Building Traffic For Your Website – The Formula

Building Traffic For Your Website

Every new website is going to hit the same barrier in the initial stages of it’s growth without ANY exceptions. Traffic, the one thing all webmasters want more of.

In this article we will be looking at a simple formula I was taught at The Wealthy Affiliate Community that covers building traffic for your website.

Why Complicate Things?

The funny thing is that getting traffic really isn’t that complicated – we tend to over complicate things ourselves and end up in a mess of Analytics.

By sticking to a simple formula and ignoring all the ‘bells and whistles’ you are much more likely to find a method that works for your particular niche.

The key to succeeding online is to develop the ability to simplify the process or the subject whenever possible…

The Formula:

#1 Do You Have Any Idea Where Your Audience is?

Every niche will have some sort of audience and it is not up to them to find you – it is up to you to find them! 

This audience is going to have no idea that you exist and why would they? You are the new kid on the block and there is more than likely some sort of competition ahead of you.

Where is your audience?

This is where a simple document or spreadsheet comes into play – get used to using one and get out there and search:

  • Find the popular blogs your audience visit and take notes
  • There is bound to be a handful of social media groups linked to your niche – find them and take note
  • Podcasts are becoming more and more popular by the day – locate the ones linked to your niche and make a record of the more popular choices
  • YouTube is BIG business and the search bar they provide is used almost as much as Google’s browser bar. Locate the channels broadly related to your niche and keep a record of them

​​#2 What Are Audience Looking For?

So your audience is already out there frequenting more established websites – how are you going to entice them to your site?

People come online because they WANT something. It could be a product, it could be a solution to a problem they are having or it could simply be to learn about a subject.

What Are Audience Looking For?

So it is up to you to discover what kind of things your audience is responding to…

  • Look through the blogs and find out what articles are getting the most comments and interaction – take note of them and their ideas/subject matter
  • Try and find out the questions your audience is asking – what are they looking for?
  • Try and locate the products your audience are buying and what solutions these products offer
  • Take part in the forums and social media groups and ask your own questions. Don’t appear as a webmaster, appear to be one of the crowd and find out what is making them tick ( why are they there? )

#3 Start to Work in THEIR Locations

So you now know where the audience is and what they are looking for…time to start religiously posting related content and solutions on your blog right?

Well not exactly! 

Yes, you are going to need the content on your blog but please don’t rely on the ultimate power of Google to bring the audience to you.

Start to Work in THEIR Locations

​You have to bring them in otherwise you will be stuck with a trickle of visitors that are not exactly targeted on a daily basis.

Get out there and get into the atmosphere of your audience’s platforms.

  • If they are hanging out on a particular blog start leaving well thought out and constructive comments
  • Start building up ​active participation in social groups and forums and answer as many questions as possible ( be useful – nobody likes the idiot that spills out misinformation! )
  • The comment sections on YouTube videos are brilliant places to build active back links to your work if you use them correctly. Again, you must leave helpful, relevant comments to the video subject matter
  • Try contacting the owners of these other communities and see how you can help them. This is an awesome way of getting one foot inside the door and building up a presence in the niche. You want the ‘big boys’ to take notice of you so introduce yourself!

#4 Invite Them to Your Place

Invite Them to Your PlaceYou’re now out there and you’ve built up a handful of relationships with your audience and your peers – why not invite them round to your place?

This is the easy part – link to yourself…but use your head!

Nobody likes a spammer – they are the bottom feeders of the internet and they command no respect!

You must always be respectful of the community your have wormed your way into otherwise they will show you the door – pronto!

Think long and hard before you link – if you have ANY doubts then don’t leave a link at this particular time, save it for another day.

Always make sure that you are linking back to interesting content on your site as well. The last thing you want is people ending up on a blogroll of a Homepage having to find their way around your navigation.

#5 Don’t Stop!

Keep on keeping on! Rinse and repeat! The more times you successfully get through this formula the more traffic you will ultimately gain!

There is no time to relax in this job and the process will never be complete – it’s a never-ending story if you like!

The more sites you have up and running the more of this you are going to have to do I’m afraid. Nothing comes for free on the internet – no matter what the adverts say! 

If you want to earn $$$ a day then you are going to have to put in the graft on AND off your site.

If you would like to take part in a FREE training course on building traffic for your website I recommend you check out the open education project these guys provide below:


10 comments on “Building Traffic For Your Website – The Formula

  1. Hello, Chris, My visit to your site today was a very enjoyable one. Your site is well organized. I appreciate the information on getting traffic to our websites. This is crucial information to have.
    I enjoyed reading your reviews and letting the viewers know about Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate is the best University to me for getting the proper training. This is information that’s beneficial to viewers. Keep us the good work, Chris. Take care.

  2. Traffic is essential to any business. Great tips on building traffic for a website. Tip number 5 could be the hardest to some people, because many tend to give up if something didn’t work out without ever giving it another chance. Great tips overall and I enjoyed the read ! 🙂

  3. hey great info. I’ve been looking for side things to do online. very informative, plenty of information, and well layed out. I think step number 2, about finding your audience is the hardest. You really have to do some research to find what they like. any way great job and keep on letting us know whats out there

  4. Building traffic is one of the most important things for a website which makes it well known .

    I really had some difficulties to get them but when I read your article I understand that is’nt complicated as it seems,thanks for sharing this with us and have a great day

  5. Hello, Chirs
    I would like to thank you for your straight forward thoughts and ideas, It looks very easy but actually it needs a lot of work. As you mentioned the use of YouTube platform is very helpful, especially if you can make your own channel and upload relevant videos. I have tried Youtube lately, and there are some good results and feedbacks to my site.
    Thanks again for your help, wish you all the best of luck.

    1. Hi there Amin!

      Well thanks very much for the kind words. Sounds like your YouTube journey is well underway there mate – good luck with the future!

  6. Knowing what your audience is looking for is so important when it comes to building traffic to your website.

    There is no point in writing content that no one is searching for! LOL!

    As you mentioned you need to be tenacious and not give up. That is the main difference between a successful blogger and a failure, the failed blogger gave up way too soon!

    Were you ever close on giving up when you first started? I know I was on more than one occasion!

    1. Hi Philip,

      Oh yes – on many an occasion I was wondering what I had got myself into and why it was not working out for me. To be honest, I think most hit that wall at some point in their learning curve.

      The trick is to remember that this is a process – traffic will come to your website but it will take time for Google to fully trust you. In some cases this can take years not months…

      But do you have what it takes to stay with the pace?

      It’s certainly worth it in the end! 🙂

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