Can You Make Money With Niche Websites?

Can You Make Money With Niche Websites?

Back in the day (I love that saying!), it was near enough super-easy for internet marketers to make money with niche websites.

Niche sites were geared towards super-targeted keywords about one topic and one topic only – they were (or are) highly specialized websites.

Whenever anyone searched for a term through Google it was a highly likely that one of these targeted sites would pop up within the first three results…

But Google eventually got a little pissed off with this!!!

These days, Google gives more weight to branding and social signals linked to websites (yes – social signals DO carry weight, regardless of what so-called experts try and tell you!). These are two things you can’t really get from a niche site.

So is the age of the niche marketer well and truly over?

Can you make money with niche websites in this day and age?

Of course you can…just check out this awesome four-part video tutorial below…

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Build a Niche Site

2017 Live Case Study: 1 of 4

By now, most of you will be fully aware that I learned my online trade at the Wealthy Affiliate university – if you want to be successful at internet marketing you need the best education behind you!

Simply put – it’s the ONLY place where a budding entrepreneur can learn the ropes the CORRECT way.

Every week one of the head tutors at the community, Jay, holds a live webinar which covers a subject high on the internet marketing list…and they are like gold dust for people looking to make money online!

Build a niche site part one

As you can see from the image above – this is a series of four webinars that is geared towards helping you build a niche website RIGHT NOW!

This training is completely up to date and therefore – IT WORKS!

No crap from Indian-based bloggers, no dated rubbish that is trying to rope you into paying for obsolete tactics – this is the REAL thing!

I’ve been at this entrepreneur lark for nearly a decade now guys – I KNOW how much shit and misinformation is floating about out there…and I know what countries it often originates from.

Finding the RIGHT sort of guidance is key to becoming successful online these days – and the ‘tutors’ at the Wealthy Affiliate are the best of the best…

But don’t just take my word for it – check out the first part of Jay’s niche site case study and see for yourself…

first video tutorial

Pretty impressive stuff eh? Remember – that’s just the first part of your niche marketing journey. There are three more lessons included below!

Build a Niche Site

2017 Live Case Study: 2 of 4

The second part of this essential niche marketing training covers the following important topics:

  • Week 1 Recap (Recap of the First Video Tutorial)
  • What Jay Did Between the Week
  • Building the Core Elements to the Site
  • Adding the Google Elements (Analytics & Search Console)
  • Adding Core Content to the Site
  • Live Q & A Session

second video tutorial

At this point I really need to mention how important the final sections are on each of these video tutorials (the Q & A sections).

More often than not these final parts of the webinars contain excellent questions that Jay answers in style – a lot of these posted questions will be questions that you’ve asked yourself when watching the video.

Please take the time to watch these webinars in their entirety! 🙂

2017 LIVE Niche Site

Case Study Series: 3 of 4

By now you should really have the bit between your teeth when it comes to niche marketing – it’s nowhere near as hard as it sounds is it?

The third part of this series covers the following important niche marketing topics:

  • Recap of the Second Webinar
  • What Jay Did Between the Week
  • Optimize the Pages/Posts for Search (SEO)
  • Add Some Links (Internal, External, Incoming)
  • Adding Profit Elements to the Site
  • Live Q & A Session

third video tutorial

2017 LIVE Niche Site

Case Study Series: 4 of 4

Onto the final installment of this awesome webinar series – it’s time to finalize the site creation process, continue to add more content and create an evergreen plan of action!

This final video covers the following important niche marketing subjects:

  • Recap of the Third Installment
  • What Jay Did Between the Week (TONS of CHANGES)
  • Creating a Better User Experience with Menus and CTA
  • A Look at Stats, Rankings & Profits
  • The EVERGREEN Plan of Action (a PDF Checklist)
  • Live Q & A Session

fourth video tutorial

Benefits Niche Marketing

I’ll be honest with you here – I don’t really take part in niche marketing these days.

It’s true – all 5 of the websites I now run are successful in their own right – they are near enough branded businesses.

But niche marketing certainly does have it’s plus points…even in this day and age!

First off, niche websites tend to be aimed at a very specific kind of customer…and this means they have a relatively small customer base (which is not a bad thing…regardless of how it sounds!).

With this customer base so small, you can focus on the quality of the engagements you have with them – you will have enhanced customer relationships.

On top of this, you will have a very small amount of competition when compared to the heavily diluted niche choices online (Health, Weight Loss, Make Money Online, etc.).

Niche marketing takes much more concentrated practice in one area, so it can really boost your expertise in a shorter time period. The benefit of niche marketing is that it enables you to become an expert or ‘thought leader’ in your chosen niche.

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