Blogging For Money For Beginners


Blogging For Money For Beginners

Blogging is an extremely popular way to make money online in a passive manner. In this article we will be looking into blogging for money for beginners, offering a few tips geared towards newcomers to the subject.

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Blogging For Money Online

There are millions of people who are successfully blogging for money online and that number is growing by the day.

I’ll be honest with you here – anyone can become a success at blogging as long as they realize the work ethic involved in it.

It’s not exactly rocket science but at the same time it can be quite daunting when first starting out. There’s nothing more soul destroying than publishing your hard work and then realizing nobody is turning up to read it!

The truth of the matter is the more visitors you attract the more money you are going to make – period!

So let’s get down to the real reason you landed up on this article today – let’s see how we can generate money through our blog…

#1 Blog Writing For Money Requires Dedication

Simply put – don’t give up! I’d estimate that at least 75% of all new bloggers will give up within the first few months after they see no money rolling in.

To make it in the online world of business you are going to need to stick with it and show some REAL dedication.

Blog Writing For Money

Update your blog regularly and learn about strategies on how to generate more leads for maximum profit.

Don’t expect to have a healthy bank account after several weeks of blogging – this type of miracle just doesn’t happen online ( except in scam adverts of course! ).

#2 Increase Followers on Social Media

When your blog is up and running you want to make the most out of social media platforms. Increase followers on social media and build up a fan base within your chosen niche.

When you sign up for these social platforms make sure you are not only concentrating on promoting your own work as this will not often get you noticed.

You want to mix it up a bit – promote your own work and that of other bloggers in your niche. When you do something nice for someone ( i.e. ‘re-share’ or ‘like’ their work ) they are much more likely to take notice of you.

People will notice self-promotion after a while and will then start to ignore your posts!

#3 Choose a Good Niche ( Something Familiar )

If you try to be someone you are not it will start to shine through in your writing – this is the kiss of death for your blog I’m afraid.

Niche marketing takes a certain type of skill that not all of us have – you need to be able to write about many different niche subjects and come over as an expert.

Choose a Good Niche

It is much easier to pick a niche you are familiar with and go from there. You need to enjoy what you are writing and be knowledgeable at it.

When you know a particular niche you will show a certain natural passion for it – this will come out in your writing and in turn lead to a much more popular blog.

#4 Get Advertising For Your Website

When your blog gets a decent amount of followers you will want a simple and immediate way to monetize it – you want to make the most out of these visitors right?

The simplest way to achieve this is to sign up for a blog advertising platform. Now, this is usually the section of the article where most writers will advise you to sign up for Adsense.

But I’m not going to do that!!!!

I can’t stand all the red tape that comes along with Google Adsense and their strict policies – they make things VERY difficult!

Instead I opt for a simple alternative called Chitika – it doesn’t pay as much as Adsense but there is no BS involved with them. Visitors click your ads and Chitika pays you for these clicks through Paypal – simple and to the point!

Get Advertising For Your Website

The adverts are nothing more than simple banner code that you place on your website – a newbie can get his/her head around this process quite easily!

#5 Blog Affiliate Marketing

This is the key to making BIG money online – blog affiliate marketing. There are hundreds of thousands of affiliate products out there just waiting for you to promote.

It doesn’t really matter what niche you are in – you will always find an affiliate product that closely relates to it!

I would always advise starting off with promoting Amazon products ( Amazon Associates ) as they cover products for just about every subject on the planet. The commission is not the highest but they are simple enough to use and they have awesome support.

Blogging For Money For Beginners

If you are ‘up for it’ you will have a great chance of succeeding in the blogging world. At the end of the day all it takes is dedication and patience – much like everything else worthwhile in life!

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14 comments on “Blogging For Money For Beginners

  1. Great article! I agree that most people who start blogging don’t realize how much work is truly involved so, they quit after just a few months. You have detailed some great ways of starting a blog and then monetizing it. I will definitely be looking into to Chitika, because like you said Google adsense is definitely loaded with BS.

    1. LOL another Google Adsense fan is it? They really are a pain in the ass aren’t they?
      You’ll find Chitika a lot more easy going and user friendly 🙂

  2. Hi Chris,
    I enjoyed your post about blogging for money and I particularly like one of your first pieces of advice “Don’t give up”. I am always surprised at how many throw in the towel after just a few months. I suppose they are probably disappointed at not making any money in the first month or so, but when blogging you really should be patient and persistent.
    Social media is important, however choosing a niche that interests you and that you can write about for a while is without a doubt a choice that is essential.
    Chikita is a company that I haven’t heard of, but I will have a look to see what they offer. I haven’t tried Adsense yet so I can’t compare and to be honest I am still undecided if this is a good way of earning a little extra cash.
    Thanks for the great information,

    1. Hi Peter,
      Yes a high percentage of people give up due to lack of sales. As you pointed out, it takes time AND effort to get these sales moving! Cheers for stopping by and leaving your opinion 🙂

  3. I couldn’t agree more on second point on increasing followers on social media. A lot of people tend to self promote the website and forgot about engaging the audience. Sharing other people’s posts is a brilliant idea!!

    Thanks for sharing an alternative way to do the same tricks as Google AdSense. This is particularly useful as a new blogger like me.

    Thanks for writing this great post!


  4. Good post! This is a very good overall introduction for someone who wants to get into the blog industry and make money from it. I agree that the number one most important thing to have when creating any blog (or anything else for that matter) is to create a schedule and be consistent. The ones that don’t succeed fail because they decide to give up rather than put forth the effort. Do you agree?

  5. Hi Chris, Overall it is a good idea. I often hear people make blogging for post their information such product, service, etc, however nowadays people tend to make own site to promote their product and service. I agree to get advertising for your site, however, it is not easy to get approval from Google Adsense.

    1. Oh you don’t have to go down the Google Adsense route Christian – try out Infolinks or even sell ad space at Project Wonderful 🙂

  6. I was wondering how often one should blog in order to have their site ranked in the first few pages of google. Is once a week enough? A lot of blogs I see have articles coming out everyday, and obviously they are more popular and the most read. I have been putting out a blog article about every week and a half. My site is new but my articles are lengthy at around 2500 words

  7. Hi there Chris,

    Another excellent article. Must say a slight correction, Blogging is not, NOT a passive income as hard work is involved, a lot of hard work creating well written content like this post, optimising it and turning it from plain text to beautifully presented form like you do habitually takes an effort and time. Residual income yes. passive no.

    Thanks for the info on Chitika, I’ll have a look into that. The draw back working with Google ads is they pay via check but if you have no fixed address as you travel a lot is a bummer..paypal no problem.

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