Building Boats For a Living

Building Boats For a Living


Product: Martin Reid’s My Boat Plans

Subject: Building Wooden Boats For a Living

Product Creator: Martin Reid

Website: (Click HERE!)

Product Warranty: 60 Days Money Back Guarantee

Our Rating: 9 out of 10


I grew up in a Welsh fishing village named Ferryside, and I was lucky enough to spend a large amount of time in and around wooden boats.

The fishing industry was key down there – but there were also a handful of people, some of my friends included, who got by building wooden boats for a living.

Now, these guys were a lot smarter than me, and they had that creative knack that only certain people carry around with them – they took to building boats like a fish to water (no pun intended!).

Anyway, as a young adult growing up – I left this boat building lark to the friends that excelled at woodworking creativity.

I often visit my old stomping ground (Ferryside), and a couple of months back I met up with a friend who still builds boats for a living…and he’s doing pretty well out of it. I was interested in including the subject up here on the site, but I had no real idea on ‘build wooden boat plans’ – I wanted a product that suited complete beginners to the subject.

To my surprise, he knew exactly what to recommend to me – Martin Reid’s My Boat Plans


What is My Boat Plans?

building wooden boats for a living

Martin Reid’s My Boat Plans is a guide that the creator is so proud of, he put his name in the title. These are his teachings, based on his own experience, and his is the name credited in many of the positive testimonials.

In the guide, Martin Reid shares his own struggles with boat building, and reveals how easy it can actually be once you know what to do.

The product targets newcomers to boat building, like you and I, but it also contains ‘special’ tips and repair techniques for more professional, and experienced boat builders.

This impressive breadth of knowledge means that users should be able to create more professional projects, and then have the confidence and knowledge to sell them.


Here’s What You Get…

When my friend passed me over his iPhone, to first show me the product, I didn’t really expect anything ground breaking…because it only cost $47!

When I finally downloaded the guide to see what all the fuss was about – I was amazed by the size of the package…

  • Blueprints for over 518 boats – Included in these blueprints are rowing boats, catamarans, sloops, sailboats, yachts, a selection of cabin cruisers, kayaks, paddle wheel boats, and even novelty boats.
  • 40 videos – These impressive video tutorials are set out to guide you through the numerous boat building processes, how to build a canoe, sailboat, or other wooden boat, working with the various materials, applying plywood skins, and a lot more.
  • Over 500 pages of how-to guide – Here the product creator, Martin Reid, takes you by the hand and leads you step by step through the process of building the various boats.

On top of this, Martin also provides the student with a range of free bonus software:

  • 3D Boat Design Software
  • Complete Boat Builder’s Guide (with over 600 pages of illustrations)
  • Boat Building Secrets
  • Boat Safety Regulations Guide
  • Specialized Members Q&A Forum (a great place to answers if you stuck with anything!)

Recap Of What You’ll Be Getting:

build wooden boat plans


The Good & The Bad


1) The Never Ending Options

I had an idea in my head about the boat I would create if I was to go down this woodworking route. I kinda liked the idea of a boat which included sleeping cabins or a work space – somewhere ‘downstairs’ where the sailors could hang out!

This kind of customizing was simple with Martin Reid’s product – because there were so many options available to the customer!

I was simply able to take the boat I had pictured in my head, with what I knew it needed, and locate an available option which would meet my needs in the guide.


2) The Excellent Video Section

I’m one of those people that learns a lot faster when I can actually SEE what my tutor is doing – rather than reading what he is doing in a sea of text…

What about you?

The video section of Martin Reid’s guide offers easy-to-follow assistance right from the very beginning of your boat building journey, and it guides you to the very end.

boat building wood types

They are set out in a simple ‘walkthrough’ format with a narrator guiding you through each section. Suited for both beginner and professional boat builders – these videos are gold when it comes to providing hints, tips and techniques that will aid your project.


3) The Quality of The Visual Guides

As I touched on above – I much prefer my education in video format…but I’m not a stranger to being educated by the written word!

When I was first looking through the guide, I was a little bit worried about the sheer amount of information put into the visual guides – how good are you at transforming text into design?

Thankfully, the visual guides are very easy to follow and have a top quality layout  Both the 3D and color imagery was purposefully placed and labeled, so the newbie can avoid having that ‘meltdown moment’!


4) Money-Back Guarantee

That’s right – there’s a ‘Love it or Shove it’ system put in place on this guide – If users start this guide and feel that they have bitten off more than they can chew, or another option comes along, they can get a refund within 60 days.

how to build a wooden boat for kids


5) FREE Updates on the Product

Every month Reid releases a brand new design and it is absolutely FREE to all members who have purchased My Boat Plans. This means that you can constantly build on your boat building library and incorporate the designs into any future goals.



1) The Downloading Can Drag…

Okay, this is a BIG product, and it contains A LOT of information and media – I really wish someone would have mentioned how long it takes to download the lot!

Thankfully, I didn’t have any plans later on in the afternoon I decided to download the guide – as it turned out to be a whopping 900mb in size overall.

Okay, okay – it’s not as if it took me hours to get the lot onto my computer, I just would have liked a heads up beforehand on the size of the product!

NOTE: If you have a ‘shaky’ internet connection, it’s probably best you visit the members area once you have purchased the product, and pick up the DVD version.


Conclusion: Martin Reid’s My Boat Plans

My Boat Plans is the perfect choice for wannabe boat builders who may be intimidated by the whole process. If you are interested in building boats for a living, this product can offer you a easy-to-follow guide to help you get started with your new career.

Martin is no fool – he knows that the information he’s provided in the guide is better than anything else out there at this competitive price – that is why he is offering a 100% 60-day money-back guarantee.





14 comments on “Building Boats For a Living

  1. When I think of boat building, I think of whats his name from NCIS, and the boat he had in his basement. I would enjoy building a boat like that, lol. I would be more fit to build something smaller and maybe not as advanced, and this program looks like it would do that. For only 47 bucks, you really do get a lot of things. I am the type that learns visually, I have my eye on those DVD’s thank you for this review.

    1. Hi Jonathan, 

      No idea who that dude is from NCIS –  but I’ll look into it! 🙂

      Yeah you can’t really go wrong for the price, and you may well find the plans for a smaller and less advanced boat in there! 

      Good luck with your boat venture – and don’t forget to pop back here and let us know how it went! 

  2. My fam and I keep on throwing ideas back and forth on businesses we want to start together. Maybe this is something I’ll suggest next time we swap ideas.

    It definitely is a great idea, especially for those who live near a lake or body of water, where boats are being used all the time. Like you said though, you do need to be one of those creative people who enjoy this type of thing and have a knack for it.

    1. And are you one of those creative types Cyrus? 🙂

      Yeah it’s a great idea to build a business around, but it certainly has a learning curve, and you need to be ‘into’ the whole subject to succeed! 

      If you go down this route – pop back and let us know how the guide went for you. 

      1. I would say that I’m probably not like one of those creative types, but some of my family members definitely are. Sometimes you just need to try some things to see if you like them.

        I’ll let you know how it works out, or what comes out of all this, if I do go down this route.

  3. As a fellow boating enthusiast, I love sailing although my experience has only been with the fiber glass variant. It is such an elegant and beautiful sport and when wooden boats are built right, they resemble a work of art.

    In your opinion, what skill level would one have to have in order to successfully build these boats and how my would one need to financially invest to build a basic boat?

    1. Skill level is pretty low – I was completely amazed by how easy I got my head around things (and I ain’t that bight with DIY). The financial side is pretty much what you’d expect, although the finished products result is worth a lot more than the money you put in to it.

  4. Building boats might be a good way for somebody who is talented with woodwork to make a living. Some people live in boats, and spend their lives sailing from place to place, similar to how people who live in RVs constantly travel. Learning how to build one’s own boat might be a way of getting a mortgage-free home. 

  5. What an interesting piece from you Chris. 

    i have a friend who is a boat builder but is struggling to make a living out of it. He lacks ideas that can help him make groundbreaking designs that will yield good profit. Thankfully, I came in contact with this post and also the information in the post. I will recommend the book to him for download. The pricing is also a worthy bargain for such large piece of knowledge it encompasses. Thank you so much for this piece.

    1. Hi there RoDarrick! 

      I’m pleased to hear that this is a good fit for your friend. The support and the education offered within the product are both excellent, so he should be sailing in no time! 🙂

  6. Hi Chris, I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. I actually tried to build a boat one year ago but without success. Summer is getting closer and this course would definitely benefit me. I like that it has a money back guarantee but that is something I will not need, I mean if anyone follows the steps can’t go wrong.

    1. Great news Daniel – I hope this guide will help you get over the finish line this time (send us a picture of the boat once you’ve finished it!). 

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