Does Amazon Mechanical Turk Work?

Does Amazon Mechanical Turk Work?

Artificial intelligence seems to have been creeping it’s way into most job sectors over the last few decades, and it’s only going to get worse!

Computers are being designed to take over human tasks because they are cheaper, and they never take a sick day (well, maybe a virus or malware will stop them in their tracks!).

But don’t worry – there are still a lot of simple jobs to be found online, that computers are just not up to…yet.

Enter Amazon Mechanical Turk – a job place that offers work that computers cannot complete.

So, does Amazon Mechanical Turk work?

Is Amazon Mechanical Turk legit?

Let’s take a closer look…

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The Amazon Mechanical Turk Review

What is Amazon Mechanical Turk About?

Simply put – it’s a crowdsourcing marketplace where people looking to earn money online can go to complete simple jobs (or HITS). These HITS are jobs that cannot be completed by computers – they need the human touch!

It was launched back in November 2005 and is owned by the retail giant, Amazon.

It’s a pretty straightforward setup really – Requesters post the jobs then workers (you and I) complete the jobs for money.

Each worker/member has their own dashboard where thousands of HITS are listed, along with the payment for each one. Some of these HITS are for everyone to complete, whilst others need approval from the client.

What is Amazon Mechanical Turk About?

Each HIT has it’s own instructions that are to be followed – once you complete one, you submit it for approval, and then get paid (if you have followed the instructions correctly).


Amazon Mechanical Turk Hits – The Lowdown

So, HITS are the jobs that requesters post for you and I to complete for money – but what do they entail?

Well, they are mostly made up of the following options:

  • Transcribing or typing out info on a video or audio
  • Writing movie reviews
  • Commenting on blogs
  • Completing surveys
  • Watching videos
  • SEO and using search engines
  • Business feedback
  • And a LOT more…

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Amazon Mechanical Turk Sign up Process

To work for Amazon Mechanical Turk you first need a regular Amazon account – a simple enough process (you’ve probably already got one set up if you purchase things online!).

If you do not shop with Amazon – you simply need to sign up with your name, email addresses and a password. They then ask for a few further details, and they’ll get back in contact with you within three days (to approve your account).


How Much Money Can You Make With Amazon Turk?

Okay – down to the nitty gritty of it all. How much money can you make with this platform?

First things first – don’t get your hopes up.

A lot of these HITS are really low paying jobs, but they are incredibly simple to complete. In most cases you will earn no more than a couple of pennies for each task…but there are millions to complete!

How Much Money Can You Make With Amazon Mechanical Turk?

It’s all about how much time and effort you put into the site – much like the mighty Clixsense.

But there are the more specialized HITS on offer – they pay out a lot more but you might need to apply for them first, and they are a lot more difficult to complete.

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The Amazon Mechanical Turk Pros

What I really like about this site is the fact that they don’t restrain your earnings by using cashout tactics or thresholds – you are free to withdraw your money as soon as you earn it, no matter how much is in your account.

The tasks (or HITS) are also pretty simple, so just about ANYONE can sign up and get working immediately.

They also have the might of behind them, so you know there’s going to be no shady dealings – you are going to be covered and you are going to be paid.

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The Amazon Mechanical Turk Cons

Well, first the obvious – some of these jobs (HITS) really don’t pay that much…pennies in fact. You would have to do a lot of jobs that may be very time consuming to make any real money!

If you want to earn a full time wage online – it’s best you take on a internet marketing gig instead and learn how to make real money online.

Is Amazon Mechanical Turk a Scam?

I was also a bit disappointed by the payment options they have on offer – direct deposit and Amazon gift cards.

I always feel that work online companies like this should at least offer Paypal for an option.


Is Amazon Mechanical Turk a Scam?

No, this is definitely NOT a scam – it’s owned by the mighty, remember?

Okay, some of the HITS are extremely low paying, but they are paying.

I can imagine that a lot of members are earning half decent money there BUT they are putting in a fair amount of elbow grease – if you want to earn big here you are going to have to complete a lot of HITS.

But, if you’re serious about making a full time or part time income, then you should definitely look into internet marketing…

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12 comments on “Does Amazon Mechanical Turk Work?

  1. Great info and good post.

    It is like you mentioned, Amazon Mechanical Turk is a bit the same as Clixsense, and that already gives bad memories, a lot of effort with low paying.

    So honestly, I think I will skip it since the time you put in it is a waste.

    I stick with my affiliate marketing, which brings me more money.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing!

  2. I must say that this is great. I heard for the first time about this and I am working with Amazon for a year. I agree that rewards are pretty brutal but hey, it is the money and it is the real money. I know that it is not a scam because Amazon is the most popular ecommerce site in the world. I will for sure try this, it is great for some extra cash.

  3. Hello there, 

    Thanks for this comprehensive review of Amazon Mechanical Turk. This looks so interesting and I believe it’s legit. However, I tried to register with them and for some reason – my application was not approved. It was not clearly stated why. Maybe because of my location: Denmark. Not sure. 

    Do you have any idea why some people can not use this opportunity? Or is there any good tips with what you write on the application in order to be approved? 

    Looking forward to you reply. 

    Best regards, 


    1. I think you can register and use them Che, but you can only receive payment in cash in the USA. The cash you earn in Europe will have to be spent at Amazon itself (in a kind of gift card format really!). 

  4. Its good to get a review on Amazon Turk, i’ve often wondered about that…..but it seems hardly worth the effort to me to make so little money, but, for people who live in countries where 10 cents can buy you a meal, i can see where it would be certainly better than nothing, and as you mentioned, it’s instant money. Do you know anyone who does Amazon Turk and makes a decent side income doing it? I think you’d have to be very skilled at a lot of things, and extremely motivated lol. Getting into affiliate marketing is essentially committing yourself into job training for a new skill, and it takes time to become profitable because of the work you have to put in first, so one can hardly compare that to little ‘quick money’ sites like Amazon Turk, but at least there are many options in the world of making money online.

    1. Yeah I have come across many Turk workers that are considered ‘ultimate’ earners. Mind you – you need a lot of discipline and patience to reach this level (one would have thought!). 

  5. I am signed in to Amazon but I never knew anything about Amazon Mechanical Turk, great to know about it. But I think the tasks are really meant for someone stranded for money. I just signed up for Amazon Mechanical Turk, and I was not very happy about the rewards they pay after completing the Hits. They pay rewards as little as $0.01. Its too little. I am confused, but I am looking for an online adventure, I will try your recommendation, I will be looking into it in the next week, and if it goes well, I will sign up full time.  

  6. I have a vague idea of what Amazon Turk is, or at least I should say I had a vague understanding before I arrived here! It gives me some hope knowing that there are still jobs humans can do that machines can’t (perhaps too many sci fi films!). This post is quite good at breaking the process down into simple terms.

    It does seem like I would have to do a lot of HITS (hehe, I guess I could call myself a Hit Man?), but am no stranger to hard work so that shouldn’t be a problem! I think that it is a nice idea and clever too because there are people out there who will be willing to do small jobs like these because they know that they add up over time.

    Thank for doing the research for me!!

    1. Hi Renton (or Hit Man!) 🙂

      Yeah you will have to rack up a good number of HITS to make half decent money, but that’s the way the platform works I’m afraid! 

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