Content Marketing Strategy Tips – The Simple Checklist

Content Marketing Strategy Tips

Content marketing offers you the opportunity to ‘suck in’ social shares, new email subscribers, and tons of comments. In this article I will be covering some of the content marketing strategy tips I was taught and I still use today.

The Masterpiece

The best content marketing strategy on the planet is going to do nothing for you unless you are able to produce engaging articles. I talked about social shares and comments above – forget about them if you are dishing out 400 word scrags!

Below is a sort of checklist that I use to get my content marketing efforts just right ( or as close as I can get to right! ). I’ve tried to include all the elements you should be covering in every piece of content you produce…

Let’s Start With The Headline ( Title )

  • Would people type your headline into ​a Google search? If not ask yourself why you are using this headline? If you start using ( low competition ) keywords in your headlines you will see a dramatic increase in traffic rates
  • Does you headline grab people’s attention and make them curious to whats below the link? If you manage to stand out with your headline you will see a much higher CTR
  • Is your headline or title to long? This a the trap SO MANY newbies fall into! Google will not bother showing more than 60 characters of your headline so cut them down accordingly – sometimes less is more!

The Intro Has to Stick

The first few lines of any article will either sell you or sink you…

  • ​To sell the remainder of your article to the reader it always makes good sense to ask a question in the intro portion. You should also try to include a keyword you are targeting within this first paragraph
  • This is one of the most important content marketing strategy tips you will read here today – are you rambling on? I know it’s tempting to get as many words out as possible to reach a desired word count but please don’t do this in the intro. You need to be short and concise – to the point! Get to the main ‘guts’ of the article as fast as possible – don’t lose the reader in a tidal wave of spouted rubbish!
  • I was always taught to use my introduction as an overview to the whole article. Not only is it easier to write this way, it also keeps readers on the page
  • People are very visual by nature and are taken by images they see at the start of an article. Always try and include a relevant image above or to the right side of your introduction ( I hate images on the left side – they seem all ‘wrong’ to me! )

banner 2

The Body of The Article

This is the ‘guts’ of the article or blog post – do not lose sight of WHY you are writing this article and WHO you are writing it for!

  • ​When a reader sees an article that is spread out in large block paragraphs they immediately turn off. I usually get through about two of these paragraphs before my head starts to hurt. Keep the paragraphs short and have plenty of ‘white space’ on the page
  • Break up the main body by including relevant subheadings and bullet point lists – another great way to inject more ‘white space’ into the article
  • Some people like to go for italics in the text to make things a little more personal but I don’t really subscribe to that method. I find using bold text on important information is a great way to reach out and grab people’s attention to certain points
  • Keep using images and whenever possible include some media. Videos are a great way to provide the reader with information without you having to take the time to write it. If you embed someone else’s video you are also providing the reader with another view on your subject – it can work wonders!
  • I find that content can flow much easier when I am being myself and shoving my own personality into the work – that’s not to say I’m being a smart-ass though! The moment you get to cocky and appear arrogant in your writing you will lose your readers
  • Don’t get selfish with your linking – it’s fine to link out to a trusted source whenever you feel it is necessary. This not only builds up trust with the reader it also shows you care about the quality of the info you are providing. I usually link out to Wikipedia pages through anchor text in my content

Let’s Wrap This up – Conclusion!

  • ​​The best content marketing strategy involves answering the question – did you do this in your post or did you just ramble on, dipping your toe in the water every now and again!
  • You don’t want the conclusion to be to long as it is essentially a summery, nothing more
  • Always try and get some feedback or engagement on your work. Most of the time I do this by simply asking for comments at the end of every article ( I have no shame! )

The Best Content Marketing Strategy

Having some sort of checklist or template in place every time you write will make things easier in the long run – it will become second nature to you.

By introducing some of these content marketing strategy tips to your writing you will feel more confident in what you are producing. Basically leverage the ones you feel your work needs and see where it takes you!

If you have any questions about the checklist we have covered today please leave them in the comment section below.


10 comments on “Content Marketing Strategy Tips – The Simple Checklist

  1. I like how you’ve broken an article down into different bites : title, intro, body and conclusion. I enjoy writing posts but admit I find it hard to write good article titles. Trying to balance using keywords yet still making the title interesting enough to draw a reader’s attention – this is a struggle for me. Do you ever struggle using keywords but still having the title read well, not awkwardly?

    1. Well no, not really. I mean, you always have to make sure the keyword you are using in the title ( and the body of the text ) is good grammar. A Keyword like ‘money make online lots’ is not really going to cut it! You need the keywords to look natural in the title and the content 🙂

  2. John,
    This is an awesome article about content creating.
    I have read a lot of your articles and like how you write and put them in place, very easy to read and I have to say you seem to improve in your writing as well.

    This will surely come to use to me. I am working on creating contents for my page and sometimes you don’t need a long how to write but a check list where you can quickly go over.

    Do you think grammar plays a big role in content creating, and if you make a couple of mistakes how much does it bleed on your post?
    All the best!

    1. Hi Anh,
      Well you don’t want too many mistakes at the end of the day, but a couple here and there never bothered me ( or my readers ) that much. You’ll always get the ‘grammar police’ turning up and pointing out your mistakes in your comment section but it’s best to ignore these dickheads, or simply trash their comments 🙂
      Just write naturally and see where it goes…

  3. Really helpful tips for content marketing. I agree that content must be engaging enough to keep your readers on your page and it’s a great strategy to answer questions within your content and finally make it more personal. Especially it’s important to include your main keyword in the title and choose a title that has certain number of searches in search engines. I think the best strategy for content marketing is writing on a consistent basis in order to keep rankings in search engines. I also like the idea of using subheadings in which you ask questions but not giving a full answer to keep your readers’ attention and make them want to read the rest of your content.

    1. Hello again Rufat!
      Yes, writing content on a consistent basis is the key to keeping your rankings in place and even improving on them. Forget about backlinks – they will come naturally if your content is engaging enough 🙂

  4. I enjoy your way to teach your reader how to write content. I dont have talent to write, it is not easy for me to write even one content. It could be took 1 week for me to write 250 words only, But I have to try your way. Thanks for sharing beautiful article

    1. Hi Christian,
      Well the trick with writing is to stick at it – the more you do it the better you will become ( and the easier it gets! ) 🙂
      Good luck with your content!

  5. Hey Chris,

    I do have to say that I love, love, love your post here about the marketing strategy checklist. I was definitely pulled into your article as every paragraph and outline gave me more ideas and really got me thinking of how to take control of my own article writing issues.

    Checklists like this help reinforce my ideas as I already had a few of the points you mentioned inside my head…I just wasn’t that sure they were the right path to take!

    I really like the idea of using images and videos. Can you suggest the best place to get free images and photos? I have used Bing a few times but I think I’m getting to the point where the barrel is getting a little dry!

    Also, I don’t want to end up in some sort of copyright war over images – I’ve heard a few horror stories about that sort of thing happening!

    Anyways thanks for the excellent article and I agree that a checklist is important when you are constructing a posting. Sometimes just sitting down and writing is hard enough – maybe having a checklist like this next to you will actually make the whole creative process easier? You know – removing the strain of the content template to just leave yourself with the room to get your ideas down…be creative without pressure!

    Thanks again


    1. Hello Angela,

      First of all it’s great for me to hear that this sort of checklist is helpful for the direction of your content – makes the whole publishing process worthwhile!

      It’s also great to hear that you already had some of these points floating about your head – it means you’ve been learning the right way AND you’re on the right track with your content!

      To be honest images are still a bit of a grey area online. Would I simply right click someone else’s image and post it on my own website? Sure I would…but you’re not really allowed to!

      There seems to be a grey area in that you can take an image, change it slightly, then you are safe from hassle!

      Don’t know how true this is but I rely on it LOL.

      Just be aware that some dick may well end up sending you an email saying “get my image down off your website!”.

      That kind of thing wouldn’t bother me that much so I’d be willing to take the risk. It’s down to the individual at the end of the day!

      As for videos – YouTube is your baby!

      As long as they have the embed function on you are free to use them on your website!

      For a great free stock photo site I would always recommend Pixabay – constantly updated and very professional & dynamic images.

      Hope all this helps ya!

      If not, please feel free to contact me through the contact form on this site or simply leave me another comment!

      Good luck!

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