Content Marketing Analysis – 3 Backbone Principals


Content Marketing Analysis

Below are three simple content marketing analysis principals I was introduced to a couple of months back.

I thought I would include them here today as a sort of motivational technique for any new marketers reading this.

Content is critical in the online world – without it you will simply be left out of the conversation…

1) Content is Online Currency

As I touched on above – if you are not getting content out there it is likely you are being left out of many a conversation.

It doesn’t matter what query is typed into that famous Google search bar – it all comes down to content. content is what you search for, consume, and share.

Content provides the magic formula that grasps at people’s attention – content is an online businesses currency!

2) Content Gives You The Edge

In the online business world it is all about gaining as many advantages over your competitors as possible.

If you are able to speak to the needs of your niche audience then you are giving yourself an AWESOME advantage.

You are building up masses of opportunities to be seen and shared on social media along with more opportunities through organic search ( Google, Bing, Yahoo ).

When it comes time for your audience to make a purchasing decision, all things being equal, who do you think they are going to pick?

The business that supplies ‘cardboard content’ or the business that provides killer content ( aka your business! ).

3) Content Breeds Brand New Opportunity

Creating valuable content gives you a platform to demonstrate to your audience that YOUR expertise is worth listening to.

This valuable content it basically a long-life asset which will serve you time and time again and bring in brand new opportunities. Valuable content provides:

Your Content Marketing Analysis…

Not everyone is going to take to writing like a duck to water – I had to work at it and I’m pretty sure 99% of you out there will to!

Use the principals above as a backbone to your content efforts – always keep them in mind when you embark on a new campaign/article.

If you would like to find out more about content marketing we recommend checking out the FREE tutorials offered by the WA Community below:


7 comments on “Content Marketing Analysis – 3 Backbone Principals

  1. It really is all about content. Google loves great content precisely because people do. By writing great content that genuinely helps and informs people, you will start to show up in Google. People search on Google when they are looking for information or products, so if you can show up right at that point, that’s half the battle really.

    I really hope that the days of badly written content are far behind us. That whole thing gave internet marketing such a bad name. I’m sure badly spun content still exists in dark corners of the web, but it’s being kept out of the front pages of Google these days, for sure.

    Internet marketing is getting harder and harder for those that try to fake it, and easier an easier for those that are out to do it properly.

    1. Hi Marcus,
      I’d definitely say that the bad old days of marketing are now well behind us! If you want to make it online these days you are going to have to pull your finger out 🙂

  2. I enjoyed reading your 3 backbone principals. I do agree that writing good quality and unique content is really important. When people do a search in google, they are looking for something to read or finding a solution to their problems. So if your content is worth reading, your audience is likely to share it around!

  3. Writing content is a lot easier when you are passionate and or knowledgeable about your niche. You are indeed giving yourself an advantage providing and regularly posting content that helps your audience. What is your method of creating content and how long does it take you to write a typical article? I ask you this because sometimes it may be hard for people write or think of written content for their website and it may help. Thanks.

    1. Hi there!

      It usually takes me about on hour to write a 1000 word article as long as I have my research in place first. Research is key when it comes to writing for your website – use a simple bullet point list to read off as you are writing, then let the creativity flow! 🙂

  4. This is good advice and absolutely true. My first attempt at creating content was a Disaster!
    It took me two or three goes to get it right and even then it was only around 500 words long.
    These days I have no problem pushing out articles of 1 to 2 thousand words at a time. The key is to be passionate about what you write.

    1. Yep I agree with that Steve – it’s also a skill where ‘practice makes perfect’ at the end of the day. Get out there and write basically!

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