Cool Ways to Make Money With Sports

Cool Ways to Make Money With Sports

​I’m a big lover of football – not that pretend American stuff – REAL football from the country that invented it ( Okay ‘soccer’ for those of you who don’t own a map! ).

Over the years I’ve been lucky enough to have contacts inside Liverpool Football Club, and because of this I’ve got to experience a lot of matches around the UK ( and Europe! ).

My Great Grandfather actually played for Liverpool FC in between the World Wars and much of my family still live in the Liverpool area.

A fellow marketing blogger, who I consider a good friend, started an article off last week about modern ways to make money with sports ( online of course! ).

He got about three paragraphs into it before he realized that he wasn’t really interested enough in any sport to finish the article…

So I stepped in!!!!

To be honest with you I was pretty shocked at the lack of ‘good’ ideas out there. One blogger even suggested renting out your driveway on match days ( Whaaaat!!! ).

Anyway, I’m not gonna go down that route, seems pretty stupid to me. Here are a few ( decent ) options for making money out of the sports niche online…

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#1 Fantasy Football Websites

This may or may not be a bit of a ‘tricky one’ for you…depending on where you live?

Fantasy Football websites tend to mean a totally different thing in the US compared to back here in the UK.

To make this easier – let’s throw betting straight outta the window before we carry on, okay?

Fantasy Football Websites

A basic site set up to cater for many different forms of sport could be a right winner!

Think outside the box a little bit here – what sports could fit into this sort of setup?

  • ​Football ( yeah, yeah, soccer if you want! )
  • American Football ( see what I did there? )
  • Darts
  • Cricket
  • Ice Hockey
  • Rugby

The list can go on and on really!

All you have to do is find a sport that fits into it’s own league based system and go from there.

Once the site is up and running I would SERIOUSLY advise staying away from the betting options – there are much safer and more respected ways to make money off a thriving website…

  1. ​Charge a small membership fee for use
  2. Google Adsense ( or any other advert option you can take on )
  3. Related sports affiliate products

I mean don’t get me wrong – this ain’t the type of ‘set and forget’ website that just anyone can pull off.

This is going to require some hard work AND dedication.

But if this type of thing is done right…the rewards could be MASSIVE!

#2 The Memorabilia Man

Most supporters of sports ‘teams’ or ‘franchises’ will have some sort of prized possession stored away.

A signed picture, and rare ticket, a match program, a signed ball or shirt….

You get the idea, right?

Well this stuff brings in BIG money online, a simple visit to eBay will underline this fact:

The Memorabilia Man

I’ve often come across memorabilia dealers at boot sales or collectibles markets – these guys know what they are doing!

Rare items can easily fetch thousands at auction, and even things that aren’t so rare can still be turned for a profit, if obtained at a good price.

The trick is to find the sellers that don’t really know what they have in their possession.

If you spend hours scouring over the online auction sites you are very unlikely to come across many bargains.

Local auctions, flea markets, boot sales – places where people are just looking to offload their s##t for ANY sort of money return.

The internet has opened the doors for wave after wave of forgery to walk through. If you manage to set up a legit sporting memorabilia business, you could well be onto a winner.

#3 Sport Blogger

Sports fanatics ( usually ) all share passion AND knowledge for the game they love. Why not take that passion and put it into words?

Not only can you shape the content to match your views and opinions, but you will be able to reach a large fan base that shares ( or hates ) your opinion.

There is big money to be made with high traffic blogs – no matter what niche it each one is in!

You don’t have to put your effort into promoting or reviewing related affiliate products – just throw some Google Adsense or Infolinks on there and rake in the cash from views!

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Ways to Make Money With Sports

To be honest I could of gone on a little further with this article but a lot of the internet options seemed to be related to the three I’ve listed above.

Guess some people just love to get the word count up any way they can!!! 🙂

I ain’t gonna fill you with that fluff today – the three options you’ve got above are the most solid ideas I could find.

If you have any other online sports business ideas I would love to hear from you. Please leave them in the comment section below.

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8 comments on “Cool Ways to Make Money With Sports

  1. Really cool post on making money with sports. I used to run an ebay store and dabbled in the sports memorabilia items. Never could get the knack of it to make it really profitable.

    I was surprised not to see ticket sells on this list. I’ve thought about trying to do something like this for the last few years, with the popularity of sites like Stub Hub that makes it very easy to sell tickets to sporting events and other events.

    Do you have any information about that kind of business you could direct me to?

  2. Hello, Chris.

    What? Your grandfather played for Liverpool? That’s amazing, dude. I like Liverpool since I was a little boy and I still do. It’s a great team with an incredible football history.

    A sports blogger sounds like a great idea to me, and I am sure there is a big amount of traffic to benefit from.

    Including Infolink? Is this a good idea? I’ve heard only bad thing about it.

    Thanks for the 3 options you provided in this post.

    1. Yeah, my great grandfather did – they weren’t much of team in those days mind! 🙂

      Infolinks is great – no malware and a clean advert company. They do have a high cashout level though.

  3. To me the Sport Blogger is the best option. You can talk about a sport that you really talk about and go on and on and on about. For example you could pick American Football. There is just so much that you could say about that. Then you could direct football fans to so many products through your site. Sounds like a real money earner there.

  4. I think with the growing rate of sports fans and believe a lot of people finally realizing they can start making money with sports such as Fantasy Football and selling memorabilia (this part of the niche tends to make BIG, BIG money on sites like eBay these days!).

    Also, when you think about how many sports fans there are worldwide….the market must be HUGE!

    I was excited to reading some of the strategies and money making tip you’ve mention in your article. It wouldn’t surprise me if my grandmother played in Liverpool Football Club, sent they have been around sense the 1890’s.

    Great article Thanks My Friend

    1. Hello Anthony!

      Well I certainly hope your grandmother didn’t play for the club I love back in the 1890’s LOL – we wouldn’t have won a match!

      Yeah the sports market is absolutely huge – if you manage to tap into it somehow you are looking at a lifelong stream of income.

      I actually have a friend, a fellow blogger, who started up a niche website on selling American Football snack helmets. The niche was so good the site sort of looks after itself these days – very little work needed on it and it gives him a constant stream of monthly cash!

      Just goes to show you – if you get in the niche you stay in the niche!

      Good luck mate!

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