Content Writing For a Website – Simple Suggestions

Content Writing For a Website

There’s no point having an opinion if you don’t have a voice to back that opinion up. Content writing for a website relies heavily on the writer’s voice and how well they are able to convey their thoughts.

You want your writing to prosper so that people will read through it in it’s entirety – I don’t know about you but I’m not a fan of people closing their tabs before they have finished one of my articles.

So today I thought we should look over a few strategies that will help your content prosper and grow through social avenues…

The Look

When readers scan over your article they should get the impression that it’s user friendly and easy to digest:

  • Bullet points are a fantastic way of segmenting content and making it look more appealing to visitors. You want a nice amount of ‘white space’ around your content and you DON’T want it to appear like a page out of ​engineering manual
  • Don’t drag on and on with space filling nonsense – get to the point as soon as possible and keep things short and sweet whenever possible
  • Did you know that posts with videos embedded are likely to attract 3 times more natural inbound links? Get out there and make use of YouTube – they don’t have to be your own videos after all ( that’s what the embed function is for! )
  • I’ve covered this point numerous times already on this site but it really does deserve mentioning again – articles with images can expect to receive up to 94% more engagement
  • The length of your article CAN effect the amount of traffic you receive from search engines AND the amount of shares you gather. Articles with a word count of between 3000 – 10000 will get an average of 8859 shares.

Hammering Social Media

There’s no getting away from it – social media can ‘rock’ content writing for a website IF used correctly:

  • ​It’s up to you to discover where your audience is hanging out but with so many social media platforms available – this shouldn’t be to hard! Always post your work where you know you target audience is hanging out and engaging
  • Post as frequently as you want but make sure it is worthwhile posting. There’s no point just posting your own articles day after day – people will get bored of your self-promotion attempts! Mix it up a little and share other writer’s relevant work as well as your own
  • Engage, engage, engage

Making Use of Video

As I touched on briefly above – videos can make all the difference to an article’s success rate:

  • ​If you are planning on creating your own videos for your content try and make sure they are under 2 minutes in length. Again, the last thing you want to do with your videos OR content is drone on and on. Get to the point, cover the point and then move on!
  • Don’t turn your video into a blank canvass – make sure you include a Call to Action in it somewhere ( I always try and keep one at the end of each of my videos )
  • If you have taken the time to create a logo for your website it makes good sense to include it on your video as well. Ideally you should be aiming to have it at the start and the end of each video

Popular Content Types

Below are the types of content I ( and many others ) have had the most success with:

  • Content that is written in a Checklist format
  • Lists of resources on a subject
  • ​How-to guides on just about ANY subject
  • Writing articles directed at beginners or newbies
  • Question & Answer or FAQ’s
  • Creating controversial posts that will promote engagement and response
  • Taking a new angle on old topics

Conclusion – Pick And Mix

If you try and include ALL of what I’ve covered above in a post you are going to hit a wall head on. You decide on which of the points I’ve covered above is relevant to your work.

Everyone’s writing style is different and some websites may not suit the suggestions I’ve provided. The key with writing is to be comfortable and to be confident – this will always show in your work.

If you have any personal tips on content writing for a website please join in and leave them in the comment section below.


9 comments on “Content Writing For a Website – Simple Suggestions

  1. Hello, Chris!

    I have always struggled when it came to producing content for my website due to a lack of knowledge and also writer’s block.

    I found your article very informative, and I especially love your tea cup diagram of the perfect brew too 🙂

    I actually didn’t realize that the length of my articles could effect my traffic flow and also the number of social media shares.

    So thanks for this!

    Article noted and bookmarked!


  2. Hello Chris,
    You are so right about hammering social media, I get so much traffic from it everyday it is the majority of all the traffic I do get.
    I hammer it in my posts, my pages and even in replies to my comments. I get great results and have improved my following significantly with this method.
    I am not to fond of bullet points, but I do see how they could draw attention to a part of your content if that is what you want to have happen.
    In parting I will say Video is king and it will take over the written word soon. So those of you who are shy about being in video better get over it or get another occupation.


    1. Hi San & Neil,
      Good to hear you are getting the desired results through social media – it can be a beast of a marketing tool if used correctly 🙂

  3. Really liked your article, it is full of great advice and tips.
    I believe if a person is aware of what works they have a much better chance at success.
    Video is so imperative today and anyone not using this needs to ramp up their content.
    How long have you been a marketer by the way?
    I really like your writing style and am off to explore your site a bit, it looks refreshing. 🙂


    1. I started up several years ago Shawn but the first few years were pretty much trial and error. I work online full time now as a webmaster! 🙂

  4. Hey Chris – this post about content writing really struck me for a few reasons. First, I have a blog about coffee making so I struggle some days with content writing. Second, because my blog is about coffee, I loved the reference to brewing in your article!
    An upcoming goal of mine is to start making and adding my own videos to my blog posts and product reviews content on my website. The only thing holding me back is the editing portion of it. How do you edit your videos? Do you do it yourself or outsource?

    1. Hey Scott,

      I use a relatively cheap video maker called VideoMakerFX. I think it was about $40 when I bought it but it’s paid for itself tenfold now. If I had to recommend a marketing video editor – that would be it (every time!)

  5. Chris – I love it, love it, love it! I really enjoyed your page on content writing. Easy to read – it’s as if you were talking to me over a drink or something.

    I’m a newbie and got so much from your page, I have bookmarked it and will return to it and read it again and again. There seems to be so much to learn with this webmaster lark I feel quite overwhelmed at times.

    How long have you been running websites and how long did it take you to build this one up – some excellent articles here!

    Thank you so much for your direction!

    Good Luck


    1. Hi Ali,

      Well welcome to the world of internet marketing then – I hope you’re finding it fun so far? As far as how many websites I own – I have 5 in all. This website has been going for about 2 and a half years now (maybe three actually…I forget!).

      It’s just a case of starting to write and never stopping really – content is key and content is a webmaster’s best mate (make sure it’s unique content of course!).

      Anyway, we’ve met now so don’t be afraid of contacting me whenever you need some internet marketing help. You can get me directly by using the contact form at the top of this site!

      Good luck Ali!!!!

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