Blogging Ideas For Beginners – Simple Starting Points


Blogging Ideas For Beginners

​I’m constantly asked about simple blogging ideas for beginners to take on board and kick-start their journey.

Let’s face it – we all run out of ideas from time to time!

When I first started out with my initial blog I constantly hit a brick wall with content ideas. It’s not as if I didn’t have a lot to say – I just struggled to get all the ideas together!

I decided to write this article today as a simple guide for bloggers or webmasters who struggle to come up with post ideas. I use these simple templates when the creative juices stop flowing!

Have a look and see if there’s any format you think you could include on your blog…

Easy Blogging Ideas For Beginners

If you’re stuck on content try out one ( or all! ) of the following:

1) Review Posts

This is usually my first ‘port of call’ when I hit a brick wall with my content. I simply find a relevant niche product and I write a review post/article on it.

Not only does this fill up space on my site it also gives me an option to monetize – we all like a bit of money right?

Just make sure that the product review is relevant to the niche your site is in. There’s no point reviewing a golf club if your site is based on fishing!

2) Using an Outline

I find content creation comes around a lot sooner if you have some sort of outline in place. My outline’s generally consist of sentences and bullet points – I find it is a lot easier to write these types of points without the pressure of ‘creative writing’ hanging overhead ( if you know what I mean! )

When you’re done with this relaxed writing outline simply use it to create a more rounded article and bingo – a new post!

3) Why Work Alone?

I’m pretty sure that 99% of your posts so far were written by you alone right?

When the ideas dry up it can sometimes be really beneficial to invite someone else onto the team.

I’m sure you have other bloggers in your niche that you have conversed with before – why not approach them about the opportunity to complete a joint post?

They won’t be doing it for free, they will be getting great exposure for their own blog off your blog. Simply leave a backlink to their blog at the bottom of the content and highlight the fact that they were involved in the writing process!

4) Borrow an Idea or Two! 

I think ‘borrow’ is a rather strong word for this technique – try leverage instead 🙂

Authority sites are everywhere, breathing down your necks and stealing your organic traffic!

Don’t be afraid of these big players – use them to your advantage!

These big sites post several new articles a day without even battering an eyelid. Why not ‘borrow’ or ‘leverage’ a few of these ideas?

Now, please don’t go out and copy an article from another site – this is not what I am getting at here!

Take the idea they use in their article and make it better – see if you can evolve the subject more and offer more than they can.

The easiest way to pull this off is to pick about 5 – 10 authority blogs ( within your niche of course! ) and subscribe to them. Whenever they release new content an alert will be dropped into your mail box – time to leverage!!!!

What Are You Waiting For?

Even the best bloggers on the planet run out of ideas from time to time – don’t think for a second that you are alone!

Whenever you stuck in a ‘little content hole’ consider using one of the blogging ideas for beginners we have covered above – get creative!

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4 comments on “Blogging Ideas For Beginners – Simple Starting Points

  1. Hi Chris, I just love blogging articles! You can never get enough information on how to do things right! You are absolutely correct, content isn’t always free flowing. I sign up to a lot of site newsletters in similar niches to mine and store them. Every now and again I read through them to see which ones I have unanswered questions about… I research these as I’m sure I’m not the only one asking “well what about this” and hey presto! I have another page/review/post… My pages/posts/reviews have no pattern at the moment but they are regular so no blogging block yet! Sammi

    1. Hey Sammi,
      That’s a pretty cool idea for gathering new article topic ideas! Cheers for sharing that one with us 🙂

  2. It’s true, sometimes the hardest time to come up with ideas is when you just start out as a blogger, because it seems like you can go so many different directions or you really had 10-20 good articles in you, and now you hit that white wall where you’re not sure what to do next. These are great ideas to push past that – so thank you for sharing!

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