Does TaskRabbit Work?

Does TaskRabbit Work?

​Most of the internet-housed jobs I review on this site allow you to work from the comfort of your own home but today we are going to take a look at a slightly different concept.

I’m actually quite ‘bowled over’ by the amount of half-decent new business ideas that are popping up these days and TaskRabbit fits right into this model.

It’s based on a typical online task setup but without the comfort of getting fat in front of a laptop screen!

So, does TaskRabbit work and should it be an earning opportunity you look into?

Let’s take a closer look…

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What is TaskRabbit?

The website runs from San Francisco and was set up by Leah Busque in 2008. It has now grown to the point where it serves approximately 20 large cities worldwide ( mostly in the US and the UK! ).

TaskRabbit recruits people looking for work and turns them into rabbits!

Don’t worry, this isn’t some kind of twisted horror film – rabbits are basically workers that are employed by the company!

These ‘rabbits’ are on hand, 24 hours a day, to complete tasks that clients cannot perform themselves ( or simply don’t want to complete themselves ).

TaskRabbit Careers

The available TaskRabbit careers are run through a smartphone app that was designed by Leah Busque and her backers.

Every rabbit has this app installed on his or her phone and when a task becomes available it shows up inside the app.

The task will only show itself to workers who qualify for the job – through abilities and the hours able to work.

TaskRabbit Careers

If the rabbit decides to take on the task a verification code is sent to them and to the client. From here on the rabbit and the client can interact and finalize payments etc.

TaskRabbit always takes about a 15% cut of every deal that is hammered out between rabbit and client ( well they ain’t gonna be doing this for free, are they? ).

Both client and worker rabbit are covered by the TaskRabbit insurance so if anything goes wrong – everyone is covered!

TaskRabbit Jobs

When I first tried out the app I was a little apprehensive about the tasks ( or jobs ) on offer there. I thought it was going to be a highly specialized workforce but I was completely wrong.

I encountered offers to walk people’s dogs, paint garden fences, putting together IKEA furniture, cooking dinners for the elderly…the list goes on and on!

EVERYTHING is covered there – it really was quite impressive!

Signing up With TaskRabbit

I’m not going to lie to you here – signing up with TaskRabbit was a bit of a pain in the behind!

Logging in was simple enough and I had a choice of either using my Facebook or LinkedIn account. The problems arose when I was inside their system!

They have a vetting procedure in place to make sure they are not taking on complete psychos ( which is fair enough when you think about it! ).

You have to go through a rather rugged Identity Check and a Criminal Record Check before being hit up with a training session ( which can be a little confusing at times! ).

If you manage to make your way through all this you can then list your skills and interests so the taskmasters can locate you and offer work.


The coolest thing about this earning platform is the payment structure – you don’t have to wait!

How many times have you heard that online?

No seriously, once you take on and complete the job you get paid – no messing, no Paypal fees, no monthly cashouts and NO PROBLEMS!

Is TaskRabbit Scam?

As soon as the client notifies TaskRabbit that the job is completed they ‘get on it’ and pay you by direct deposit. This usually takes no more than 24 hours to clear in your account.

I thought it was worth mentioning that the minimum pay rate on TaskRabbit is set at a rather healthy $11.50 per hour – not too shabby right?

Is TaskRabbit Scam?

As always, there are a few complaints floating about the internet but this kind of thing happens for nearly EVERY online opportunity.

The first irritant seems to stretch as far back as 2014 when TaskRabbit changed it’s working system.

Initially the company allowed rabbits to bid on each job allowing for a lot more members to end up with the ‘cooler’ jobs. This has all changed now and each task is based on the basic hourly rate.

Some ‘die hard’ rabbits did not like this change – and they let the internet world know about it ( still, $11.50 minimum an hour is not that bad right? ).

The second irritant is that the app only spits out jobs in specific cities…the larger, more popular ones!

If you are stuck out in the back of beyond there is really no point in taking on this opportunity – you won’t find any work.

Is TaskRabbit Legit?

Oh yes, most definitely! This is great way to earn money if you are prepared to drag yourself away from the PC screen ( for once! ).

It is completely flexible and there are A LOT of success stories from members that are raking in quite a tidy sum, week after week.

Please don’t be put off by the rather vigorous vetting process – it is put in place for a reason ( you don’t want an ex-con looking after your kids at the end of the day! ).

There is a huge variety of jobs/tasks on offer as long as you are living in an urban area. It’s a great way to build up some cash through simple enough work!

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8 comments on “Does TaskRabbit Work?

  1. I love the idea of TaskRabbit and the redefinition of the 9 – 5. With singular tasks like these, the workers have much more flexibility and are exposed to more opportunities.

    I like the fact that these works are offline too, I mean it can be a change of pace for those who spent so much time in front of the screen on and off work like myself.

    You mention it’s 20 large cities, where are they?

    Thanks in advance!

    1. They are mostly scattered through the US and the UK Anh, they have a listing of every one at the bottom of their About page.

  2. Never heard of task rabbit before. I think it sounds fun! I would love to get paid for walking dogs and putting pieces of furniture together! If you made a living using task rabbit your day would be different every day! I might give it a try and see what i think. Thanks for the great information

  3. Taskrabbit sounds like something someone should have thought about a while back. It makes perfect sense to me why this would work and how great of an idea this is.

    It’s understandable that the larger cities are the focus and as things grow I can see how this will expand.

    From what you know of TaskRabbit, do they do a service for grocery shopping for seniors or people with minor disabilities that make it hard for them getting groceries as a service?

    1. I’m not too sure about that Travis (I can’t remember if I’m honest with you!). It is an excellent idea though – I wonder if they’ve thought about it…

  4. Glad I came across this site, I have heard of task rabbit before but haven’t had a chance to look into it.
    It seems like a fun thing to do. I would love to make a living a task rabbit, I bet each day would be different, which is what most people want. And 11.50 an hour that’s great! Better than the 7.20 an hour job I am on at the moment. Will definitely look into it. Thanks for the great information

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