Does Vector Marketing Work?

Does Vector Marketing Work?

Today we will be looking at a direct sales marketing company that sells knives manufactured by Cutco – Vector Marketing.

I’ve noticed quite a few Vector Marketing scam stories floating about various forums over the last several months, so I thought it was about time we took a closer look at them…

Does Vector Marketing work or is Cutco Vector Marketing scam?

Let’s take a closer look under the hood….

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The Vector Marketing Review

What is Vector Marketing?

As I touched on above, Vector Marketing sells Cutco Cutlery kitchenware and is a direct sales marketing company.

They apparently got hold of Cutco Cutlery back in 1985…but they haven’t exactly had a smooth ride of it since then (but we’ll get into that later!).

The sales force they employ are designed to be door-to-door marketers.

The knife sets that they specialize in range from the cheaper $286 level to the more shocking $1,212 level (who would pay over a grand for a knife set?).

A Vector Marketing Career

So, what can a Vector Marketing career offer you?

What is the Vector Marketing compensation plan?

If you decide to become a worker for this company you will get a weekly base pay plus commission.

A Vector Marketing Career

Their website points out that they will generously pay workers for every appointment they manage to arrange – regardless of whether or not they make any sales through that appointment.

These appointments seem to be arranged through phone calls or knocking on doors.

How to Get Vector Marketing Jobs

If you want to become a sales representative with Vector Marketing, there are free applications available online.

After your application is submitted, you will then be interviewed by a member of the Vector Marketing team.

You need to be over the age of 18 but you don’t need any sort of experience with this sort of marketing job.

Once accepted into the job, you (unfortunately) have to go through a sort of trial period – this means you have to work three days, unpaid, to complete your training module.

Once you complete this trial period you are handed a ‘showcase’ set of knives that you can use at the appointments you set up.

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The Positives

So what are the immediate positives that stood out to me?

Well, first off the bat is their rating with the Better Business Bureau. Now, a lot of people ignore these ratings but the BBB still holds some clout and is a great place to uncover a scam.

As well as this, Vector Marketing offer something I’ve seen referred to as a ‘Forever Satisfaction Guarantee’.

This means that they will replace ANY faulty knives or just about ANYTHING you are not satisfied with, for any reason.

Vector Marketing Scam Stories

They also offer a free knife sharpening service when your sets get a little blunted through wear.

There is a money back system in place that allows purchasers of the knives to use them for a full 15 days. If at any point they feel the sets are not up to standard in this period – they can get a refund.

Vector Marketing Scam Stories

As usual, I spent a few hours trawling through the internet, looking for a few complaints linked to Vector Marketing.

The most worrying item I came across regarded the company’s route of targeting skint students.

Apparently, Vector Marketing spends a lot of time creating online and print advertisements directly aimed at college students.

Now, this in itself is okay – there’s no law against it BUT the ads don’t seem to give a solid pay rate. They just give the ‘top end’ of what can be earned with them!

This leads me to the compensation in general – it is impossible to find out on their website what is offered for appointments etc.

The company in general, is being vague upfront on pay.

I also found an article that claimed that the company had failed to comply with New York labor laws…and it was found guilty (that was back in 2008).

Is Vector Marketing Legit?

Well, it’s certainly had a few problems in the past…but…as far as cleaning up it’s act goes – it seems to be on the right track.

My research showed me that for every disgruntled member – there was a member that was more than happy with the setup.

I’ll be brutally honest with you here – this is not the type of job that I would like to work from home at.

I find this sort of thing intrusive and a little too ‘cold calling’ for my tastes.

But, there are a lot of success stories online from members of Vector that are making a good living (at the time of writing this).

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