Create a Website For a Band (FREE)

Create a Website For a Band (FREE)

So you’ve got a couple of songs floating around the internet and the band is pretty excited about the way things are going – move over Lennon and McCartney…the big boys are in town!!!

But uploading a couple of songs to YouTube or the like is not really going to get you anywhere…regardless of what a handful of (expensive) online promotional music services are trying to tell you.

You need a base – you need a dot com!

You need a portion of internet real estate that belongs to YOU and your band members.

Hiring a web designer or developer is completely out of the question these days. Most of them are s##t and completely overpriced…

Hiring Web Designers Costs Money!

So what are your alternatives?

What if I told you there is a FREE option to create a website for a band?

What if I told you this FREE option will provide you with the website AND teach you how to build and maintain it?

Sound like something you would be interested in?

Cool, let’s take a closer look…

Create a FREE Website For a Band

As we touched on above – hiring a (so-called) professional to build you a website is out of the question…unless you are the love child of Donald Trump!

Prices for this sort of thing are just crazy – and most bands don’t have a pot to piss in right?

So we are going to look at a community that will hand you a free website along with a step-by-step education on what to do with this website, when to do it and how to do it!

I don't now anything about web design?

Hold on here a minute Chris – I don’t know Jack s##t about coding, web design or any of that crap!

Well don’t worry – none of us do when we first come online…and there’s a much easier way to build a website these days…

Welcome to the Wealthy Affiliate platform!

Wealthy Affiliate Offers Website Templates For Musicians

Well, not just free website templates for musicians, free website templates for just about any niche known to man!

You See, Wealthy Affiliate is an online community that teaches members how to build profitable websites and online businesses in ANY industry.

It really doesn’t matter what niche you are looking at – music, fishing, football, Star Wars…ANYTHING will work!

All you need to know is that as a member of the Wealthy Affiliate you will be given the chance to get a website up and running within 5 minutes!

Yeah you read that correctly – 5 minutes!

So who is behind this platform and why does it work so well???

In the Beginning

Way back in 2005, a couple of Canadian lads named Kyle and Carson decided to launch a keyword membership offering large databases of highly searched keywords for Pay-Per-Click campaigns (that’s pretty much marketing jargon so don’t worry so much about it!).

Anyway, they did pretty well out of it…but they realized they could help their members even further by offering a complete internet marketing service.

Canadian lads named Kyle and Carson

So, they basically took people by the hand and showed them how to build a successful website from scratch!

Today, Wealthy Affiliate has been around for over a decade and has more tools, training and support resources than any other place online.

So…Get Back to The BAND Bit Chris!

Yeah I nearly got lost there for a moment – let’s get back to the juicy stuff on how the WA can help you build a (FREE) website for your band…

Well first off, when you sign up as a free member you will be receiving the following essential freebies…

  • Two Free Websites
  • Completely FREE Hosting
  • Complete Tutorials (Text & Video) on How to Create a BANGING Website
  • 24 Hour Support
  • Access to a Community of Over 800,000 Experts

You’ll actually be getting a lot more than that as a free member but we’re only looking at the stuff that helps us build a band website today!

Learning a Trade

Even though you are only interested in building a website for your band, you will actually be learning a trade as you go along!

You see, getting a website online within 5 minutes is all well and good, but getting the world to arrive at it is a whole different ball game.

how to make THE BEST band website

The free education at the Wealthy Affiliate will teach you how to make THE BEST band website out there – one that will rank on the first page of Google’s results and one that will make your band seem super-professional.

Once the website is up and running successfully you will be left sitting there with a whole education on internet marketing sitting inside your brain!

What you do with it from that point onward…is completely up to you!

Free Websites For Musicians

The Wealthy Affiliate community taught me the ropes and I’ve never looked back really – I’ve now built over 20 websites and I actually run 5 websites for a living now.

The key to their success is their support system – even the owners, Kyle and Carson, respond to EVERY private message they receive in the community!

No member gets left in the corner of a dark room – if you need help simply shout it out in the live chat area and several experts will be on your case within seconds…

Building a successful website couldn’t be simpler…

Wanna Create a Website For a Band?

Well the ball is well and truly in your court now – simply sign up, grab your two free websites and get creative!

Just remember that you are actually joining a community that is built on helping one another – don’t be afraid to ask for help and don’t be afraid of looking stupid (we’ve all been there!) 🙂

Both Kyle and Carson are only interested in one thing – helping people to follow in their footsteps…

Sign up for FREE and join their crusade today – CLICK HERE!


12 comments on “Create a Website For a Band (FREE)

  1. What a great idea! I can see how this would be a great vehicle for bands to use to promote their music! By the sounds of things this Wealthy Affiliate would greatly benefit anyone looking to get their music out there.

    I am currently a member of 2 bands and we’ve frequently toyed with the idea of starting up a website – should you have a certain amount of tunes out there first before starting one up?

    I was also wondering how long this type of project would take – how easy is it to get your songs onto the website and how many hours of work would it take?

    I can see your point though – once you have a musical ‘base’ you will obviously seem a lot more professional in the music industry.

    p.s. once you’ve set up your free website with this bunch do you have to pay anything to keep it there?


    1. Hi there Nate!

      First off, I would say that you should have at least one song completed to a professional level before starting up a website – it makes sense really doesn’t it?

      That one song can be the sole direction of the website to begin with – it could be great promotion for it!

      Getting the tunes onto the website is easy enough – there are millions of free wordpress plugins that help out with this.

      Also, if you have any music videos then throw them up on the site (this is super-easy to do with YouTube videos).

      At the end of the day WordPress sites are set up for media – you’ll have no problem getting your music on there (I’ll even help you if you want!) 🙂

      There is nothing to pay with the free starter membership Nate – both of the free websites come with completely free hosting so you are good to go!

      These websites won’t take long to get up and running but adding more content is down to you. Obviously, the more you put in the more you get out!

      Give us a nudge if you need any more help with your band’s website.

  2. I totally agree with you, if you have a band, what better way to communicate with your fans than having your own website. Doesn’t matter if you have thousands of fans or starting out with your moms, and best friends as your fans… you will need a hub!

    To tell them about your next gig.
    To show them pictures from last nights gig.
    To get new fans and followers.
    Also if you are trying to get new gigs, point prospects to your site…

    The list goes on.

    What I like about the place that you suggest getting your website, is that you get the community along with it. That means that 24-7 you have somebody to ask for tips and advice… that’s worth a whole lot.

    One question, when it’s time to get traffic to the site, what would be a good social platform for a band to hang out?

    Great read, thanks,

    1. Yeah you’ve hit the nail bang on the head there with support Vicky – the WA offers a quite incredible support network…24 hours a day, 7 days a week! You are bound to come into a few difficulties when building your band’s website and you are going to need this awesome free help!

      As far as social platform goes – it’s pretty much ANY one you can find! Music is a universal language and it will do well on ANY platform. I would start with Facebook, Reddit and Google Plus and go from there – the list is endless really!

      Hope this helps Vicky – good luck with building your band’s website!

  3. Hi, thank you writing this article! What a great service these two guys are providing for people! It almost sounds too good to be true.
    My teenage son has started a metal band more than 6 years ago with his friends. I have always bee supporting his music career as a very positive hobby! They have been trying to do some marketing on social media for their videos on Youtube, but it seems pretty hopeless with so many other bands out there! They are getting really frustrated, which is a difficult to watch as a loving mum.
    A friend of us suggested that they would build a website to gain some fans! I would love to help him, but am a completely new to marketing anything online. This sounds like an amazing opportunity and I will definitely show this article to my son!

    1. Hi there,

      Well first tell your teenage son he is not alone – getting your music heard these days is getting harder and harder by the day!

      If you are looking to build a website then this is an awesome option for them – they can just embed the videos and tunes they already have on YouTube with a couple of mouse clicks – simple!

      I will say the promoting on social platforms is a GOOD idea…even though it can be quite tedious in the long run. Make sure they keep doing this as they are building up their website.

      Good luck with it – remember I am always here to lend a helping hand if you need aid with the website! 🙂

  4. I am a aspiring musician and I need a way to get my music out there as soon as possible – got high hope for this gig if you know what I mean.

    You said that it would take 5 minutes to create a website. cool. Just one question… Wont it be a generic, run on the mill website?

    I mean I am a artist and I need things to have my unique touch. How can I achieve that with these websites? I don’t know that much about WordPress but I’m hoping they have a variety of themes I can choose from.

    If I get stuck with this can I come back here mate? I know you’ve got this site up and running so I would love a bit of help if at all possible?

    Also – is getting the songs on there really that easy – I can’t imagine it being that simple?

    1. Hey Yosef,

      Great to meet you mate!

      Okay, the website will be up and running in 5 minutes but of course there is going to have to be some work after that – a website can’t stand still after all (well it can but nobody will visit it if that is the case!).

      No man it certainly won’t be generic – this is the WordPress platform which gives you access to thousands of themes…all fully customized in the way YOU want.

      Believe me mate – they are fully dynamic and if you are willing to put in the work…they can look awesome!

      Uploading media to this platform is actually easier than tying the laces on your shoes – any idiot can do it (well if I can do it anyone can!).

      Don’t hesitate with contacting me if you ever need help with this. Simply leave a comment here or use the contact page on this site – I will obviously reply to both 🙂

  5. Hey, what’s up, Chris!

    Just wanted to pop in here and say awesome post man! I’ve been a drummer in my spare time as a hobby for over fifteen years now. I wanted to be more of a family man than be in a band but I still love the music! I also use drumming as a way to get some exercise. Well not so much lately haha.

    As a member of Wealthy Affiliate, I just want to reassure your readers that this is a FANTASTIC program to be in. With or Without a band. You could even do both! As a free member, you get two free websites.

    You can have one for the band and the other can do whatever you want, sell cheese or give basket weaving ideas. The point is whatever your passions are you can turn those into cash!

    Anyways, I really enjoyed reading this Wealthy Affiliate post.

    Thanks Chris


    1. Ah so I take it you are a member of the WA already David – nice to meet you!

      Hope the education is going well for you there and your websites are evolving nicely. Thanks for taking the time to share your opinion with my readers – I’ll see you on the inside! 🙂

  6. This is an excellent idea. I have friends who are in bands and I keep telling about branding and how to promote themselves.

    With a website you can work on a brand and connect it all to social media. The fact that Wealthy Affiliate is free, means they only have to invest their time and not any of their income generated from gigs.

    They have a lot of spare time during the day (most of their gigs are in the evening) so I am sure they could find time to work on a website.

    They are not very techie though so they would definitely need help or training. They are also not good at writing, can they get assistance on Wealthy Affiliate with how to write articles?

    1. Oh yes Craig – Believe it or not I had never written a single article before I signed up with them (many moons ago!). Content is key when it comes to modern internet marketing and the WA know this – you are given full content training and they make the whole process easy for you to follow and implement.

      I hope their band website turns out to be a hit mate – don’t forget to tell them to contact me if they need any further help with the subject!

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