CryptoLux Review – Is CryptoLux a Scam?

CryptoLux Review - Is CryptoLux a Scam?


Okay, so regulars to this site will know that I like to dabble in the stock market – I’m not a fly-by-night day trader…I’m an investor.

What does this mean?

Well I invest in popular stocks and I hold until they move into profit – I don’t like losing.

So, when opportunities like CryptoLux come about, I’m always chomping at the bit to find out what they are about – to see if they can aid traders in the market.

Unfortunately, many newbie traders fail to realise that the ‘quick profit’ routes are always in the most volatile markets…and the most volatile of all the available markets are the cryptocurrency markets…

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CryptoLux Review

What is CryptoLux?

Okay, the opportunity started up at some point near the end of 2017 (not sure the exact date!) and was put together by a dude named Robert Alexander, and a co-founder named Julien Petra. They claim to have over 35 years of experience in the banking industry…

Personally – I don’t really see what the banking industry can do for your trading techniques, but hey, what do I know!

Anyway, this Alexander dude apparently hails from a poor family, had to eat worms and work down the mines – you know the typical shit sob story.

CryptoLux claim that they are the best cryptocurrency trading platform in the industry thanks to their 45% yield monthly returns.

How do they manage this?

Well they’ve got one of those awesome trading bots that is going to change the world…


What is CryptoLux?


The Bot Angle

Okay, let’s get this out of the way sooner rather than later…

Trading bots don’t work – they never can work.


Well each market is a constantly changing environment, governed by the ‘big boys’ and world affairs in general. Bots are programmed to react to market situations, or setups, but they have no idea about what is going on in the world – they don’t read the bloody news!




Let’s Take The Pyramid Route…

So the opportunity is based on a bot that trades cryptocurrencies for you – lets not dwell on that crap.

As I touched on in the last section – this type of trading will not make you any sort of profit in the long run. So how are you going to make real money out of this platform?

Why build a pyramid of course!

Yep, it seems to me that the only way you can make real money out of this bunch is by dragging in new recruits. Sound familiar?

It should.

You receive 8% commissions on level 1 of your referrals and that drops down to 0.3% on level 10. Now, the level 10 is only available to something termed as ‘Diamond members’.

Do you really want me to trawl my way through yet another over-complicated pyramid compensation plan?


Good – because I wasn’t going to anyway (I have better things to do with my time!).

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a bot that trades cryptocurrencies for you


A Few Worrying Pointers…

I’ve been doing this for several years now, and in that time I’ve learned how to spot a dodgy opportunity through certain red flags…

Well, first off the bat is the fact that you need to sign up for CryptoLux with your phone number – something I would NEVER advise anyone to do online. This will open the door for their marketing company to continually bombard you with offers…or they will simply sell your number onto a market research company.

I visited a few trading forums, and discovered that a large majority of newbie members to CryptoLux have lost everything invested within a matter of weeks – what happened to earning up to 45% profit?

What happens to these poor souls when they complain about their lack of success?

Their accounts are shut down without warning.

I also noticed that there is no evidence ANYWHERE online of users that have actually turned a profit with this bot – not even on the CryptoLux website itself!


Is CryptoLux a Scam?

I know all aspects of trading and I have been successful at it for several years now – I know a turd when I see one!

Unfortunately CryptoLux is nothing more than a re-vamped version of numerous other ‘forex bots’ that have come before it…and none of them worked either!

It’s one of those opportunities that will suddenly disappear once they have made enough money…if you have invested at this point – look out.

I’m afraid I really can’t recommend this opportunity to anyone.

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11 comments on “CryptoLux Review – Is CryptoLux a Scam?

  1. Thanks for your review on CryptoLux. I came across a similar scheme that actually claimed it was founded by Elon Musk who has just quit Tesla to devote his full attention to launching this new crypto currency trading bot! Like all get rich quick schemes that promise big returns with minimal effort they are in reality just smoke an mirrors that prey on people who are looking for a quick and easy buck. I have read some positive testimonials of people who have found success with the Wealthy Affiliate program you have recommended. All of the testimonials I have read suggest that to find success with Affiliate Marketing does take hard work and persistence, but it is possible. 

    1. This made me laugh – who in their right mind would think that using Elon Musk’s name on a trading bot would work!!!

      It’s a shame I missed that one really. 🙂

  2. Hi Chris, this is another wonderful review of scam website named Crytplux. I now realize how many fake site is doing cheating with so many people online. Thanks for posting review and honest opinion against those site. I believe this will help lot’s of beginner to save them from those scam sites. However I am interested to get a review on call way software and maximus crypto bot software also. 

    1. Hi Mzakapon – great to see you back here once again!

      I haven’t heard of the two products that you’ve mentioned but I promise I will look into them. 

  3. Great article, and review on Cryptolux. Surprisingly I have not heard of Cryptolux before, until now. Many thanks for the information. I have fallen prey to a telegram trading bot before, as I was starting out online, and have stayed away from bots ever since. It’s even good I had not heard of Cryptolux before because it wouldn’t have made aa difference as I swore never to indulge in trading bots again. Now, equipped with the information that you’ve kindly shared all I can do is advice my circle to STAY AWAY from Cryptolux. Best regards

    1. Well that’s a new one on me Victor – a telegram trading bot!

      I wouldn’t even know how that sort of thing would work…or how you would make money with it! 

  4. Good weekend and thanks for this great information. Im very familiar with Cryptocurrency sites like this promising to help you make a lot of money trading with their bot but many of them are liars. After bitcoin saw was pumped in December 2017 a lot companies came out use the opportunity to scam people. Many people thought Btc will rally to 50k in 2018 but lo and behold Btc went down almost 100%. Many people lost a lot of money. 

    So its not easy out there in crypto world. I believe in wealthy affiliate because you are not promised any bot making money for you. You will learn success and how to add value to yourself. The training and and live support and motivation are all you need to experience total online breakthrough. 

  5. I have been interested in “playing” the stock market for years. I have not signed up with any of the programs offered, as I know way too little about the subject to start. 

    I had been checking out CryptoLux, I am so glad I read your review first! I didn’t see the red flags for a scam, but you pointed them out nicly! Thank you! This saved me from making a huge error!

    Is there a legitimate program for newbies like me that you would recommend? I still have a lot of research to do for this venture, but I am very interested in investing in CBD of some sort.

    Thank you for saving my butt with this review!


  6. Thanks for your honesty and putting a note in there that you can’t recommend Cryptolux viewers. It has become my habit to check first with online review found online before investing hard earned money in something like this. 

    About your account with this trading platform being shutdown without warning, does that qualify Cryptolux to be considered a crook? Or, maybe if they are shutting down an account, they should at least return the money to the owner of the account shut down.

    If I am to trade cryptocurrencies today, are there any good alternatives to trading with Cryptolux?

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