Cash Alarm Review – Is Cash Alarm App Scam?

Cash Alarm Review - Is Cash Alarm App Scam?


Over the last few years I’ve noticed a new sort of angle appear on the work from home landscape – people are starting to make a little extra money with their phones!

How cool would it be if you could sit in front of the TV all day long, casually downloading tunes and apps, playing games etc…for money?

I’d sign up for that (if it was legit!!!!).

Cash Alarm is one of these new breed of apps that allows you to make money from your phone – but how effective is it, and is it really legit?

Our Cash Alarm review will dive into the app and find out the real ‘guts’ behind it’s process, and see if it’s really worth your time and effort.

Let’s take a closer look…

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Cash Alarm Review

What is Cash Alarm?

In a nutshell – Cash Alarm is a exciting new app that allows it’s users to download games and apps, and then earn cash when they actually use these apps. If you’re already a person that spends a lot of time on their phone – this could be a good shout for you!

Apparently this service used to be named AppLike, but it changed to Cash Alarm in January 2019. Now it boasts over 500,000 downloads from the Google Play website.

It’s quite an easy setup really – every time you download an app, and then play it, you earn an amount of points. The longer you use the app – the more points you earn!

Points can then be eventually exchanged for cash via PayPal, or for gift cards from Amazon, Steam, iTunes, and other online stores. It’s a worldwide service but unfortunately Apple users are going to have to give this a miss – it’s only available on Android devices.

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The Money Side of Things…

Okay, so we get the apps on our phone, and start racking up points like a complete nutter – how much money can we really make with this app?

Well, 1000 points are redeemable for about 5 – 8 cents at the time of writing this article, and most users earn about 40 points per minute (if they are dedicated enough!). Not really going to retire any time soon on that rate I’m afraid!

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(It’s also worth noting that the cashout at Cash Alarm is currently set at $0.50).


Earning on Your Phone


I’m Interested – How Do I Get This Thing Working?

Okay, download and install the app on your Android device (go figure!!!).

You can create an email-based user ID when you first sign in or use your Facebook details etc. When you setup your new user ID you will need to enter all your personal details and demographics as the app needs to know as much as possible about you, so that it can offer you the best suited games etc.

You also need to enter your Paypal details if you are looking to get paid through their services.


The Downsides…

Okay, so it’s a pretty simple app, but what are it’s downsides?

Well, first off the bat is the lack of earning power you get with the system. At the end of the day, even if you work solidly for 24 hours – you won’t really earn more than about 4 to 5 dollars in that time!

A few honest reviews on Google Play do point out this fact – a lot of people have uninstalled the app because they figured out that the earning rate is always going to be pretty low.

Next we move onto the fact that the cashouts seem to slow down over time. The first couple of times you cashout you get the money really quickly…but after that the waiting game seems to grow…and grow…and grow.

We have no real idea why this is, but it does seem to indicate that maybe the people behind the app are not that up for paying members often?


Is Cash Alarm App Scam?

No it’s definitely not a scam…but I don’t really see it being worth your time if you’re looking to make some serious money on the side. I don’t know about you, but I’m not really a fan of working all day long for a couple of dollars!

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