Demand Media Review – Demand Media Scam?

Demand Media Review - Demand Media Scam?

After reviewing BKA Content a few days ago I thought I’d stay in the website content sector and cover a ( big ) player named Demand Media.

They are a rather powerful content based company that own impressive sites like eHow and LiveStrong. Let’s take a look at the Demand Media jobs available to online workers…

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Demand Media Review

Before we jump into the money making side of things I thought it would make sense to start this Demand Media review with a bit of a background check.

As the intro stated – Demand Media are big players within the content creation niche. They are based in Santa Monica, CA and started off life back in 2006.

The content company is owned by Shawn Colo and Richard Rosenblatt – the latter being the ex chief of MySpace.

Demand Media Jobs

OK, this is a little bit tricky to explain in simple terms but I’ll try my best to cover the ‘ins and outs’ of how Demand Media works.

First off the company itself spits out a load of titles for articles ( based on an algorithm I’m nowhere near clever enough to understand! ). These article titles are then shown to their freelance writers ( you and me hopefully! ).

Demand Media Review

The freelance writers can pick at ten articles on a first come first served basis and they have seven days to write them ALL.

Each article comes with it’s own list of keywords and guidelines to be followed.

Once they are completed they are sent on to an editor of Demand Media and he/she must polish them up a little or ask for them to be completely rewritten.

Sounds simple enough right? Where can I sign up?

Well just hold your horses there a second – this bunch don’t just accept anyone!

In order to apply, you need to satisfy generally one of the following:

  • Professional experience in one of their 20+ categories
  • Writing experience in one of their 20+ categories with an online or offline publication
  • Degree or certification in one of thier 20+ categories

They will also test your writing skills beforehand in the form of a article you must submit.

Making Money With Demand Media

Most of the Demand Media jobs pay around $15.50 for the shorter articles ( 150 – 250 words ) and between $40 and $50 for the longer articles ( 500 – 600 words ).

That’s a pretty good rate of pay isn’t it?

Every now and again special articles will become available which pay well over $60 for a successful completion!

Demand Media Jobs

All the wages/earnings are paid out by Demand Media twice a week through the Paypal payment processor.

If you have the time and if you have the talent – you can make BIG money through this content company!

The Downsides of Demand Media

I’ll be honest with you here – I haven’t qualified to work for Demand Media…but a pretty cool female friend of mine has!

Not only did she provide me with the ‘ins and outs’ of this company, she also allowed me to use her account to see the system in action ( sneaky I know! ).

The first downside to hit me was the amount of work available. Now I was led to believe that this was a powerhouse of content creation…

Where were all the jobs?

Apparently Demand Media is nowhere near as popular as it used to be due to some sort of fall out with Google ( I have no idea what this fall out is about! ).

There were handfuls of jobs popping up here and there but I have to be honest – I expected A LOT more considering the clout this company has!

Then there was the case of the amount of research needed to go along with each article – you need to include 3 sources on the topic with every article you produce!

This means that you have to find three EXCELLENT articles to use as source material for your finished piece…the workload just got multiplied by three!

I then asked my friend ( who owned the account ) what her experience was like with the articles editors – not a friendly one apparently!

She said that the majority of editors were “in danger of disappearing up their own asses” – her words not mine!

She felt that some of these editors were nowhere near as clever as they made out and that resulted in them looking too hard for mistakes.

Below is a video I came across on YouTube providing advice on editor rewrite requests from Demand Media Studios:

Demand Media Scam?

So let’s get down to the main reason you’ve ended up on this page – is Demand Media scam or is it legit?

Well it’s a totally legit earning opportunity and it has been for some time now!

I find it a shame that the work has dried up ever so slightly but maybe they’ll sort out this mess they have with Google?

OK, so the editors are idiots, but let’s be honest here – most of the editors of content creation sites are on a bit of an authority trip anyway!

If you are an accomplished writer and have confidence in your skills you should have no problems handling editors and producing well written/researched pieces.

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7 comments on “Demand Media Review – Demand Media Scam?

  1. For someone who knows their niche really well, this looks like a really good way to make some money on the side.

    Do you have have to pick up 10 articles at once and then complete them in 7 days or is 10 the maximum number a writer can pick up at one time?

    1. Hi Josh,

      From what I remember I think you have to complete a minimum of 10 articles a week – which will obviously pay you a decent wad of cash. The better the writer you are, the more articles you can complete…and the more money you will make! 🙂

  2. I love your site. easy to navigate, very user friendly. I love this type of way of making money because I have never been the strongest when it comes to recruiting others. So being informed about how to make money by working smarter and not harder really will inspire a lot of newbies coming into this business..

    great work look forward to more.

  3. Hi Chris,

    Excellent article, I am no power trip here but what does it take to be an editor on that site?.

    I have never heard of the site and first though in my head ohh perhaps I can get some quality outsourced articles written for me from these guys/gals that use that site.

    DO you have any experience on that side of things? how works for someone looking for content to be created?

    1. I have seen numerous articles from Demand and they are pretty impressive Derek. There are loads of online options for getting content at the moment ( cheaper than Demand Media ). Try out iWriter and have a look around – I use then at times!!!

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