Can I Earn More Money???


Can I Earn More Money

Many of us tend to pinpoint resolutions at this time of year and rarely ever stick to them. A few years back I was stuck in this New Year’s Resolution jig because I had recently lost my job.

I had a persistent thought going through my head…

Can I earn more money?

I was worried…I was very worried.

Bills don’t pay themselves and the older your kids get the more you end up paying out – it’s a vicious circle that doesn’t want to quit!

So if you’re struggling to make ends meet and the thought of 2015 is getting you down read on. This article is aimed at putting a little more money in your pocket over the next twelve months…

#1 Learn to Automate Your Finances

I thought I’d cover this option first as a majority of people seem to leave it until last for some unknown reason!

Automate Your FinancesAll this involves is simply setting up your paycheck so that a portion of it is payed directly into your savings or retirement fund.

I always find that the more I automate my finances the less likely I am to overspend on something stupid. Whenever I notice a little wad of cash in my bank I instantly think about spending it…

If I can’t think of anything I want – I’ll FIND something to spend it on!

This means that without automation I am never likely to have enough left in my account to build on my savings – period!

#2 Get Tight – Cut Back

This is something we are all a little guilty of doing but choose to ignore it anyway. Check through your monthly expenditure and pinpoint the things you really don’t need in your life.

Got a gym membership? How often do you use it?

Subscribing to a weekly magazine? How often do you read it?

We all have little expenditures that we can’t be bothered to highlight. Locate them and eradicate them!

#3 I Wanna be Rewarded!

I used to be a big fan of debit cards over credit cards – I just didn’t trust myself with the idea of credit.

But my partner has managed to change my opinion on this over the last twelve months or so and slowly I am coming around to the idea.

Credit cards

Find a credit card with a decent rewards program and use it to purchase the groceries you normally would week in and week out.

Over the course of the year, you could potentially pocket a tidy sum just by using a card with a good rewards program instead of your ordinary debit card.

#4 Climb That Ladder

If you are lucky enough to enjoy what you do for a living you really shouldn’t be standing still – you should think about bringing home more bacon on a monthly basis.

Make it a New Year’s Resolution to negotiate a raise this year.

I’m a big fan of the ‘What’s the worst they can say’ train of thought – you never know until you ask!

#5 Earn a Little on The Side

This should be easy enough as we supply numerous legitimate options to work online on this site. Get yourself a little side-gig and create a second income!

Take advantage of your skills, or turn a hobby into profit!

If you are interested in internet marketing as a part time job you can find free training HERE

If you are interested in completing mini-jobs or tasks online check out the services HERE

If you are interested in completing marketing surveys for money we suggest signing up for free HERE

#6 Track Yourself

If you don’t know where your money is going every month then it is near enough impossible to save anything. You need to keep tabs on your net worth otherwise things will slowly but surely start to slide.

A mate of mine recently started using an app named Mint and he didn’t shut up about it. After a while I took his bait and checked the function out for myself…it’s pretty awesome!

The App allows you to:

  • Create budgets that make sense and stick to them
  • Receive alerts for unusual account charges, and get custom tips for reducing fees and saving money
  • Get your free credit score and learn how you can improve it now to get the things you want later

What’s more you can sign up for FREE!

Can I Earn More Money?

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11 comments on “Can I Earn More Money???

  1. Great and helpful article on can i earn more money. I have to agree with most of your points being absolutely true. The best thing that has happened to myself is getting involved with Internet marketing. There is just something a lot different when you’re working for yourself rather than “the man”. This is a must read for everyone who is interested in making some positive changes in their mindset. What you think is the best system available on internet for learning to make side or full time income on internet? Hope to hear from you!

  2. Just wanted to say thanks for putting together a website that clearly states and shows what it’s purpose is. I see so many websites and for the life of me I find it difficult to interpret what the owner is trying to achieve. This is not the case with your website. I particularly like the sage advice you give and the blatantly honest but fair MLM opportunity review. Good work I will check back from time to time and check out some of the opportunities you are recommending. Dennis

  3. A very helpful article indeed! The best way to put more money in your pocket is to plug the hole in your pocket, learning not to spend beyond your means and automating the process of saving for the future. Then, earning even a small amount on the side adds to savings. However, I find myself wondering: Do the small tasks you suggest doing online really pay enough to make them worthwhile?

  4. Geez I can relate to your post. I also feel that way, if there is money in my account I have to spend it on something. That is really a wise tip to first put some away.
    I also need to start cutting back on unnecessary expenses, not always easy as it is not like I go on a spending spree every month or have money to waste but I think it is the small things that add up that I don’t always need that can be cut down on.
    Great info here, thanks for sharing Chris.

  5. Hi there,

    Well it is almost that time of year again haha. I too think automating your finances is the way to go. It makes it so much easier and it’ll put a smile on your face every time you look in to your savings account!

    Another thing I like to do is make my hobbies less expensive. You’re talking about a gym membership, why not build one yourself at home in the garage? It sparks creativity, is lots cheaper, gives you more satisfaction and you will likely go there more often than to the actual gym. 😉

    I agree internet marketing is definitely worth getting in to. It should be a new years resolution for a lot of people. Those internet mini jobs tho, is it possible to make an actual living with them?

    1. I quite like the idea of building a gym in my garage Maarten – thanks for mentioning that! 🙂

      The mini jobs are pretty much based on ‘the more you do, the more you earn’ so the sky’s the limit with them really. The tasks are pretty awful work though!

  6. Good post and some interesting thoughts here. I know a few people who do well with credit card reward programs. They pay for everything on plastic, then pay out the entire balance each month. These people are very disciplined with it, though, and don’t succumb to the temptation of spending up big. They only use plastic to get the rewards and they stick to the plan like trained soldiers. Me, I’m always too tempted to spend.

    1. Yeah I know the feeling there Darren – my partner uses the credit card and I stick the debit card ( it’s a lot safer that way! ).

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