Create Content Without Writing


Create Content Without Writing

Not all of us take to content creation like a fish to water – most of us need a break now and again. When I first started out making money online I had next to no confidence whatsoever!

I knew there were people out there making good money but I had little confidence in my own ability to follow them. At the time it took me about 3 hours to write an article!

But things got easier and I now spend day after day happily tapping away at my keyboard, creating content as I see fit.

Sometimes ideas dry up though – and when I finally come across a topic I like I then have to write about it!

Even the visitors to my site need a change from time to time – not everyone wants to wade through layers of text after text!

In this article I decided to cover a few options for blog posts that don’t involve that much writing. I would always recommend starting each post with a paragraph or two for SEO purposes before carrying on with each of the ideas below…

#1 Gallery or Slideshow

I’ve noticed a lot of sport news sites and cookery sites taking this low content option recently.

Image galleries and slideshows can be an awesome way to get your word across if used correctly. Add in a sentence or two to cover the basis of each image, and maybe an affiliate link and you’re set!

#2 The Power of an Infographic

I’ve noticed many of the top internet marketing sites are using more and more infographics to get their word across.

An infographic is an image that contains information – they are quite simply put together by using open source art programs like Gimp ( or the free photo suites that come with your PC ).

Here is an example of a basic Infographic:

Example of an Infographic

They seem to work pretty well and I always find them ranking on the first page of Google ( which is strange as they never hold that much content! ).

#3 Top Links List

This is a pretty handy way to construct a post with minimum content and drive visitors to your site at the same time!

These posts involve listing the top players in certain niches:

  • Top 5 Free Marketing resources
  • Top 10 WordPress Plugins
  • 6 of The Best Online Chat Rooms

​​Lists are very powerful pieces of content on the internet – they can draw in A LOT of visitors!

#4 Video Related Posts

The beauty of using video posts is that you can house the actual video on sites like YouTube. This means that you are going to get a ‘double bubble’ of traffic avenues – one from your site and one from YouTube itself!

Create a Video Post

Most people tend to aim at product reviews when it comes to video but you can aim at anything you want really. One tactic I like to use is to answer a question or query that seems to be popular within my niche.

The videos don’t need to be Hollywood standard – as long as you get your message across it should work out just fine.

#5 Audio or Podcast

I’ve noticed a huge increase in MP3 and Podcast interviews recently – they seem to work quite well. I’m unsure how effective they will be from a SEO point of view but they certainly offer something different for your readers.

If you’re lucky enough to get hold of a ‘big player’ within your niche why not suggest an audio interview for a change? The worst they can say is no!

#6 Popular Quotes

I’ve noticed quite a few internet marketers relying on quotes to fill space within their articles. These articles seem to target motivational responses to get their readers moving in the ‘work zone’ but they seem pretty cool.

Try searching out some inspirational quotes from well known names related to your niche. Sometimes people need to read something positive to alter their perspective on the day.

#7 Offer a Guest Post Spot

I don’t actually partake in guest posts any longer due to the fact Google dismisses them as a form of backlink.

But that’s not to say guest posting is dead – far from it!

This form of writing can be very effective when it comes to drawing in traffic from other websites.

To keep on the safe side of the search engines, make sure you only accept quality articles from respected bloggers.

#8 Find Another Writer

Sometimes I rely on the work of other writers when my workload becomes to much – I don’t do it often but it is a viable option for me to consider.

Outsourcing your writing can free up time to get the more intricate side of your business in line.

There are quite literally millions of writers offering their services online but unfortunately not all of them are up to standard. If you find one you like hold onto him/her as they can really help your website grow.

When you consider that most decent online writers only charge about $20 for a 1000 word article you’ll see the worth. If you can afford to do it and the writer is a good writer it can seriously boost your website’s popularity!

After a while readers will get used to your writing style – why not mix it up with another writer’s work from time to time?

Creating Content For Your Site

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13 comments on “Create Content Without Writing

  1. You are right that people don’t want to go thru so much text anymore. When I see a page of text only, my eyes swim and I really don’t want to read it. I like the visuals, peoples eye will go that first for sure! If I am at a site that usually means I have a question on something that I need an answer to fast. Sometimes it is best to read it, but if you have a video to show what the article is about that will be awesome!

  2. Chris,
    This is a particularly interesting post. Writing is a chore for many and the reasons why are also many. Plain just not you or too much research and searching for perfection all add to the time to complete the task.

    I personally find it takes several hours to put together a good post. So I appreciate the diverse number of tips you have provided. Infographics and Lists seem to be things that any of us can do faster than a page of type.

    Do you know of any software or tool that I can use to prepare an infographic.

    1. Hi Ian,
      There is a free infographic maker available online but I’ve completely forgotten the name of it! I’ve used it once or twice and the results have been excellent! They do leave their domain at the bottom of each graphic but I usually just edit and cut that off. Do a quick Google search and you should be able to find more than one option 🙂

  3. Dear Chris,

    I would have to say that if I see a bunch of text and no images in a content piece, I just scroll through it to see if there are any headings that would captivate me enough to read on and learn. As human beings, we are visual by nature. Sometimes full blown text just makes me sleepy or dizzy reading it. My mind sometimes always ends up trailing off either way.
    Thanks for the vast array of suggestions we may utilize to get our Content more attractive to the average visitor to our Websites. 🙂 Especially the parts about infographics and adding Videos. 🙂

    Wishing you all the best with your online success above and beyond the horizon,


    1. Hi there Angel, it’s great to see you back here again enjoying our work 🙂
      Nice to hear that you are taking so much from our articles.

  4. Dear Chris

    Thanks for this informative post on content without writing.

    I enjoy writing but it still takes me quite a while to put a post together. And, of course, there are days when I sit and look at a blank page, not knowing what to write.

    I always try and put images into my posts as it is very boring just reading text with not relief. Your ideas are great – however I still have to learn how to make a video but I am working on that. .

    But your ideas are excellent – thank you.

    1. Thanks a lot Lucinda – always great to hear that people have been able to take something from the articles I put up here 🙂
      Good luck with the writing!

  5. Hey Chris,

    Thanks for providig great article on create content wthout writing. I am also very visual type of eprson and most other people also. You have gave me som emore ideas to incorporate in my site.

    Chris can we use automated content wrtng tools to generate content fast?

    Thanks again.

    1. NO no no Khan, if you are thinking about using article spinners etc. then you are barking up the wrong tree my friend! I’m afraid it’s the hard work of unique content every time – success will only come through GOOD content! 🙂

  6. This is great infomation

    Not everyone has the gift of the gab when it comes to communication, and still that wont apply for writing contents or litracy. Not all people are writers but have great ideas.

    Writing is important for affiliate marketing. You publish, advertise and promote services and products – so writing is vital. It engages and builds your cliets consumers and customers.

    You have highlited the important components and elements that are required to overcome and complete writing challenges. These will apply for everyone who create content, freelance publish and advertise.
    Great work very helpful.

    1. No problem ‘Results’ – it’s great to hear that you understand the importance of content! Good luck with your marketing/blogging!

  7. Thank you for your post as I have been spending too much energy and time churning out a new post. The research work spent on my post is great but sometimes I can’t help but like singing the same song belonging to others with my own voice.

    So I sincerely would think that it’s fair for Google to recognize our effort through sharing infographics, videos, and quoting excerpts. What do you think?

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