Create a Quick How to Video


Create a Quick How to Video

Struggling to get any sort of engagement or action on your posts? Desperate to get some sort of return on your time and investment?

Don’t worry, we’ve all been there!

Today I will provide you with information to create a quick how to video for your posts ( whenever needed! ).

Content Upgrading

Content upgrades are a great way to help you get more ROI with just fraction of the time you spent on creating the post.

I know how overwhelming it can be to introduce something new into your posting technique – but there’s really no need to be afraid. 

I’ve used the info provided time and time again to upgrade existing content and gain more social shares/organic traffic.

Grab a notepad and pen and take a look…

Let’s Create a Quick How to Video

A lot of readers will end up on your site looking for answers to questions or techniques to complete something.

Let's Create a Quick How to VideoEven though you think you have done a good job in providing a technique – some people will still struggle to digest the information ( human nature I’m afraid! ).

When I was going through my internet marketing training at the WA I always found the video tutorials much easier to follow and to digest. I never felt overwhelmed when I was learning through them – I guess I’m just a little more visual with my learning!

But many of your visitors will be the same as me – they will prefer to ‘see’ the answer to their query and digest it that way.

How to Create The Video

  1. ​Always write a little bullet point script or outline before you attempt to record the video. It will make things much easier for you and you won’t drift off topic to often
  2. Don’t turn into a Steven Spielberg and get all fussy – shoot the video in one take. If you make a mistake, wait a couple of seconds and re-read the line again. Editing comes later
  3. Simply trim ( edit ) the space and the mistakes within your video – cut dead parts at the beginning and the end

​Don’t worry about paying out bucks for video software – this article is aimed at using FREE options ( yippee! ).

Luckily enough my 9 year old son introduced me to a few awesome video capture options he uses to record Minecraft videos. Check em’ out below:

​Out of the three above I would recommend trying out Bandicam first – I haven’t encountered any issues with it so far!

You can either capture your voice along with the video recording ( easiest option ) or you can overdub it through editing software later ( harder but more professional ).

For editing I would recommend the non-commercial ( free ) version of ​VideoPad. This is an awesome drag and drop editor that is geared towards newbies and comes with a great selection of plugin effects.

Be Creative

Start off small and build on your creativity as you become more and more confident. The first couple of blog post videos I created were absolute garbage but they got the message across.

Get out there and get creative!

If you are interested in finding out more about video marketing we recommend checking out the FREE tutorials Wealthy Affiliate offer. Read our full review on their services by clicking the link below:

12 comments on “Create a Quick How to Video

  1. Good guide on create a quick how to video. I personally haven’t done any videos ever so this came really handy for me. Good general guidelines for anyone that is feeling overwhelmed by the process itself. Do you think youtube is the best way to publish videos or are there better alternatives out there? Thanks a lot!

    1. There are certainly decent alternatives out there ( like Vimeo ) but there’s no getting away from the fact that YouTube is the ‘big boy’ in terms of traffic. I would always advise people to try their luck there first!

  2. Chris, this is a great post, I have been building my website and didn’t bother using video as I thought it would be too daunting, (not very technical)
    You have totally changed my mind on this andI will be posting my first video very soon.
    would you use the in built microphone on a laptop or would you buy one that enhances the sound?


    1. Well considering you’re just starting out Mike I would try a few with the built in mic to begin with and upgrade when you get a little more used to things. These days most built in mics are pretty good quality and make a great starting point 🙂

  3. Great article Chris! I totally agree that creating a how to video or any video and add it to your existing content is a great way to make your content more engaging and appealing to your visitor which in turn will help to increase the time they spend on your website, increase the chances of taking action etc. Besides this can improve your rankings in Google. I personally use Camtasia and I’m happy with it. Yes, it took some time before I learned how to use it but it well worth the time I spent to learn it and the money I spent on it. I’m already getting some traffic from Youtube and plan to make more videos to increase the traffic.

    1. That’s great to hear Rufat – especially if you are getting traffic from YouTube ( a great source of traffic if you can master the platform! ). Keep up the good work!

  4. This is a great post! How to videos are awesome when it comes to getting your point across clearly and concisely. I haven’t dabbled in video creation yet but after reading this article, I think I am gonna give it a try! Do you share your videos on other platforms other than youtube?

  5. Excellent article here Chris. Personally I have never used videos in my presentations or articles. Your article make me want to try in out next time. I think you are right, most people are visual by nature and the videos will certainly appeal to this nature. Do you have any suggestions as to the length of the videos that should be ideal for visitors?

    1. I usually go for videos over 3 minutes Chris – YouTube tends to favor these types of videos more and therefore rank them better overall!

  6. Hey Chris!
    Great site! Very true, video tutorials are much easier to follow. Text is often hard and especially at times when you don’t feel like reading. We always read. Sometimes, it is just better to take a rest and listen and watch for a while. A How to video comes here perfectly. Keep up the good work! All the best,

    1. Hey there Ayman, thanks for chiming in with this comment! I’ve always been a bit more visual in my learning – it tends to ‘stick’ more when I can see what I’m trying to figure out (if that makes any sort of sense LOL).

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