Benefits of Using Social Media Marketing For Your Business

Benefits of Using Social Media Marketing For Your Business

In this article we will be looking at the benefits of using social media marketing for your business. Over the last decade social media has evolved into something that now seems a comfortable part of society.

I have friends on Facebook who actually complain about their elderly parents stalking their every move! Everyone seems to have some sort of account with some sort of social platform.

Lets take a look at the main benefits of using social media marketing for your business and see where it can take your brand…

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1. Marketing Costs

Gone are the days when you plaster a paid ad across as many publications as you can find – the ability to tweet a message or post something to Facebook is dramatically more cost effective.

The more followers and friends you have the more audience you will reach – it’s simple maths! If these followers then decide to engage in your posts then your free advertising could really start to get viral!

2. Organic Search Results

When I first started out as a webmaster I was taught that ‘content is king’. The more engaging content I had out there the more traffic my website would attract.

I worked around the fact that optimized and compelling content would attract other webmasters and they would link to my content from their own sites.

Social Media platforms are perfect stages to broadcast your thoughts and your opinions so that the right sort of people will see them. You are able to showcase your compelling content to individuals that are interested in your chosen subject/niche.

Organic Search Results

They can then promote your cause by subscribing to your channels/pages and even sharing among their friends leading to more track backs to your site!

Over the last couple of years I have also noticed Google ( and Bing ) taking more and more notice of social signals. They seem to be using these signals as part of their algorithms to rank individual webpages – the more social engagement a post receives the higher it could end up getting ranked!

3. Customer Service 

Customers are always going to need a platform to voice their opinions and concerns about the service you are providing. It’s good for webmasters to think of social media as an extra dimension to their website comment sections – constructive criticism can work wonders!

I always find that Twitter and Facebook lead the race for providing a customer service platform. When customers or visitors contact you with a meaningful message/question your response will be seen by ALL of the other customers that are following your business. This reassures them that you are a responsive business that cares about customer service.

4. Being a Regular Joe

There’s nothing worse than contacting a business and being handled by someone who seems like they are fitted with computer chips. One of the biggest benefits of using social media marketing for your business is that you can design yourself human.

By this I mean that you can use your own personality to converse with your customers. By leaning back and being yourself people will see you as a much more approachable business character.

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5. Business to Business Link

The fact that you are able to connect directly to the consumer means you can use this platform to also connect to other entrepreneurs and business owners.

These similar entrepreneurs and business owners will not be so easily accessible in the ‘real world’. Social media gives you the opportunity to converse with them and exchange ideas – maybe you could help each other out?

6. Gain Respect For Your Business

We mentioned in the customer service section above that these social media platforms can act as a public forums – don’t be scared of this as they can work in your favor.

Get Respect For Your Business

Answering questions on social media can in turn validate your business and help you look a lot more legit overall. Imagine the boost your business will receive if people start singing your praises after receiving solid customer support – a lot of other potential customers will witness this!

7. Become an Expert Within Your Field

When people realize that you are equipped to provide a suitable service to your target market you will appear much more of an expert within your chosen niche. Social media will again offer you the platform to solve a problem in public and also provide informative information in public.

8. Getting Valuable Customer Insights

Social media gives you valuable data about your customers – who they are, what they like, and how they feel about your brand.

Just by being active on your social accounts gives you the opportunity to perform social listening – all the time gathering relevant customer data to make much smarter business decisions in the future.

Getting Valuable Customer Insights

This simple yet effective move will allow you to gauge customer sentiment, locate the interesting conversations happening around your brand, and run real-time reports.

The Competitive Benefits of Using Social Media Marketing For Your Business

If used correctly the benefits of using social media can really give your online business a competitive edge.

You will be able to provide excellent customer service, improve your website rankings, give your business a human face and likable personality.

It gives you the opportunity to grab new connections and with a bit of luck turn them into beneficial business partners. It gives you the opportunity to build up a competitive edge at the same time as providing value to your perspective customers….interested?

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33 comments on “Benefits of Using Social Media Marketing For Your Business

  1. haha me personaly deleted my facebook account because of “elderly parents stalking” my every move there :o) Now when I read your post I regret that I deleted it. I will probably make a new account… but don´t add parents;o)
    Anyway thank you for sharing this valuable information I have learned alot! By the way: What do you think is a good way to get many followers on facebook? (I mean people that you have never meet)

    1. Hi John,
      Well that’s a question that has so many answers I really don’t know where to start. There are numerous tactics that are involved with building up a fan base on Facebook. I would always advise optimizing your chosen Facebook ( business ) page first and foremost and go from there. Many people search through Facebook looking for products or services – keywords could well bring them to your page!

  2. I love using social media as a way of generating traffic for my sites for all the reasons you wrote about. But my favorite is being a regular Joe.

    The reason is because when it comes to someone making a buying decision, they want to buy from someone they trust. And although they may not know you, they get to know your pretty well by reading what your share on Twitter and Facebook. When a regular person like you, or I recommend a product people are more likely to buy If they feel like they know us.

    1. Hi Wendy,
      Yeah a lot of webmasters end up sounding like a car salesman with their marketing efforts and that puts a lot of potential buyers off. when you appear natural and ‘regular’ you are far more likely to generate some sort of positive action on your site.
      Really glad you stopped by and engaged with us through the article – hope to see you back here again soon 🙂

  3. Hello Chris,
    You have made some points about social media I had not considered. I did not think of it in the manner of an extended comment area. I mostly just get likes and not many comments, I will have to adjust my writing to ask for the comments. Thanks.
    I too used FB to keep track of my kids, not to stalk, just to know what they were into and it is a parent thing. If you are one you know what I mean.


    1. Hi there San,
      Yes I know exactly what you mean by a ‘parent thing’ – my son is turning 10 next month and he’s already ‘hitting up’ the internet big time! As for social media – very powerful stuff as I mentioned, treating it like an additional comment section will actually see you ending up with more comments in the long run:)

  4. If you have a business and you are not using social media you may seem like a caveman hunting for food.Internet has changed our lives and the way that businesses connect with people.Now everyone can state his opinion through that channels and give his feedback.

    And I think this is an important factor to any business.To get feedback on social media that could furthermore lead to improvements.Another important benefit I believe is that if a business offers quality products and services then the customers will share that information with their social network.

    But you have to offer value in social media beyond the advertising of your business.If a business owner is constantly only advertising soon the people will ignore him as a spammer.

    Very well said , enjoyed this one

    1. Hi Tasos,
      Yes I agree with you – feedback is essential for any business and social media is a brilliant choice to find that feedback. I also agree with you on the value side of things – nobody wants to be bombarded with products all day long ( makes for a very boring timeline! ).
      Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  5. I like the layout of your website, it’s interesting! Never really knew that google and bing were able to tell when something was hot on a social scale, that really makes me excited because I feel as if I can make a lot of social media things happen! I like what you said too about being the average joe, or yourself in a sense! It’s true and really brings in a lot like youself! Great article, look forward to more!

    Matt TheDopestMatrix

    1. Yeah, search engines are starting to take more and more interest of social signals – if it’s hot they want to know about it!
      Cheers for stopping by – glad you enjoyed the article so much!

  6. Hey Chris,

    I have to admit, I’m not as active on social media as I should be. But you really point out some interesting things that I was completely unaware of.

    I didn’t know that google would be able to put together your site and social media posts. That’s something that could really supercharge your site, I’m guessing.

    Cleary, the benefits of using social media marketing for your business, are solid ones. Better customer service, better rankings being 2 of them.

    Thanks for sharing this. I’ve favorited it so I can come back to refresh WHY I need to do this more than I am.

    1. Hi Stephen,
      Many experts believe that Google takes a lot of ‘clout’ off social signals these days – they use it as a way to gauge the popularity and engagement of your site 🙂

  7. Interesting article on benefits of social media marketing. I guess this works well for you, but this is a weak side of my two websites. You rightly point out that Google uses ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ as a part of algorithm for ranking, I think this is a fact nowadays. Thank you for such useful tips.

  8. I do not have a facebook page only because I am a very private person. I always feared that I will press enter and send a message to the whole world that was only intended for a few people. That’s how paranoid I am about social media. But I believe now it is time to open up if I want my business to reach the masses. Social media has made marketing instant, personal and less expensive. Why not take the advantage. Thank you Chris for this article

    1. No problems Francina, Facebook can be a little in-your-face and personal at times ( so I completely understand your fears! )

  9. Hi Chris,
    Leveraging Social Media platform for our online businesses can be HUGE! It would potentially go viral when we do it the right way. I especially love that Facebook offer cost effective advertising campaign. It is more affordable compare to Google Adwords.

    I am thinking of having my own strategy to do paid ads, but I would focus on creating my first E-book to attract the audience. Thanks for sharing your insight here, I would definitely refer to this article in the future!

  10. Social media is awesome, you can virtually have the whole world see something of yours because of it. I’ve noticed that people who follow me on twitter are more fan or press worthy, where as facebook has more respectable business names. It’s sad when people say “im not going to use facebook/twitter” because of ignorant reasons like being unfamiliar with the site, aside from a website, a social media page is the foundation to any business!

    1. Couldn’t agree with you more Matt – these two networks are great for business but you must figure out how to use them to your advantage first! Great to see you here again – hope the website is going well 🙂

  11. WOW!! Your contents are awesome I wish I found your site when I was just looking for a mentor. I specifically went inside your Affilorama review because I almost bought their Blueprint, Tools and was contemplating for long about the Jetpack. Their customer service didn’t reply timely I had to wait for days and while waiting, I found Wealthy Affiliate! Thank God! Please keep doing reviews for people so you can hopefully help them be a member of WA. I certainly will signup under your WA link had I found it first.

    Good contents!

  12. Chris,

    I definitely think Social Media is an important factor of online businesses. It helps you connect with others, build relationships which is crucial to your success.

    I myself found that when I started to reach out to influencers and others more on Social Media, I receive shares and traffic, it’s something I haven’t been able to achieve otherwise.

    I want to know how do you think are the best ways to interact on social media for the best results.


    1. I always try my best to be a regular guy on social media – not a car salesman! If you manage to appear natural you will always find some sort of success with social platforms Anh 🙂

  13. Haha parents nowadays will not lose to their children and they are really eager to create an account in Facebook or Twitter. My parents included 🙂

    Oh get back to the topic, I use social media presence for social traffic. It works nice, although my business is still new.

    One of the main benefit that you may want to include is the presence of ‘Niche Group’ in the social media. Facebook and Google+ has this group features, while Twitter use Hashtags. This create more awesome opprotunity to market your business.

    Thanks for sharing this article.

    1. That’s a really good point mate – niche groups are also a very powerful part of certain social media platforms 🙂

      ( thanks for stopping by and adding that to the article! )

  14. Hey Chris

    It’s cool to see so many benefits of using the social networks to build my online business 😀

    I can certainly see how all of these benefits combined can propel business owners to massive success on the internet.

    I particularly like the idea of becoming an expert because it builds trust with people, gains a lot more followers and increases profit.


  15. Hi Chris,

    Great post on the benefits of social media. One huge, excuse me while I emphasise H U G E benfit of social media is that you can create and enhance your relationship with your crowd/following/readers. For example I can create a relationship with those on my facebook group and interact with them and build on that relationship and make a deep connection with them, which is something you can t do with your mailing list.

  16. Hey Chris,
    Excellent article you’ve written here, I agree with you completely that social media is an awesome form of marketing, and its very cost-saving too.

    Facebook has taken the trouble to reduce visibility for businesses though, so we need to actually spend more money of we were to get more viewers.

    But other social media platforms work much better free and in fact, Twitter seems to be booming for and I have no idea why. That reminds me, I have some Twitter DMs I have to reply to, cheers!

    1. No problem Riaz – I’ve also noticed Facebook becoming a bit more intense for building business these days! I suppose they are just catering more towards their ‘normal’ members and screwing more money out of the money makers?

  17. I deleted facebook a few years back because of the stalking and privacy concerns I had. But today I have to say for my business it is important and I had to learn a few new thing that I have missed through the years.
    You have some solid benefits here and I never think we can know to much about social media. Thanks for the insights.

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