Building Traffic For Your Website – The Simple Walkthrough


Building Traffic For Your Website

​I often come across webmasters with the wrong mindset when it comes to generating traffic. When building traffic for your website it’s important to keep the following rule of thumb in mind:

It’s not about the QUANTITY of the traffic – it’s about the QUALITY of the traffic!

A successful website is not based around purchasing Fiverr gigs for untold amounts of traffic. Successful websites are based on visitors that genuinely want to read ( or watch ) the information you have on your website.

In this article I will provide a sort of walk-through of the tactics I learned in my training at the Wealthy Affiliate University.

Hopefully you will find the steps helpful when it comes to building traffic for your website.

#1 Content For Conversion

Content for conversionHow do you normally get through your content process? What are the steps you take to make sure you content is engaging?

Creating content with the a conversion flow is extremely important to your online success…

  • It increases the amount of traffic your sales pages or landing pages receive ( through internal linking )
  • It helps you build up a presence and become an authority in your niche
  • ​The more authority you build the more social shares and return visitors you are likely to see

#2 Press Publish…What Next?

So you’ve pressed publish and your awesome content is now floating around the web – time to sit back and watch the dollars roll in right?


Content creation is only part of the job I’m afraid – if you want the world to take notice of your work you have to give it a little helping hand…

  • Use Social Bookmarking sites to speed up the indexing process of your article. I’m not talking about Facebook here – something like Reddit or StumbleUpon will do the job nicely!
  • The next sensible step would be to hit up the Social Media sites. Now I personally prefer Google+ as the links you post there receive ‘Google Juice’ and therefore give your site a little more ranking power
  • Most of us are part of some sort of online community. If the mood fits, share your new content with this community. You can even ask a few of your community friends to comment or give their opinions on your work
  • If you want to to race to the front of the queue you can always pay to create a paid ad within a search network ( namely Google ). This will instantly put your ‘new work’ at the top of organic results and bypass all the other marketers that live on the first page of Google. This is a great way to test the audience and see how they respond to your work. You don’t have to run this advert for weeks – a couple of days will cost no more than $10 and give you an excellent insight into how your work will convert
  • This is quite a valuable little tip that I picked up off a peer of mine about a year ago – create an internal link TO YOUR NEW URL from an existing traffic page. By now you should have at least a handful of pages that receive more traffic than the others. Pick one of these pages and leave a small anchor text link back to your new work – there’s nothing wrong with funneling existing site traffic to a new piece of content!

#3 All Your Eggs in One Basket…

It’s important to realize that you need to diversify to succeed when working online. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket!

It is important to diversify where your traffic comes from…

  1. Organic Search Engines
  2. Social Sites
  3. Paid Adverts
  4. Video
  5. PDF

​​The list can go on and on – try and think outside the box and see where it takes you!

#4 What is Your Best Traffic Source?

Are you aware of your best channel acquisition?

If the answer to the question above is NO then you really need to get over to Google Analytics and set up an account for your site ( VERY easy to do! ).

Keep track of your traffic sources

Analytics will display to you ALL the sources of your website traffic when set up – it is an extremely useful internet marketing tool.

To discover your best channel of acquisition simply…

  • Log into your Analytics account ( obviously! )
  • Go to the Acquisition tab on the left side of the screen
  • Click on Channels
  • This provides you with an Overview of your best sources of traffic

​​Once you are aware of your best source of traffic you are able to leverage your strengths and then attempt to improve on your weak spots.

Building Traffic For Your Website

Please don’t hit ‘information overload’ when it comes to generating traffic for your website. You DON’T have to implement ALL the steps I have covered above unless you feel you need to.

Pick the methods that you find the most successful and build on them. Attempting to stuff in every tactic may well end up with you ruining the traffic generation process you already had in place.

Want to Find Out More?

If you are looking for more information on generating website traffic we strongly suggest checking out the FREE education offered by the Wealthy Affiliate University. The link below will take you to our full review on their services:


9 comments on “Building Traffic For Your Website – The Simple Walkthrough

  1. Hi Chris, I just have to say – once again, what a great article. You really do hit it straight on the head with what us website builders should be looking at. Your articles always give me great food for thought after reading them. I have to say I am quite lost with analytics and the whole jardon used in plugins and some websites – things aren’t always written with complete novices in mind – but you explain the key points beautifully! I look forward to reading your next blog! Thanks, Sammi

    1. Hello once again Sammi 🙂
      I’m glad you are finding so much value in the articles published here – makes it all worthwhile!

  2. Love how thorough and easy-to-follow this is! I’m continuing to work on generating traffic for my own site and, like you mentioned, there are a ton of ways to do this. It takes awhile to sort through all of the options there are, and what works best to reach the particular audience you’re trying to get to — I’m starting to get the hang of it! Thanks for the quick, simple ideas 🙂

  3. Hi Chris, you are discussing essential issues here, building traffic for websites. You rightly point out Google Analytics and its Acquisition option. I was checking recently and realized how badly I was performing on social media.

  4. These are all great information that I’m definitely bookmarking. I’m not sure if I’m even on that stage where I have to think about all these. I’m only three months into online marketing and I’m just trying to create more contents and increase my traffic…hopefully. From others I’ve heard I’m on the right path. What do you think?

  5. Hello Chris,

    Very detailed article. Traffic is indeed important and quality of traffic is even more vital as they are often more engaged in your content. Without this engagement nobody will get to read your awesome content!

    Thank you for this article it has proven most helpful but I was wondering where you were trained up in this? Your website is very impressive and it sure looks like you’ve put a lot of work into it – who helped you reach these dizzy heights?

    Best of luck!

    1. Hi Trevor,

      Well I learned my trade at the Wealthy Affiliate – it’s actually our number one recommendation on this website (check out our full review HERE).

      They have a free level of membership which allows you to go through the initial training and provides you with two free websites, and all the tools you will need to succeed.

      I owe all my success to this bunch – without them…I would have been fumbling around in the dark online! 🙂

      Hope this helps mate!

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