Death, Instant Profit Silos And Taxes

Death, Instant Profit Silos And Taxes

Right! Before we get into this review I thought I’d better throw something straight out there…in case I get caught out later on!

When I first came across Instant Profit Silos I had no real idea what ‘Siloing’ was about…which is a little strange considering my chosen career path!

Anyway…we live and learn – and it’s nice to pick up on new things right?

Siloing is basically a way of topping up your SEO with relevant keyword themes that Google apparently loves – it helps you rick the SERPS!!!!

So the product I will be reviewing today is based around this ‘Siloing’ concept – is it worth it or not?

Let’s take a closer look…

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Instant Profit Silos Review

When I first landed on the sales page for Instant Profit Silos I expected to be bombarded with bright colors and over-the-top headlines…but I wasn’t!

Having a product title like ‘Instant Profit Silos’ sort of leads you down the push-button scam path but it’s a totally different kettle of fish when you end up on the landing page!

Everything was done in a rather polished and professional manner – no cheap testimonials off Fivver, no sales pitch and no proof of earnings.

A very refreshing change!!!

The product was created and is owned by a dude named Mark Bishop and it’s actually a JVZoo platform release ( most of these types of SEO products are usually housed on Clickbank! ).

Instant Profit Silos Review

The entry fee to the product cost me $28 but I have read online that you can get it cheaper…or you could at one point in time!

Anyway, it has a 30-day, 100% money back guarantee so I wasn’t worried about getting my money back after writing this review!

Inside The Box

Instant Profit Silos is made up of the following products:

#1 Ten Video Course

When I first saw this part of the product I couldn’t help but get a little worried – I had been burnt by shitty video courses before!

But after the first minute, of the first video…I knew I was onto a winner with them!

There was nothing amateur about their look, feel or education. The longest video was around the 15 minute mark but it really didn’t feel that long – they did a good job of keeping me gripped throughout!

In the videos Mark takes you carefully through the method of his system and shows you how to chose a lucrative niche and related product.

He also goes over his own thoughts and theories on Keyword Research and SEO.

#2 Set of 4 eBooks

These books covered a lot of the information the videos offered along with advert creation and intense WordPress training.

#3 Case Studies & Sample Websites

This final module was a real eye-opener for me and I feel it is worth the $28 alone…if you are a newcomer to internet marketing.

Mark is obviously a clever guy but he is also a pretty impressive tutor of marketing. These case studies are a brilliant way for newbies to get to grips with the whole online marketing concept.

Instant Profit Silos – In Motion

So how does all this silo business work? How can we get it to improve our chances of ranking well within Google?

Here’s a diluted version of how this gig works…

Step 1 – Niche Traffic

Okay, the first step is to find a keyword with good traffic and low competition. You then find a product to go along with this awesome keyword ( naturally! ).

Step 2 – Keyword Research

Take your keyword and perform some in-depth research to see what else pops up! You’ll be surprised at what other keywords can run off it!

Step 3 – Build Your WordPress Site

Mark walks you through how he builds his small WordPress sites and teaches you how to create a banging landing page. He shows you what to do with the keywords and how to sign up with the best affiliate platforms.

Step 4 – Grab Your Domain

Mark takes you by the hand and shows you how to pick a domain name and how the domain buying process works.

Step 5 – Start a PPC Campaign With Bing

This was a little bit of a shocker for me as I’m not the biggest fan of PPC…if you get it wrong you can lose A LOT of money!

But all along Mark promised that there would be some sort of magic twist to this setup and here we have it – Bing PPC ads.

I wasn’t that impressed…

Bing Ads

Hit & Miss…Maybe?

The whole purpose of this product is to teach you how to make numerous websites that each rake in about $20 a day.

If you think about it, if you had 10 of these websites that brought in only $5 a day, that’s $50 a day…7 days a week!

So it’s really not that bad overall…if you are brave enough to take on the world of PPC.

Mark reckons you can get to the point where you are able to create at least one of these sites a day…and you don’t have to purchase a new domain name for each one!

That’s right, because you are not targeting organic traffic, you can just use subdomains off your original domain name ( makes sense! ).

Is Instant Profit Silos Scam?

I love the idea behind this product and I love the way you can eventually build a mini site a day for PPC. But I’m a little bit put off by certain aspects Mark fails to cover at first.

PPC is a rock hard marketing subject and I have personally witnessed experienced online workers lose $100’s a day in a blink of the eye!

On top of this you need some sort of bank roll behind you before jumping into PPC…and how long that bank roll will last is anyone’s guess?

What really got me annoyed is that there was very little Silo training in the end – this was PPC based so it tended to ignore organic SEO routes.

You are even using duplicate content for your landing pages so ANY traditional method of SEO is pissed on right there!

But after all that I would NEVER call this product a scam because I believe it can work. On top of that – some of the training really was excellent!

Mark is a great teacher and some of his ideas really are impressive – I have no doubt that some of his customers will do quite well out of this product.

Please remember that PPC is a very complicated subject and you CANNOT learn the ropes within a 24 hour period. Keep this in mind if you are considering buying this product!

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9 comments on “Death, Instant Profit Silos And Taxes

  1. Hi,
    I your post is attention grabbing – which is good. For those of us who have never heard about siloing, how exactly do we know it is legit or not?
    From your posting, I gather that soloing is a way to enhance SEO marketing and rank high in Google.
    You also mention/introduce JVZoo. Kindly give more information on these amd we’Lloyd benefit a lot.

    1. Siloing is completely legal but this product doesn’t seem to use it in the way it’s supposed to be used. JVZoo is a well known affiliate platform – click the link in the article and take a look at them! 🙂

  2. Chris, nice review, I like the fact you acknowledged that this is a legit way to make some money, but only through PPC , which is a big key point altogether. This actually might work with siterubix sites and some long tail keywords, thus if you can pay very little for CPC it might pay off, but for newbies, I think WA is the right way to go.

    We all need to conquer SEO – before tackling PPC.


    1. That’s a good point Edwin – this would work rather well with Site Rubix Sites! I may even have to give that a trial run myself!

  3. Nice work Chris,
    You had me to the end so my interest was held very well.
    I think a thourough knowledge of PPC is needed though it really
    can burn money quickly.

  4. Hi Chris,

    As I got into your excellent review of this opportunity and all that was involved with it the concept to me was a bit of a turn-off. First of all thank you for warning to the readers about the dangers in getting involved with PPC – especially if they don’t know what the heck they’re doing. As you also stated the owner of this “instant profit/silo” site did not do such a great job in explaining all that needs to be taught involving PPC.

    The concept of constantly building new websites -with little content added to it reminds me of another company that I reviewed and rated it a scam. It’s a fact that as taught here at Wealthy Affiliate, relevant content causes interest to readers regarding a product. If a person overnight creates dozens of new websites, but there is really no meaningful content on any of them – then why in the world would the visitor buy the product?

    Admittedly I am also not all that familiar with “siloing”. Is it akin to trying to “game” the search engines in an attempt to have your content ranked highly based on the choice of keywords? If it is at all unethical, the individual trying to pull it off in the end WILL get caught. I much prefer the keyword tool created by the two founders of WA.

    You were quite fair in your review of this opportunity,
    Chris. Honestly though it is something that I’ve seen hundreds of times before. An individual believes that he/she has come up with some kind of get-rich-quick scheme, (advertised with this opportunity when it was stated in the video that you could be making a great deal of $$$ in a matter of hours) and never before seen online. He/she is just looking for that sucker to go all in and buy the product. And it is nothing but a certified scam! Been there, done that!

    Great review Chris,

    1. Hmmm I don’t know where to go with this Jeff. I do agree with you that many people get caught out releasing site after site but there are also those who succeed BIG time with it!

      Me for example, I run 5 successful websites and I took them head on – NOT one at a time!

      Would I advise everyone else to do this?

      Nope, not a chance!

      You’ve got to have something inside you that will push you on regardless – a confidence if you like!

      Unethical practices surprisingly do work – if you approach them in the right manner!

      Thanks for this awesome comment by the way – really made me think on the spot (definitely won the comment of the day award Jeff mate!).

  5. Great review of Instant Profit Silos. You really did do a great job of reviewing this product. Throughout most of your post, you pretty made it sound like a pretty good thing. Then the more you wrote, the more I realized, that this program probably will never work for me. Your review appeared very honest and first hand. You did a great job, thank you!

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