Best Websites to Start a Blog

Best Websites to Start a Blog

​A large percentage of successful bloggers started out with no money behind them whatsoever – I was one myself!

The internet is a frightening landscape when first starting out and newbies don’t want to open their wallets when they are unsure about the outcome.

In this article we will be taking a look at the best websites to start a blog up with. I’ve decided to center on the FREE options I used to use when I first started out because I am VERY familiar with the advantages of each.

So sit back and read through the free options available to you and see which platform suits you…


Check out is a free blog-hosting site that is considered the ‘smaller brother’ of You have an ample amount of features available to you and a host of themes to choose out of ( all free of course! ).

When you sign up with WordPress you’ll be given a free .wordpress domain. This is the only drawback of the site – it basically tells people you are using a free domain ( it doesn’t look that professional ).

For example your free site could read whilst a paid domain will read

Which one do you think looks the most professional?

If you don’t mind this type of free URL look then you’re onto a winner – sees over 100,000 posts published each day ( it’s an extremely popular platform ).

The WordPress platfrom takes care of all the maintenence for you: security, upgrades, spam filters and backups are all automatically carried out.

The perfect choice for nice looking blogs for a newbie blogger!


Check out

This was the first free blogging platform I encountered and I still favor it’s ease of use even now.

Blogger is actually owned by Google and it houses millions upon millions of blogs worldwide. The themes are nowhere near as dynamic as wordpress but it’s very modular and easy to use.

With Blogger you can have a complete blog up and running within minutes!

You don’t need to know anything about custom coding to use the blogger platform. It’s basically a drag and drop template that you then post content to.

E-commerce functions are pretty limited on the Blogger platform but it’s ease of use and modular website builder make it a great choice for newbies.

3) Tumblr

Check out Tumblr

Tumblr is by far the simplest option for blogging for free online because it offers very few options. You can basically sign up for free and start typing pronto!

It’s a strange blogging platform as it’s a mix between WordPress and a social network ( it’s what is known as a micro-blogging service ).

This gives you two options – you can either write a couple of sentences for a blog post or you can write a whole article!

Tumblr offers a function called reblogging – this is when other people can re-share your posts on the platform, leading to more exposure and traffic. The Tumblr platform is again very popular so the shared traffic from their network can be a huge bonus.

Tumblr works extremely well with mobile devices making it possible for users to easily ‘blog-on-the-go’.

The Best Websites to Start a Blog

There are many other blogging platforms out there but I’m only comfortable providing information on the ones I’ve had personal success with.

I still use Blogger and WordPress from time to time as test sites for my main sites – they are still extremely easy to use.

I haven’t logged into Tumblr recently but I’ve heard good things about their recent updates and the functions they now offer.

If you are interesting in FREE blogging training we recommend checking out the tutorials the Wealthy Affiliate offer. Read our full review on their services by simply clicking the link below:


11 comments on “Best Websites to Start a Blog

  1. For me WordPress is the best blog sites, it enables me to publish my blog for free. it helps me Become a Published Author

    The publishing business isn’t what it used to be and publishers are less likely than ever before to take a chance on an unknown author.

    They would much rather give a contract to an author with a built-in audience of readers – and that’s where having a blog comes in. So keeping a blog isn’t just a good way to become a better writer, it may be your fastest path to becoming a published writer.

    1. Great point Freddie, Blogs are an excellent stepping stone for wannabe writers. WordPress is also an excellent choice of platform for writers/bloggers of all levels. Thanks for stopping by and giving your opinion 🙂

  2. I do agree with you Chris, WordPress is a great platform for blogging beginners! Although I must say.. Tumblr’s wonderful too for their ‘reblog’ button. Adds content to your own blog without you having to create any original one 😉 I used Blogspot a long time ago, not sure how it is now but I do remember it being rather confusing to navigate.. nevertheless, hope your readers are now a step forward more sure of what platform to choose. All the best!

    1. Cheers for your input Leona!
      Tumblr certainly has it’s place in the blogging community but from an internet marketing standpoint…it’s pretty much useless!!!
      Blogspot hasn’t changed it’s format that much but you do have the added advantage of the blogs ranking pretty well ( it’s owned by Google at the end of the day! )

  3. Hi Chris,

    I investigated a bit on Blogger recently and found that of all the simple website builders out there, it probably has the closest features to WordPress on the back end.

    However, after several Google updates in recent months, I must say that I don’t see a lot of Blogger website turn up on the first page of search results. Maybe it’s coincidence, I don’t know.

    If I am building a website, I want to make sure that it has all the capabilities to be search engine optimized. For that reason, WordPress here is still the winner among the three choices.

    SiteRubix offers some really good hosting and support for WordPress websites, so do check it out.

  4. Great article Chris. I think you’ve mentioned the best options available for free to anyone wanting to start a blog. I agree that many successful bloggers had nothing behind them when they first started their first blogs. All these options that you’ve mentioned here are great but I would recommend the last one because I already tried it. It does offer not only a free blog but 10 free lessons on how to make money from your blog, plus live chat and support. I believe it’s one of the best options available online and the best part of it is that you can try it for free without credit card. So, no obligations, you are free to leave the program at any time.

    1. Hi Rufat,
      I believe I recognize the service you are covering there – Wealthy Affiliate if I’m not mistaken? Don’t worry, I learned my trade at the WA and we have promoted it’s services many times on this site before ( take a look at our #1 Recommendation at the top of the screen! ). Thanks for stopping by and leaving your opinion on the article!

  5. Hey Chris

    Awesome article

    I’ve been using word press for a few years now and actually just started using wealthy affiliate. You don’t realize how little you know about the internet until someone teaches you about it.

    I was doing okay blogging on my own but since I started using wealthy affiliate as training, my results have sky rocketed. I can’t agree with you more on how awesome they are!

    1. Hey Jay ( that rhymes! )

      Great to hear that you are finding success with the Wealthy Affiliate platform! Why don’t you look me up when you sign in next time! 🙂

  6. These 3 sources that you gave is great to start a free blog with. I know that Siterubix is also a great platform to create your own free blog, but you are only limited to 2 websites.

    This is great for those that want to get their feet wet with internet marketing. If you should decide that Wealthy Affiliate is worth investing, then you can go premium.

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