DonkeyMails Review – Is DonkeyMails Scam?

DonkeyMails Review - Is DonkeyMails Scam?

​It’s no secret that when I first came online to earn a living I had no real idea what I was doing – that’s probably the same case for 99% of you out there reading this!

I was continuously taken by elaborate home pages and dynamic adverts promising I could make X amount of dollars a day…only to find out this was not necessarily the case.

One of these initial sites was named DonkeyMails and it seemed to be pretty popular at the time.

It offered many different earning avenues and promised daily earnings paid through Paypal ( no minimum payout ).

So, is DonkeyMails scam or was it worth my time and effort?

Let’s take a closer look…

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The DonkeyMails Review

DonkeyMails has been online since 2005 and in all that time they have NEVER had an issue with paying their members ( on time, every time! ).

They are part of the MultiMoneyGroup which also owns and runs and

Once signed up ( for free ), members can earn money by:

  • ​Clicking on adverts in typical PTC fashion
  • Reading emails sent to their inbox
  • Filling out ( rather tedious ) surveys
  • Completing various offers on the offer wall
  • Playing games

It’s basically an old reward site that opts to pay you in cash instead of those dodgy points ( for once! ). ​

Earning Choices on Donkeymails

DonkeyMails also offers it’s members who are interested in affiliate marketing a unlimited referral system.

This referrals stretches 5 levels deep so if you are a dab hand at promoting sites you could earn yourself a pretty penny!

The approximate waiting time for each cashout request is set at 14 days…which is a bit of a drag really!

As well as Paypal, DonkeyMails supports the following payment processors:

  • Payza
  • EgoPay
  • OkPay
  • PayToo
  • SensiPay
  • P.Money
  • STP

​The minimum cashout is set at a very low $0.01 and they accept sign ups from ALL countries.


The Good Side

First off the bat, DonkeyMails has been running since February 2005 and it has never had any problems with paying it’s members on time.

In the PTC and GPT industry it is notoriously hard to get past the first year – let alone last for over a decade!

It has basically passed the test of time with flying colors and now proudly stands as one of the oldest sites in this industry.

I’ve also always been really impressed by the Fixed Low Minimum Withdrawal that DonkeyMails offers.

Some processors allow you to cash out at $0.01 while the others need to hit the $1 mark ( both are very reasonable in my book! ).

My first taste of internet marketing was actually on this site – I had really decent results in building a downline!

The referral system is probably the best thing about the site – there is no limit to the number of users that you can refer to the site.

These referrals can then travel 5 levels deep so you can make money off their referrals, who make money off their referrals, and so on, and so on…

Remember – DonkeyMails is a FREE WORLDWIDE SERVICE! It doesn’t matter where you are placed on the globe, all are welcome!

The Dark Side

The only real downside to this site is the fact that they offer no forum. Almost EVERY website in the PTC/GPT industry offers some kind of forum ( even the scams! ).

Forums help back up the overall trust of the site, they give members a place to vent their anger and get answers to their questions.

The site has been around for over a decade now so there’s really no excuse – a forum would not really take that long to set up ( most of the forum software is free these days! ).


Is DonkeyMails Legit?

In my early days I did quite well through this site but I have to be honest – it’s slow, slow going unless you make use of the referral system.

Apart from the PTC ads and the paid emails, the tasks are really dull and boring.

The surveys follow the same pattern as other reward sites where you often get kicked out on demographic pointers.

The ( decent ) sign up offers require you to buy into something then cancel your subscription after a week or two ( not my kind of thing I’m afraid! ).

You get the picture – there can be many headaches involved when making money with DonkeyMails.

But there’s no question about it’s standing within the online earning world – it’s 100% legit and it always has been.

If you are looking to make some side money to bump up your weekly wage then this could be the site for you!

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14 comments on “DonkeyMails Review – Is DonkeyMails Scam?

  1. Hello again, Chris.

    So this is another PTC platform that you were using before. Or still using? I think this is the same thing as Neobux, isn’t it? Or at least, have some similarities. I don’t have a problem working on sites like this, but I need to know if some of them are worth or not.

    How much money were you able to generate from this site?
    How many hours did you have to spend to start seeing good results?

    1. Hi again Imad,

      No this site is nothing like Neobux really – it’s more task oriented overall. I spent a couple of months promoting it before I saw decent returns, off my referrals mainly!

  2. I remember learning about Donkey Mails when I first got started online with a company called Global Domains International.

    Not a bad way to get started with making money online, but it’s not exactly an efficient way to do it either. I agree with you that Wealthy Affiliate may provide a more viable option. But for those who are interested, do check out Donkey Mails.

  3. Hello!

    I just recently ordered a service for promotion to check it out, and they sent me donkeymails page for monitoring the service. I had no idea what that was, until now. Obviously, some people are using it. I am glad to see that at least some things are legit, even if they are not the best way to go. I will look at this little more.

    Great post, thanks!

  4. No doubt DonkeyMails is a good side . But I think (LINK REMOVED BECAUSE WE DON’T LIKE IDIOTS LIKE YOU SPAMMING OUR COMMENT SECTION!) is one of the best side I ever Seen in PTC world .

  5. Donkeymails don’t pay, I am waiting payment since 13 August and this message appear and disappear again and again “The payout page is closed as of checking the payouts. The payouts will be done around (the date change continuously) then around (the date change continuously) the page will be reopened.
    Sebas and Donkeymails Team!”
    This is Donkeymails!!

    1. Oh sh#t – sounds like DonkeyMails is finally on the slide then – shame as it’s been going for quite some time now! Sorry to hear that they are pissing about with your payment Walter…

    2. Oh sh#t – sounds like DonkeyMails is finally on the slide then – shame as it’s been going for quite some time now! Sorry to hear that they are pissing about with your payment Walter…

  6. donkeymail is absolutely a legit site.join & happy earning with donkeymail.i have been paid out for two do not be late.join from here (LINK REMOVED BECAUSE I AM AN IDIOT SPAMMER)
    if you have any doubt plz comment.i will reply you.

    1. Don’t be a f##king wanker Nazmul – promote your referral link the right way (don’t leave it in the comment sections of websites like mine!)
      Learn how to market the right way – you’ll never earn any money this way.

  7. their site shows there is no minimum payout amount if you use ok pay, i joined this site after 5 months of hard clicking all i was able to make was .3690 cents, the internet money i spent was also at loss, but i didnt regret joining this site bcoz they were showing no limit for withdraw, yesterday when i asked for payout through ok pal they are showing that the minimum withdrawal amount is 1 dollar if they told this earlier i woundnt have joined this scam site.unbelievanle scammers they are advertising everwhere no minimum payout

  8. Hi Chris,

    Even though Donkeymails is 100% legit with no minimum payout requirements, yes, you’re right. They offer no forums for its users despite being in the business for so long.

    Second, it’s relatively hard to contact them. Instead of a contact form, they ask you to sign up on some messenger service. I believe that contacting the website’s admin should be hassle free and as simple as possible.

    Third, their UI seems like that they’re still stuck in the late 90’s or the early 2000’s. They seriously need to work it out.

    BTW I’m trying this website due to its long standing history which by far, outweighs its downsides.

    Thanks for the review though.


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