Conduct Market Research Online – Quick Time!

Conduct Market Research Online - Quick Time!

Most of us want to ​conduct market research online as fast as possible to free up some time for our more creative side. Solid research is elementary – we need to know what we are attempting to sell people!

If you have some decent market research in place before you start typing you are going to have the edge of a majority of internet marketers out there. Let’s take a look at simplifying this process…

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Federal Trade Commission

Most of the product reviews out there are generally ripped off someone else’s work – I know this and I used to do it when I started out.

People don’t really know the facts so they find the highest ranking review on Google and then re-word it – it’s a common tactic.

If you are looking for fresh facts on a subject try using the Federal Trade Commission’s website ( ). Once there select the newsroom tab and then select media resources.

Media resources will give you untold amounts of topics over numerous targeted reports – it’s pretty impressive stuff!

Finding Consumer Reviews

A lot of people struggle to conduct market research online successfully due to a lack of consumer reviews – you can’t always rely on Amazon! 

Finding Consumer ReviewsLet’s not beat around the bush here – we do not own most of the products we are trying to flog as an internet marketer ( if someone says they do – they’re lying! ). Epinions ( ) is an awesome site for finding masses of customer reviews and I regularly end up there when I am struggling to find the required amount of product info.

If for some reason Epinions does not cover the product you are looking to promote there is always our trusty friend Amazon. The problem you have here is that a lot of other marketers have already been through these customer reviews. This means you have to think outside the box and offer something brighter when you are creating yours!

If your product has an official site it’s also worth checking that out to – look for a ‘media resources’ link at the footer of the website’s homepage.

Conduct Market Research Online

This is the speedy way to conduct market research on the internet and end up with relevant information. These sites will not only provide you with the advantages of each product – they will supply you with reports of the downsides to!

By simply removing the fluff, not pretending to be an expert and doing a little research you will be able draw potential customers in and keep them to!

Remember – your article only has a few lines to convince the potential customer that they are on the correct page. This means you probably have no more than 5 seconds to grab your readers attention with facts they want to know.

Internet marketing is A LOT different than marketing to people from a store – you only have a short time frame and there is a MASSIVE base of competition for just about everything.

Make your writing stand out by performing a little market research first – you will see results ( I promise! )

If you want to share how you conduct market research online please use the comment section below.

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10 comments on “Conduct Market Research Online – Quick Time!

  1. I guess I always suspected that a lot of reviews online are written by people who haven’t actually owned or experienced the product they’re pushing. Disappointing but I guess that’s how it is. I review books on my site and I only review what I’ve read. I’ve never heard of Epinions and will definitely be checking out that resource, as it could help me with my non-book product reviews. What methods do you use for gathering online market research?

    1. Well you’ve sort of covered the best method yourself – purchase the product and go from there ( in some cases you can get an item for free for review purposes! ).

  2. Hi Chris,
    What a great way to do your research. I’ve been marketing online for a while now and I’ve never come across epinion before. With that and the media resources on the ftc site I should have enough material for several sites!
    What do you suggest as more important … a catchy title or an informative first paragraph?

  3. Hi Chris,

    Thanks for these resources. Ever since I learn how to do keyword research, I conduct my market research online via Google Search.

    By using descriptive keywords, I know I’ll get to the articles that I want. Most of the times, you need to do a bit of reading because the answers can be embedded within the article itself but it’s worth to read those opinions use them as references for your blog reviews.

  4. Hey there. This is great advice about doing research.
    One of my favorite techniques is to subscribe to the company whose products I review. Whenever they add a new version or an extra line or recall or revise any of their information…they notify the subscribers first. This gives me the opportunity to write about their latest offerings.
    It keeps my post in high rank. Google loves updated content .
    Thanks J

    1. Hey there Janelle – I really like this technique!

      Really impressed with the ease of this and how effective it must be. I suppose you’re constantly adding content to the original article or review and Google is picking up on this, giving you great rankings.

      I will be stealing this technique I think!!!!!!

  5. Hi Chris!

    Thanks a bunch for your Clixsense review. This was a money making opportunity online that I wasn’t aware of and that I’m going to take full advantage of….

    I definitely want to do the surveys as a friend’s mom currently makes good money out of a survey site (I don’t know which one though unfortunately!).

    A couple of questions about Clixsense itself. Does it have it’s own currency that you have to convert for a cash out or does it concentrate on paying you real cash rewards for each task?

    I was a member of Swagbucks but I got really miffed with having to convert swagbucks into lower cash amounts – it really didn’t seem fair!

    Also, what are the tasks like at the end of the day? I mean, I know they don’t pay much but how difficult are they against how much they reward? I was a member of Mechanical Turk – are the tasks similar to that setup?

    Thanks in advance for getting back to me – I want to be sure before I sign up this time! 🙂

    1. Hi there Melody,

      Well I’m glad that Clixsense sounds appealing to you – it was to me when I first came online to work!

      Clixsense only deals in real money so there’s no need to worry about those stupid currencies certain reward sites throw at you! Whatever goes in your bank is US dollars that you can take out straight to your Paypal (or whatever processor you are using) account.

      The tasks are near enough identical to the ones you’ll find on Mechanical Turk – they are piss boring but they do pay out every time. I used to get through quite a few of these tasks daily and made some good money with them – it’s all about how hard you work at it!

      All in all it is a great site to earn money from but don’t expect to get rich overnight or anything. This is a legit platform that promises you nothing other than payment on time – every time!

      Hope this helps ya Melody – good luck! 🙂

      BTW – I think you have managed to glitch my comment section somehow LOL. This comment has ended up on a different article! Not to worry – you’ll get the reply all the same! 🙂

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