Can You Make Money With Fiverr – The 5 Golden Rules

Can You Make Money With Fiverr - The 5 Golden Rules

Article updated on 23/11/2017

Here’s today’s big question – can you make money with Fiverr or is it just another ‘pocket money’ site?

For those of you that don’t know, Fiverr is a marketplace that allows you to create and advertise gigs ( jobs ) for $5 or look for services that cost $5.

It doesn’t matter what your field of expertise is – if you’re willing to work for $5 you are welcome to showcase your talent there! 

Over the years I have taken note of a few ‘golden rules’ you should be aware of if you are looking to make money with…

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The Lowdown

Making Money on Fiverr

No matter what service you are looking for on Fivver – you will ALWAYS have to pay in advance! Tasks are divided into categories including:

  • ​Writing
  • Business
  • Programming
  • Technology
  • Graphics
  • Social Marketing

And much, much more…

​Much like eBay – Fivver uses a feedback system so that perspective users can see how good these individual services are. It’s set out and rated by a positive feedback score – if you are no good at the service you are offering you will be weeded out!

If YOU make money with THEY make a little money to – one dollar to be precise! Just think of this as commission for using their rather effective platform – once you start getting decent amounts of orders this $1 will seem like nothing at all!

So let’s take a look at ‘golden rules’ I mentioned earlier…

1) The Use of Video

If you want to make money with you are going to have to upload videos with EVERY gig you post!

Gigs WITHOUT videos will always be outranked by the gigs WITH video – fact!

It doesn’t have to be long – a minute or two will do just fine. Make sure you mention at least once in the video as this will also help raise the profile of your gig. The Moderators at Fiverr watch every video and read every post – if you mention their site they will favor your effort and place you on the top pages of the service listings!

2) Catch Their Attention

By now you should Know the drill about eye-catching blog post headlines – they work right? Well that concept can be put to good use on Fiverr as well!

Too often I come across advertised gigs that read something like this:

  • I Will Give You 500 Back links For $5
  • I Will Write a Post For $5
  • ​I Will do Graphic Design For $5

Not the most eye-catching of offers right?​

Catch Their Attention on Fiverr

These poor examples can be simply jazzed up by minor tweaks like so:

  • I Will Build 500 SAFE & Powerful Back links For $5
  • I Will Write You a TOP Quality Post For $5
  • I Will Provide You With a PROFESSIONAL Graphic Design Gig For $5

​Due to Fiverr’s policy you can only include one word in capitals within your title – make it count! I also use the term ‘within 24 hours’ whenever I can as this seems to boost the interest my gig’s receive!

3) Original Images

People are extremely visual by nature so always aim to supply some sort of image with your gig advertisement. You could always pay a quick visit to Google Images but how many people have used these images before you?

It looks a lot more professional when you create your own advertisement image and include that with the gig!

Be Original With Your Titles

There are numerous FREE graphic programs out there like Gimp that will provide you with all the tools needed to create a unique, professional looking image.

The time and energy you put into ensuring that your service is advertised as professional as possible will go a long way.

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4) Describe The Job – Sell The Job!

Again this seems to be a part of the process that most Fiverr sellers overlook – the gig description field! This is the chance to promote your service to EVERY member out there.

Write as much as possible about the gig you are supplying – the longer the description the better the results! 

You must appear to be very professional so ALWAYS re-read the description and look out for simple grammar mistakes – would you hire someone that had bad grammar?

5) Be Unique

If you are providing a service on Fiverr that has a lot of competition it is going to be pretty hard to get noticed.

Be Unique

Be unique and make sure the public know you are offering something different, something better! Let them know that your gig is the one they should be choosing whenever they need this type of service!

Can You Make Money With Fiverr?

I have made decent money through Fiverr but I have never worked there full time. I know many people that do work there full time and make a cracking sum of money every month!

Keep in mind that you are allowed to have 20 gigs at one time on Fivver. If you are thinking of doing this full time then I suggest you get as many of these gigs out there as possible!

If every one of those 20 gigs gets say two orders a week that’s $200 already ( minus the commission of course! ). You can see the potential right – what happens if you get around 4 orders a week for each gig?

If you have any questions about the subject we have covered today or want to share the techniques you use to make money with please use the comment section below.

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7 comments on “Can You Make Money With Fiverr – The 5 Golden Rules

  1. I’ve always wondered how possible it was to make money with Fiverr. Personally I’m a big fan of this website. They offer so many different services that can appeal to online marketers and with so many potential skillsets, I believe making money online with Fiverr is a great starting point. That would be amazing if I had 20 gigs at one time. I love the idea of getting my own orders daily and being able to fulfill them!

  2. This was a very good read. I have used Fiver in the past for some graphics jobs and a couple of other things. However, I have never actually used them as a platform for making money. Does it take a while to start getting visibility with the postings if the five steps that you’ve laid out are used? Does higher numbers of ratings provide better ad positioning?



    1. The ranking algorithm of Fiverr is quite a tricky one Kevin. It’s obvious that a few high rated ads go at the top of the page but after that it’s pretty much anyone’s game – I suppose it’s down to keywords ( yet again! ).

  3. Hey Chis,
    A very informative and detailed post.

    20% commission might be high but it’s still better than nothing.

    I think if your service is of top quality and you receive favorable reviews it is still possible to make decent money despite the high commission.

    I just had one question regarding getting weeded out. If someone does not get enough gigs are their accounts deactivated?

    1. That’s actually a good question Josh – I don’t really know! Hopefully one of our visitors will be able to clear up that query for us! 🙂

  4. I have tried using Fiverr both as a consumer and a seller. I can say that for the consumer part, it is a cheap platform where you can ask for revisions until you are happy (provided that the seller stated the unlimited revision perks).

    I think that the revision side of things is extremely important when it comes to getting freelance work completed online – sellers that ignore this function will end up with a low response on their offers for work.

    However, if you are looking for a decent income online, I suggest oDesk. It’s way better pricing-wise.

    Do you know much about oDesk? Have you ever sold any of you services on Fiverr – I would love to find out about your experiences on both of them!

    Although I don’t recommend both to rely on for full time online income.

    1. Hi Pitin,

      I have certainly heard of oDesk but I’m not as experienced with it as I am with Fiverr. I have used Fiverr quite a lot over the years for certain blogging tasks etc.

      I will point out that not all blogging-related services are good ones on offer there though – I would never go for any SEO options there…especially the ones from India (nothing against India as a country – it’s just riddled with extremely poor SEO providers and bloggers!).

      A few mates of mine sell services on oDesk and they claim the platform is great!

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