Catchy Blog Post Titles – Where to Find Them

Catchy Blog Post Titles

A lot of people seem to struggle with ​catchy blog post titles and therefore they fail to capture people’s attention with their work. I was in exactly the same boat as this when I first started out – I think it’s bred from lack of confidence!

But catchy blog post titles are your bread and butter – they make you stand out from the other search results.

If you struggle to come up with enticing captions for your content then this is the article for you! Below you will find three POWERFUL options for finding ideas for your next blog post.

1) The Others 

Now I’m probably gonna shock you a bit here – I’m all for stealing other’s blog headlines or titles but I would never steal their content!

You don’t necessarily have to steal the title outright – you can use it as some sort of template or inspiration and change it to serve your purpose. If you want you can pinch the title of this post – I don’t care and it’s a pretty awesome, low competition keyword after all!

Just try spinning it a little…

  • Real ​Catchy Blog Post Titles
  • Where to Find Great Post Titles
  • Resources For Your Next Post Title

The possibilities are endless once the idea is in place so take it and run with it! ​

2) Your Mum’s Magazines

Find Blog Title Ideas in MagazinesMagazines work much in the same way as blog posts – they need to entice people in with bold and brave headlines. To be profitable they need readers and to get readers they need to catch their attention.

Most mother’s will have a pile of month old magazines they’ve barely scanned through – usually under the coffee table or stuffed in a corner of the breakfast table.

If this is not the case then pop down your local newsagents and skim along the magazine rack – you don’t have to buy anything! 

Whenever I’m about to go for a quick shop in town I always take one of those little reporter’s notebooks with me and a mini-pen. Most supermarkets and stores now have aisles dedicated to magazines and newspaper’s – see what you can find ( get inspired! ).

3) Inspiration From Blog Comments

This happens a lot more often than one might think! Sometimes visitors will leave a great idea for a blog post in one of their comments on your ( or someone else’s ) blog.

Perhaps a particular phrase they use is one that you realize rings true for your audience as a whole. Simply pick out this phrase and use it as a title template or even the title itself.

In a lot of cases you’ll find these phrases make superb keywords as well. Simply plug it into an effective keyword tool and see what it’s competition is and how often it is searched.

YOUR AUDIENCE is using this terminology so why not use it yourself – surely that type of heading will appeal to them?

Your Turn

These are the three places I go when I’m struggling to come up with blog headlines or titles. Where are the places YOU go to find your headline ideas? If you fancy sharing them with us please feel free to use the comment section below 🙂


14 comments on “Catchy Blog Post Titles – Where to Find Them

  1. Hey Chris, Great tips. And you are right, going through comments can be inspirational to design clever post headlines that are so edgy you cant help but your eyeballs will find them within one micro second entering the page, irises glued to the screen and brains spinning overtime to get what they just read. Or go to amazon and spinborrow some 😉

  2. Very informative blog post Chris. A post title must capture your audiences attention and if your title does not do that no one is going to read your blog post and all the work you put in to create that post is for nothing. i did not realize how important a blog title really is until i read your post. Hopefully you post will help me build a larger audience, thanks very much.

  3. Hey Chris,
    Great information you have here. We have all had trouble from time to time with coming forming a catchy title.
    You really need a good title to draw people in. I like the 2nd option. Magazines must have catchy titles or no one would read them. What favorite title do you have from one of your posts?
    Thanks for sharing,

    1. Hi Chris,
      To be honest, I have so many posts out there from 4 different websites it’s impossible to pinpoint one as my favorite ( title ). 🙂

  4. Hi Chris,

    Another fantastic article!

    You’ve given some great tips here and I’ll now be spending my time in Tesco’s magazine section noting down the ‘useful’ titles that I can recycle for my own posts… problem is I will get distracted by the trashy mags?!

    I agree, quite often a comment from someone will just trigger a nice title for a post or page.. I always keep notes with me just in case I want to jot something down..


  5. This is a great post. The first selling point for any article will be the titles. You will need to come out with interesting titles that are able take the attention of viewers. I struggle a lot in figuring out the right title for each of my post. Is there a way to test how effective the titles works?

    1. Well not really Lucas – it’s a trial and error thing really. See which titles get the most action and try to stick to that title ‘style’, Think outside the box! 🙂

  6. Hi Chris,
    I get plenty of ideas for content from reader comments and questions but not titles so much.
    I’ve been trying to come up with a title all morning and the particular content I’m working on just isn’t easy to categorize neatly.
    I want something catchy but of course it has to be relevant.
    For me in this situation I’m going to go right ahead and finish the post and find images and hope that by then some inspiration might have hit me and I will have a few words I can take to Jaaxy.
    I guess my difficulty right now is that the post is probably tying together a few different products that mightn’t normally be together in post.
    So I could go along the lines of
    insert keyword… 5 ways, or
    insert keyword… 6 unexpected solutions
    insert keywords…. 4 simple ideas
    insert keywords….my easy tips..
    You get the drift…my problem here is the keyword, what is my keyword, maybe I need to narrow down the problem…
    Anyway, that’s the kind of thought process I’m going through right now, i’m going to go lookthrough some magazines and see if I can find a keyword that i haven’t already used on my site and/or narrow down the problem I’m solving.
    Thanks for the tips.

  7. Hi there Chris,

    I recently discovered a cool tool. It’s called “Portent’s Content Idea Generator” and it’s really good at spitting out witty and catchy blog titles. Google and you’ll find it.

    But I do have one question though. Can I go back to my old posts and change the titles to make them more interesting? How much will this affect the keywords that I am trying to target for?

    I am looking to do this to increase my click-through rate. Thank you for your advice.

    1. Hi Cathy,

      I am aware of Portent’s Content Idea Generator but I don’t ever use it – seems a little too comic book for my site’s standards! I wouldn’t ever advise changing a post title after it has been indexed – losing rankings is no fun whatsoever!

  8. Hey thanks for the suggestions! This is something that is sometimes on my mind, as I am sometimes a little confused as to what my post titles should be. As a new blogger, I appreciate the tips you’ve given me in your post and look forward to learning more. Thanks!

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