Best Free Business Advertising Guide

Best Free Business Advertising

According to marketing experts, most businesses spend an average of 3% from their gross sales on advertisements. But when you are a first time business owner and the business is yet to stabilize, having a budget for large advertisements may be problematic.

At this stage you need to think critically in order to ensure that you advertise your business while not using too much resources at the same time. This is because your focus is most likely on the capital or other areas related to it.

At this juncture you need to think outside the box; its of necessity to take advantage and use free ways in order to advertise your business and reach potential customers. In this article, I will aim to discuss the four best free business advertising options available to you:

  1. Online marketing
  2. Uploading your products, services or business to online directories
  3. Using the media
  4. Building connections

1) Online Marketing

Begin having a good web presence – take advantage of the power of the internet to make your business visible. The web has many free options with the potential to reach hundreds and thousands of customers. Set up an email for your business and ensure that you’ve got a logo that you consistently use in your icons before getting started.

Use Twitter – the charges of setting up a twitter are absolutely free. Twitter allows you to interact freely with your customers at a personal level. Nabbing a handle that is closest to your business name is key; you then tether the email of your business to the twitter account.

Here your logo should be your avatar. Follow family members, current customers and businesses that you look up to. Use tweets to promote your business and keep it fun. Host giveaways and give shout outs to your most loyal customers. Ensure that people have a reason of following your business.

Creating a Facebook page – it’s free to set a page for your business on Facebook. This makes your interaction with customers and other businesses easier. Limit your host giveaways to people who like your profile and share your posts.

Give special deals on Facebook by messaging customers who mostly follow your activities. Most businesses do not create their own websites, Here their Facebook pages are used as business sites.

Get on Yelp – this is a website for consumers to review and do business recommendations. A Yelp page can be used for posting vital information and special offers. It can also be used to gauge whether you are giving satisfactory services to your customers.

There are business owners who respond to negative reviews on Yelp by directly making contact with the Yelp user. Alternatively they post replies immediately to offer a remedy to that specific situation. This makes the customers know that their concerns are taken seriously

Build your own Google Places listing – make a Google Places listing for your business so as to pop up on the Google map searches in order for people to rate your business and share reviews. Have a Gmail account that is specific for your business.

Have a signature – on every business related email that you send out, use a small line sign at the bottom. Include links on your Facebook page, business website, Twitter account or any online presence you may have.

2 ) Uploading Your Business Services to Online Directories

Create a free online directory account – most online directories will allow you upload unlimited products, services and businesses with detailed information about specific products and also provide contact form for individual products where prospective customers make one-on-one contact with the product owner.

Create your listings – this entails listing of products, business and services that are offered by you or your company. A suitable online directory is the one that allows uploading of as many listings as possible in order to boost the target market reach set.

All Done – here your products are stored in a database that is displayed on the front page. All uploaded products are search engines which are optimized after every 24 hours.

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3) Using The Media

Get media coverage – get coverage from all local media outlets to see whether they have an interest in covering you. Make an effort of trying broadcast news, newspapers and radio shows.

Contact columnists – certain newspapers have special columnists for writing about new businesses and good deals. Use columnists to reach a specific audience.

Work for charity – most newspapers print special coverage for charity endeavors especially during holiday seasons around Christmas and thanksgiving. Host a charity drive where you accept used-good donations or caned food as gifts which are then used in assisting the locals with shelters.

Contact local newspapers concerning the event and ensure that you mention that it is your business that is sponsoring it. For publicity purposes, give discounts to customers who bring items for donation.

4) Building Connections

Use word of mouth for reliance – offer freebies or discounts to current customers that send you referrals. You can also hand out special referral cards to them so that they can give them to new customers.

Build alliances – team up with businesses that offer other services that are complementary to your products or services and refer consumers to one another. For example if you are selling greenhouses, you have to network with suppliers of fertilizers and floral shops

Host educational events, workshops and seminars – if you are privileged of owning a spacious place with the capability of accommodating a good number of people at once, make an effort of hosting an event.

This will enable people to familiarize with your product. For example, wine shops can make an effort of hosting wine tastings, craft stores on the other hand can host workshops on crafting techniques

The Best Free Business Advertising

Raising capital to start a business is always a herculean task, so why waste your cash while there are several best free business advertising options? It’s pointless to use too much cash advertising while you can use the above mentioned strategies.

That cash may be helpful in other pressing needs like boosting the capital. Its all about smartness and creativity. Businessmen who are great thinkers will always attempt to use minimal resources on advertisement and place the profits made back to business.

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8 comments on “Best Free Business Advertising Guide

  1. Lots of useful info here. I’m already using all the social media sites to spread the word but I’m intrigued about the use of local media such as newspapers etc. How would I go about contacting these and is there any specific way that I should word my query?

    1. Hi Jyl,
      I usually go through a simple local search on Google and build up a small list this way. I find that if I’m humble and polite local media outlets are awesome in return. I don’t get pushy and they seem to be reasonably interested in helping out – at the end of the day they want to look ‘locally friendly’ and part of the community as much as possible.
      Glad you found the article interesting – feel free to stop by again ( and good luck with your business! )

  2. Hey Chris, thanks for putting things together in this page. I am using Facebook and G+ for social sharing at the moment and I am really interested in Create a free online directory account you mentioned in point no. 2. Do you have any recommendations to any free online directory?

    1. Hi Edmund,
      I would always recommend using the following search phrase in Google ‘best free online directories for SEO’. I have used it many times over the years and have stumbled upon many awesome options through it! Have a quick check every month to see who the ‘big players’ are at the time 🙂
      Glad you enjoyed the post – hope to see you here again soon!

  3. Hi, Chris

    There are some awesome tips here on promoting online businesses for free 🙂 1 or 2 of these hadn’t crossed my mind, so thanks for helping me to get my internet business out there even more.

    What free advertising method would you say is getting you the best results so far?


    1. Hi Neil,
      I would say that various forms of social media are probably the most effective ( free ) advertising options I have come across so far. It’s all under the ‘internet marketing’ territory but it seems to have been the most successful route I have taken with this site in particular. Every business is different but I would always recommend trying out various forms of internet marketing – it can be very powerful!!!!

  4. I never get any respond on Facebook. Albeit having hundreds of followers. Let alone getting them to come to my page. What do you suggest for connecting at Facebook Christ? Is there anyway to get someone interested?


    1. Hey Cathy!
      Facebook can either go one way or the other – remember that people use it as a communication tool on a social level ( pictures of funny cats and all that crap! ). Just keep at it and try and engage your followers – ask their opinions on matters within your posts. Think outside the box and don’t be worried to try new tricks. The key to any social platform is to get interaction/engagement 🙂
      Good luck – stick at it!

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