Beginner Affiliate Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Beginner Affiliate Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

In this article we will be looking at the beginner affiliate marketing mistakes to avoid if you are looking to build a successful online business.

Unfortunately 99% of us end up on the same page when we first take on internet marketing – running in every direction trying to sell as many products as possible!

We have no real idea of the mistakes we are making and how they are going to effect the long term success of our websites. In a nutshell – newbies are f##king clueless!

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Avoid Affiliate Marketing Mistakes

1. Impatience

I thought I better cover this first as most newbies tend to think there is an opportunity to get rich overnight – there’s not (sorry!).

I know we live in a time of instant gratification but for the love of god – slow down! Online marketing, affiliate marketing, internet marketing…it’s all business at the end of the day.


Any business takes time to develop and time to grow. You, yourself will need to take time to grow as well. If you don’t treat your online business like an ‘outdoors business’ you will never make the type of money you are looking for.

If you want to learn how to avoid affiliate marketing mistakes then you must have patience.

2. Becoming a Sheep! 

There’s another new weight loss product on Clickbank and everyone’s promoting it with great results – rejoice!

No, not for me thank you! Why jump into the weight loss niche if everyone else out there has the same idea as you? Sure weight loss is an extremely popular topic online but do you have any idea what the competition is like out there?

Most of the success stories I have encountered come from marketers who decided upon fringe niches.

Becoming a Sheep

One of my good marketing friends online decided to start a website up on Rubik’s Cubes after a conversation with his girlfriend one night.

She was struggling to complete one and asked him if he knew of any relevant sites to help on the internet – bingo!

He made a fortune out of this fringe niche in a very short space of time – you can to if you put your mind to it. ALWAYS try and think outside the box.

3. Nobody Likes a Salesman!

Out of all the beginner affiliate marketing mistakes to avoid I would say this one is the most important.

Once you find a niche you are interested in and comfortable with you should concentrate on helping people – not selling to them!

Nobody Likes a Salesman!

Helping visitors to your website will give the impression that you are genuine and that you are an authority in your niche.

Once you are deemed an authority figure people will be interested in your opinion on certain products in that niche.

People are NOT stupid – if you try and start up a relationship with someone by trying to sell them an affiliate product they will see you for what you are.

4. Greed

Another common internet marketing mistake is to concentrate on the affiliate products that are going to bring in the big dollars.

Sure it would be great to be selling these types of products but do you realize how much time it will take to convince someone to part with that amount of cash?

These expensive products require a huge amount of marketing and effort on your part – people will not just hand over thousands of dollars to someone they are not 100% sure about.

You will need to be regarded as an expert and this my friends…takes time (and a lot of it!).

Avoid greed in marketing

You will find that if you had spent this time concentrating on selling a $10 book you would of made a lot more money.

Look for products that offer quality service for the least amount of money. It will make it easier to make multiple sales in shorter amount of time.

5. Thinking There is no Competition

Whatever niche you choose there will be some kind of competition out there. It may not seem like direct competition at first but somewhere along the line it will turn into it.

There are others out there who have had the same idea as you and there are others who will decide to copy you ( if you have success with promoting something! ).

Thinking There is no Competition

It’s by no means the end of the world if you find competition – use them! I don’t mean copy their work word for word – I mean learn from them and leverage ideas from them.

If they have an article you like, leverage it and make it better (leverage DOES NOT mean copy).

Use them as a weapon against themselves and don’t look back – a little healthy competition can do wonders for your bottom line.

6. Using Paid Advertising Too Soon

All internet marketing techniques have one thing in common – practice makes perfect! Paid advertising is extremely effective but ONLY if you know what you are doing.

Learn what kind of click through rates you get with your promotions, and how many people actually purchase compared to how many clicks you get.

Paid advertising is very much a balancing act – you want to make more than you spend (obviously!).

7. Ignoring The Power of SEO

I actually did this once…and ended up learning a hard, hard lesson…

One of my marketing mentors, who is a brilliant internet marketer by all accounts, wrote a blog post on how he’d decided to stop writing for Google and start writing for himself.

“Wow what a refreshing angle – why don’t I try this?” I thought…

Now, the marketing mentor in question is a millionaire – I on the other hand…am not (yet!).

Ignoring The Power of SEO

He doesn’t have to write for Google or concentrate on SEO because he can hit the sh#t out of Google Adwords if he needs to – he’ll always have a money backup to SEO.

Remember – even the smallest of businesses can rank on search engines.

If you manage to get just one of your articles on the first page of Google, Bing or Yahoo, you could make a living off that content alone!

Learn to Learn

We hope you have enjoyed our article on beginner affiliate marketing mistakes to avoid and we hope you can take something from it.

Remember – internet marketing is one of those things where I don’t think you can ever learn “too much”.  If you want to avoid affiliate marketing mistakes it’s best to keep your head screwed on and try not to cut corners.

Hard work and dedication will provide you with the results you are looking for 🙂

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4 comments on “Beginner Affiliate Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

  1. Hey Chris

    This is a nice set of tips. Tip 1 is really true especially for those who are looking out for overnight riches. I like how you stress that affiliate marketing is a business. Truly if one thinks of affiliate marketing as a business, the amount someone can earn will be much more than trying out 1 scam after another.


    1. Hi Jane!

      Yeah it’s a business alright – a lot of hard work and dedication/patience. Thanks for stopping by again and chipping in 🙂

  2. Hey Chris, thank you for this post. I wish I had seen 5 years ago. I found myself becoming impatience while building my website, and because of that, I started to get involve in paid advertising and almost loose everythong.
    I really see where you coming from, now I am learning from a new source that guiding me around the right path. Thank you for posting this that others would not make the same mistake that I have made.


    1. Hello David,
      Yeah it’s easy to choose the wrong path when you’re first starting out – I did exactly the same thing so you’re not alone! Glad to hear that you’ve found a source that is now guiding you down the right path, good luck in the future 🙂

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