist we have provided today please leave them in the comment section below.


10 comments on “Draw Traffic Easily With High Quality Content

  1. Hello and thank you for the valuable information. I have a blog myself that I am looking to sharpen up on. Often I come across different articles myself, and thought, wish my article could sound that good. The tips you provided here will be a great stepping stone into better writing and content in general, thanks.

  2. Hi Chris,
    That was a great article on quality content. You are absolutely right on when you say content should be like a conversation between you and the reader. I know it’s taking me time to write better content, and I definitely have more to learn. I agree with you on too much can turn a person off your article and scrap the methods you learned in school. Nice job!

  3. Hi Chris,

    This is good stuff here. Thank you! I think many of us, when we write content, we have memory of our time in school. What we learned in school is not good for writing the type of content we want on a website. Also, I agree with you about the use of images. They bring what you are writing alive. How many images would you suggest that one should use in an article?

  4. Hello Chris Short and sweet but effective with some great pointers. I take you point about not being too academic, I teach at a university but I am teaching foreign students and you quickly get to learn to speak in simpler terms just to be understood and break the big words down to easier ones (you don’t realise they are until others don’t understand you) Writing content for readers is sort of the same thing not because they don’t understand BUT because you want to make it easy to read and understand. As you say it’s about your readers not about yourself. Great article I enjoyed it. 🙂

  5. Dear Chris

    1-Regarding your phrase “Remember that writing is all about being comfortable with it – the more comfortable you are the more confident you are! “

    I would like to point out that that is a key point in writing . I mean your vibe in writing , if you are comfortable them it will show out in what you write. I never come out with anything worthwhile when I’m not comfortable and my confidence is drastically effected!

    2- Regarding “Format is your content’s friend” .I believe that is more important than writing itself . Your website should be a piece of art and people’s eye’s should be able to glide over each page with ease. It shows that you are organized and that you are a blogger of quality – not some fly by night marketer looking for a quick buck here and there!

    3- I have seen a lot of bad quality content that ranks in the first page of Google . When I read it, I quickly know that the writer does not know what he is talking about .Further more, a lot of website’s content does not answer the question. They provide catching headlines and go around the answer with out completely answering it. I do not know what do you think about that?

    I find this a real shame because a lot of poor content still seems to be able to rank well on the first page of Google by just using a catchy and relevant headline or title – agree?

    1. Hi there Sam,

      Great comment – thanks for taking the time to leave it with us!

      Yes, unfortunately there are a lot of webmasters who concentrate more on keywords than they do on the quality of the content itself – this leads to a lot of high ranking articles offering very little in the form of solving a problem.

      When you look at tools like Jaaxy you realize that anyone can find killer keywords these days…as long as they are willing to pay the monthly subscription of course!

      What you have to remember is that these sites with poor content will not last forever – people will quickly leave their pages and not return when they realize the info is crap!

      Just keep on offering well researched and professionally tailored content on your site. People will always weed out the worthwhile sites eventually (and you want your site to be one of them!).

      I’m glad you agree with being comfortable when writing – this is the main key behind my success. Maybe I swear too much, maybe I appear a little common in my writing…but it’s always relaxed and people seem to warm to that!

      Great to read a comment like this Sam – thanks for taking the time to leave it and drum up conversation!

      Good luck!

  6. Hello Chris,

    You’re great, your article was very helpful reading and I want to say that you’re very smart as well. I’m not flattering at all. Now let me tell you what I have learned from your article.

    You have taught me that I need to write in a conversational manner and in this way, my readers will love to read my content since I treat them as being equal to me. In addition to that you have taught me to write not big Grammars, but to write as though I’m writing for an 18 year old person.

    In fact you have taught me to make my sentences shorter, use subheading, use visual aids and many more …..

    I want to say thank you so much for sharing this very informative article with me. I really appreciate it.

    1. Hi Stephen, 

      That’s great to hear mate! You’ll find that writing becomes a lot easier when you hit up the conversational style – just like talking to your mate at a bar when you’ve had one beer too many! 

      So cool to hear that you’ve taken this much from the article. Hope the advice works out for you! 🙂

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