BKA Content Scam?

BKA Content Scam?

When I first started out online I was pretty much ground zero on the money front and I had to do everything myself. As time passed and my first few websites grew I started to see more and more money coming in…I also noticed that there were not enough hours in the day to complete my content obligations.

So I eventually decided to splash the cash on a few talented writers to help me reach my blogging quota – it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made online!

As far as online content companies go – I’ve been through a ton of them! But just recently I noticed a BKA Content scam alert on a forum I use daily.

I’ll be honest with you here – at the time I’d never heard of BKA Content so naturally I put on my ‘online investigation hat’ and went to work…

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BKA Content Review

Before we dive straight into the BKA Content review I thought we’d better cover a little background on the company first.

Two brothers called Matt and Greg Secrist first started the company up midway through 2010. They had both been dabbling in the blogging world due to the lack of job opportunities.

Both Matt and Greg really struggled to find any reliable help with their blog content commitments and put this down to the fact that most content providers use worldwide writers.

If you want any sort of success online you are going to need articles written by native English speakers ( I know it sounds harsh but take it from me – it’s essential! ).

Well, the Secrist brothers decided to start up a content provider that only employed native English speakers and things really took off.

By 2013 they had over 100 top writers on their books and the content company was moving from strength to strength.

BKA Content Services

Publishers have a total of 12 content options to choose out of once they have signed up with the website…

  • Meta Descriptions
  • Premium Articles
  • Content Curation
  • Blog Posts
  • Product Descriptions
  • Page Reviews
  • Landing Pages
  • Press Releases
  • Custom Content

BKA also employ account managers to go along with each article so the best results are achieved for the publisher. They interact directly with the publisher in question and then pass on the information to the suitable writers.

This means that both parties know exactly what is happening and what the end result needs to be!

Making Money Writing Articles Online

If you are interested in making money writing articles online with BKA there are a few requirements you must first consider.

To begin with you must be a US citizen and you must also live in the US. This is BKA’s way of making sure they are providing top quality native English speakers.

BKA Content Review

You need to have access to the internet ( no way! ) and a Gmail account – they only accept documents processed through Microsoft Word.

Your level of English must be acceptable ( good grammar, sentence structure and punctuation! ) and you must be able to complete at least 5 articles over a weekly period.

BKA Content opt to use Paypal as a payment processor so you must also make sure you have a Paypal account.

Signing up With BKA Content

Before we go any further into this BKA Content review I should point out that a good friend of mine signed up with them for the purpose of reporting back to me.

I run four websites now and I really don’t have the time to complete 5 more articles a week!

Anyway, this mate of mine is a fellow blogger and he has a reasonable level of experience with writing online. Here is what he found out…

To get you foot in the door of BKA Content you first need to complete a test on grammar and punctuation. This is a timed test ( 15 minutes ) and there are 20 questions to answer.

If you get past this initial test you are then taken on to a section that requires you to write two short articles ( over 250 words each! ).

If you manage to pass these two tests you are accepted into the program with open arms!

Writing Content For Money

My mate had no problem walking through the initial tests and quickly went about discovering how the payment structure worked.

If you are writing content for money with BKA you can expect on average $12 – $18 per hour. However, the more articles you write and the more experience you gain the higher the pay level becomes.

Writing Content For Money

He was also pleased to find that you weren’t lumbered with article topics you knew nothing about. He was able to scan through the available articles and even stick to a particular category if he wanted to!

The Downsides…

My friend ended up having near enough 50% of his articles rejected by the team managers and he was less than impressed by this. He has worked for content companies before and has even written a few articles for this site!

He believes that the team managers are a little bit picky and unwilling to give solid reasons as to why his work was not acceptable.

This was actually the ONLY downside he could see to working with BKA Content!

Is BKA Content Scam?

So, is BKA Content scam or is it worth your valuable time and effort? From the report my mate gave me there’s very little to be disappointed with.

Sure, the team managers are picky but this is usually the case with these ‘higher level’ content companies. At the end of the day they want top quality work to offer their publishers so they NEED to be a little fussy to get this result.

The pay is not exactly great to start off with but as soon as you get over the threshold of 5 articles a week you will see an increase in wages. From what I gather there are some writers earning BIG money there!

Scam – no chance!

Strict guidelines – definitely!

Worth your time – ( if you have good English grammar ) yes!

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12 comments on “BKA Content Scam?

  1. Hey Chris, this certainly looks like something that might be viable to try.
    My only issue is that instead of writing 5 articles a week you will actually be writing 10 if the reject rate is 50%!
    You will also not be earning $12 – $18 you will be earning half that too!
    I can understand the rejection rate of 50% if someone has no experience but I really feel that if an experienced content writer is getting 50% of his work rejected how will someone with less experience get by?

    1. Hi Lynne,

      First off the $12 – $18 is near enough a basic set rate so there’s no danger in losing out on that – your pay will only go up with experience! As for the site moderators – well good content providers will always use them so it’s down to the individual at the end of the day! 🙂

  2. I had a good read through this page and really found the information interesting and very useful. your headings are good and keeps the reader going. I like the idea of getting a friend to do a bit of snooping for you.. I must try that. I have considered using content writers myself as I get writers block all the time…
    very informative .. thanks

  3. I was glad to read a review that showed a postive out come. They sound like they care about the work that they offer to their customers. I think I will keep their name for future use, thanks for doing this review. This review shows that there is still some good products out there, You just need to check reviews like this one until you find what you are looking for.

  4. Hey there Chris,
    Another great review you’ve put up here, BKA content definitely sounds liek a good company because writing articles is indeed a proven way to make money online as compared to those push button software.

    The grammar and punctuation test made it look very established as it will filter all other writers who are not serious. However a 50% rejection rate is something very time-wasting and that point alone is a risk I do not want to take. Thanks for taking the time to do this research man, you’re awesome. Keep up the good work!

  5. I work for BKA Content and I’ll tell you the rejection rate is definitely not 50% unless you don’t write well. I have written for them for five years and I probably average a rejection three or four times a year, out of hundreds of articles that I submit. I have also worked in their editing department and we only reject things if they don’t follow the client’s guidelines (because that’s when the client would obviously reject them), or if the grammar is so poor that it would take more than a couple minutes to make the changes ourselves. When an article is rejected, it’s not just thrown away! The writer has a chance to make revisions according to the editor’s suggestions and they still get paid for it. This is a great company to write for! They truly are one of the most honest, reliable, second-chance-giving companies out there!

    1. Well unfortunately the friend in question is actually a journalist – that writes for a living! I can understand you sticking up for a platform you have seen success through but we must publish the truth about our findings…regardless. On the plus side it’s great to hear that your experience with them has been positive and our readers will be able to take note of your comment and make their own mind up 🙂

    2. I have to agree with Shelley. I work there, too. I write but also edit, so I know first hand I don’t send back 50% of the work I edit. It is actually rather low. The account managers work hard to ensure writers have what they need to avoid send backs. I have worked for many companies doing the same type of work, and BKA is the best by far.

  6. I call BS on the 50% rejection rate. I wrote for BKA Content for a year, and not one of my articles was ever rejected. I had an editor email me *once* to ask me to fix something because I didn’t follow the directions (I misunderstood what was required), but I was still paid. “Rejection” makes it sound like your friend wasn’t paid for his work, which isn’t how they operate at BKA. And if your friend kept having his work sent back, then he was either submitting poor-quality content or not following the directions.

    The hardest part was just getting through the doors. From there they worked with me to show me what they were looking for, and I felt like they wanted me to be successful. Writing for BKA was a pleasant experience, and I’ll go back if my schedule clears up.

    1. Unfortunately this rejection rate has not been singled out to my friend – we have encountered numerous reports now and personal contact messages on the subject. More negative experiences than positive = the review you just read above.
      Thanks for taking the time to leave your opinion with us 🙂

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