Does Google Plus Help SEO?

Does Google Plus Help SEO?

Is the Pope catholic? Does a cobra’s egg hatch a little fish? Do you get where I’m going with this? Well, I will make it simple for you. Google is the mother ship of all search engines right? And Google Plus is their social media platform.

Still can’t make the connection? I think the question here should be how and not whether Google Plus helps in SEO. To get this clearly, we are changing the question from “does Google Plus help SEO?” to “how does Google Plus help SEO?”

One fact that you should have in your mind is that most of Google’s tools such as Analytics, Adsense and the Webmaster Tools ( Google Search Console ) in general are designed for SEO and for the search engine’s ranking, so why not Google Plus?

Google Plus is an important tool for SEO. We all know that social media is a big part of SEO and it’s one of the major driving factors when it comes to building traffic, backlinks and brand recognition as well as brand authority.

The main reason businesses are now tripping over each other in the race to dominate social media is because of the SEO aspect. So what is different about Google Plus?

You will be forgiven for assuming that Google Plus doesn’t carry the same SEO weight as the industry’s giants Twitter and Facebook based on numbers. It’s very clear that Google Plus can’t match the numbers of users on these 2 major social media sites but does that make it any less effective for SEO? On the contrary, it works almost better than both of them combined!

This is how the integration of Google’s search engine ranking algorithms and Google Plus helps with search engine optimization…

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Full Search Engine Access

Full Search Engine Access

Google Plus is exactly what social media sites were a few years back and what they’re not now. What do I mean? Since many social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook have closed their doors on Google crawlers by creating more privacy and restrictions on sharing data most posts featuring on these two social media sites are never indexed or crawled by the Google search engine bots at all!

Well somebody clap for Google Plus because it overcomes this little hitch with flying colors. Compared to the 2 example social media sites, URLs shared on Google plus are readily available to the company that created it and the crawling or indexing process is almost instantaneous.

This clearly shows that the Google Plus platform was made for SEO.

When Posts Become Mini Blogs

This is quite straightforward so follow closely; I don’t want to lose you…

Each post on a Google Plus page is viewed as a ‘mini blog’ with its own URL by Google’s search engine…and we all know what quality blog posts from high ranking blogs mean for SEO and organic traffic.

Posts from high authority Google Plus profiles (pages) have the same effect on search ranking, they rank better. When you share something on Google Plus either from a website or blog, the shared links turn into rich snippets.

Unlike other posts shared from other social media sites that can rank high for certain keywords then disappear, Google Plus posts can maintain their top ranking for an indefinite period.

Two things you have to do here to make Google Plus posting work for your ranking is building a strong profile and post great or meaningful content. Remember that every time you share something using the Google Plus button, a link is created back to your profile. It’s like automatic link building.

The Search is More Personalized

The key thing here is to create a strong Google Plus profile page and get as many followers as you can while linking to other high PR Google Plus pages. You can add on this by coming up with more shareable content to encourage more follower-ship.

This works in a simple way to get you more organic traffic from your followers. When they go searching on Google’s search engine, your content that is relevant to the keywords they use in the search is pulled to the first page of their results.

Google still maintains that this has no effect on search rankings but experience says otherwise. Google Plus is optimized for sending semantic signals to their search engine’s algorithm which in turn creates relevancy of the URLs that are included in your posts.

The main reason this will work to your advantage is that your links displayed on the search results will usually come with your profile’s photo which builds more trust and the likelihood for more click throughs.

The result?

More organic traffic for you!

In Conclusion

So, does Google Plus help SEO? The answer is simple, YES!

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17 comments on “Does Google Plus Help SEO?

  1. Awesome post! The first one I read on the subject actually and you have captivated me! =)
    I knew Google + was good because I’ve seen some of my posts rank quickly with it but I wasn’t entirely sure… I thought maybe it was just luck lol … But after reading this I feel more confident about using google + each time I add a post to my website!
    Thanks a lot!

    1. No problem Sarah,

      It’s nice to hear that you’ve noticed the power of Google Plus ranking already! Stick with it girl! 🙂

  2. That’s great training Chris! Although I know that Social Media, and in particular, Google+ are extremely important to the welfare of your blog, I find I have a bit of a blockage when using them. I find the whole concept of SM so time consuming that I feel tired just thinking about getting going with them.

    I know this is not right, and I’d love to kick myself into start position… but I don’t.

    What can you say to me that will make me take the plunge?

    1. Well Marilyn…do you want more website visitors? ( we all want that at the end of the day! ). If you’re not in social media circles you are missing out on a ton of traffic!

  3. To be honest, I’ve always struggled with social media. It’s just not my thing, so I’ve always been reluctant to fully embrace it in my internet marketing efforts. A while back I did try to use Google Plus for this purpose, but I gave up after a while.

    Is Google Plus useful if you just post to it? Does that count as a backlink or social signal in some way? Or do you need to get more involved and interact with people on there? I’m just concerned that I will waste a lot of time on there, and that in that time i could be writing another blog post on my website.

    What’s your personal approach to using Google Plus? What’s your routine?

    1. Hi Marcus,

      My routine is simple – I post EVERY post and article to Google Plus straight after I publish them. This allows them to be indexed a lot faster and also receive an initial flood of traffic! Get on Google Plus!!!!!

  4. Hey, Chris.
    Very interesting post.
    I’m pretty sure that to get your Google Plus post in the search results, the searcher will have to be logged into his or her Google account AND be Google Plus friends with you.
    So to get search traffic through G+, you’ll need to have a large following.
    As for the indexing, I have noticed that my posts do get indexed much faster if I share them on G+.
    Anyway, great post.
    Cheers, bud.

    1. That is correct Julian – I get hundreds of visitors a week through my G+ links on Google results alone. These visitors are people who have seen my G+ pages and decided to follow me.

  5. Hello Chris!
    You shared a very interesting post here really! I have never paid much attention to Google Plus till I started an online business. And it indeed has results! When I search in Google something I have written in my site I see my G+ post in the first page. Glad to hear that my followers can do too.
    But, what if you don’t have many followers, is there a way you can get more faster? Thanks.

  6. Interesting post. You are right and with SM as some of the comments say are time consuming not true With G+ you get your circles and just post your site the what circle you want it in.
    Maybe you could do a review on Intagram this one I know nothing about but seems like it has become poplular

    Keep doing what you are doing it is good for all of us

  7. Hi Chris,

    I’m a big Google+ fan, admittedly it is something that I have only just started using. I didn’t realise that your mini blog could have it’s own ranking so that is great to know.

    Do you have any advice on how to increase your follow/ community base on Google+?

    1. Well sharing other’s work always puts you in a good light with the community you’re in Nate – don’t just post your own work…spread it about a bit! 🙂

  8. When it comes to SEO I really feel like there’s a whole new set of vocabulary words that I need to learn. I’m still new to the concept of SEO & I’m also new to Google +.

    With this post you did a great job of telling a lot about both and you did it in such a way that I understood very easily. Your blog is about to be one of my favorites, I can tell already.

    Thank you!

  9. Hi, I really enjoyed reading the article because the true role of Google Plus for SEO remains mystery to me. Though, I do just like you (I have seen your reply to Marcus), as soon as I publish a post, I add it to G-Plus.

    The thing that remains unclear: I have seen people repeat their post om G-plus, so I have been doing the same with a number of them. Is this a good practice or not? Thank you.

    1. I wouldn’t repeat it too many times Jovo – you don’t want to appear like a spammer (Google ain’t stupid!) 🙂

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