Bad SEO Techniques – The Outdated Zone

Bad SEO Techniques - The Outdated Zone

The internet is an ever evolving beast and the search engines that dominate it also follow suit. The most poweful of these platforms is probably the one that changes the most frequently – Google.

By employing bad SEO techniques you are handing your website a slap that it is very unlikely to survive from. The big ‘G’ isn’t the most forgiving of creatures – when you’re out, you’re out!

It worries me that so many low budget SEO companies are still opting to showcase bad SEO techniques to their customers. Just the other day I paid a visit to the Warrior Forum and Fiverr and I was shocked by what I saw.

Yeah, I know these are not exactly the ‘stand out’ places to go to get a marketing service but still…these guys were blatantly bad news!

The truth is there for all to see – an SEO tactic that worked last week, might well get your site penalized this week.

So let’s take a look at the outdated SEO techniques you should now run a mile from…

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#1 SEO Guest Blogging

Thanks to the actions of a certain Matt Cutts, SEO guest blogging is now well and truly dead in the water.

Millions of marketers out there were banking on the power of guest post links. Instead of attracting traffic back their own site they were concentrating on gaining a backlink.

The work became, shabby, messy and spam-ridden. Google sat up, took notice and swiped it’s mighty sword!

A hugely popular site named received an almighty slap from Google. All sites that were linked to this service also received an almighty slap.

Why Google chose to make an example of this site alone is anyone’s guess – it worked though, and it worked well!

#2 Anchor Text & Backlinks

This is a pet hate of mine – I still see people filling up the spam box on this site by using this outdated SEO technique. Anchor text and backlinks used to go together like salt and pepper – how times have changed!

anchor-303903_640In 2012 a little penguin arrived on the scene carrying a brand new Google algorithm. Since then it has been updated a few times into the beast we know today.

The Penguin algorithm was introduced to target spam-ridden backlinks and penalize the users of them. This means that highly targeted, keyword stuffed backlinks got lynched.

Google now has the power to determine how natural your anchor text is. If you appear like you are targeting a keyword it will treat the link as a spam link and penalize accordingly.

You need to target more natural anchor text that does not go over the top. Natural text suggests that the website is linking to the content because it is useful and interesting.

#3 How to Get Quality Backlinks

Now we get to the incredibly dodgy subject of backlinks – do they still work and how much of a risk are you taking by targeting them?

The backlink playing field has well and truly changed – it’s now all about Quality over Quantity.

Long gone are the days when a copy of Bookmarking Demon could propel you to the giddy heights of Google – now your links need substance!

How to Get Quality Backlinks

When I first started out online it was relatively easy to get a new site to rank well by taking the time to hammer backlinks in it’s direction. It didn’t matter where the backlinks came from as long as there were plenty of them!

These days you must ONLY target quality backlinks or organic backlinks. Try and draw in natural backlinks from site’s that share the same niche topic as you.

You need to concentrate on producing top quality content that interests readers enough so they share it. These shares will result in organic backlinks – VERY powerful backlinks in the eyes of Google.

#4 Using Invisible Text

To be honest I never used this technique but I used to find it extremely clever! Many online marketers would use invisible text to keyword stuff their pages so they ranked well in the SERPS.

Using Invisible Text

This technique would involve them using white text on a white background at the base/footer of the page where nobody could see it.

Of course Google would be able to read the text but no human eye could – very clever!

Well the game is well and truly up on this technique as well – now Google notices it as keyword stuffing spam and will act accordingly.

#5 Article Marketing Promotion

During my initial internet marketing training at the WA University I was taught that article marketing promotion was they way to go. Not only did article directories rank well and funnel website traffic, they acted as a great backlink as well.

At the time there was nothing wrong with this technique – it was a widely used and powerful internet marketing tactic.

I think the downfall of article directories came about when Google realized that article syndication bred far too much duplicate content.

Article Marketing Promotion

These article directories allowed anyone to download their published articles as long as the links were kept in place. This meant that your article ( along with your links ) could be uploaded to someone else’s site resulting in some awesome backlinks for you.

But it was duplicate content – there’s no getting away from it!

Google absolutely HATES duplicate content and will do anything in it’s power to avoid listing it.

These directories that target article marketing promotion have now taken a hit off Google and they are never likely to return. The links you get from them are near enough worthless therefore a waste of your time.

Avoid Bad SEO Techniques

At the end of the day there will always be savvy online marketers that develop new and inventive ways to game the system. The question is – how long will these techniques last for?

In my experience the safe option is always going to be the best option – the last thing you want is to be caught out two years down the line.

Your website is your online empire – take risks with it and you may well lose it altogether.

Some mistakes are easily rectified whilst others cannot be easily undone.

If you are interested in learning more about effective SEO we suggest trying out the FREE tutorials the Wealthy Affiliate offer. Read our full review on their services by clicking the link below:


8 comments on “Bad SEO Techniques – The Outdated Zone

    1. Hi Hagop,
      It’s simply a case of contacting relevant blogs in your niche and asking the owner if you could post an ( original & unique ) article on their site. You can then include a hyperlink or backlink to your own site. The key here is to make sure the article you write is high quality – guest blogging can still work if you ONLY concentrate on HIGH QUALITY content. If you aim at throwing out poor standard content with this technique you will get your website slapped ( as I mentioned in the article, guest blogging is a touchy SEO subject these days! )

  1. Great article!
    So it’s better to have a few backlinks from high quality websites then lots of backlinks from bad quality websites? And how do I recognize a good or low quality website?
    It would be great if you could help me with this one!



    1. Hi Tijmen,
      I always go for the sites that are listed within the first two pages of Google’s results. Check they have a privacy policy and an ‘About’ page and check out the layout. Great sites will always stand out as dynamic and clean – they will also have a lot of comments/engagement on certain posts.
      Good luck 🙂

  2. I hear a lot about backlinks and I see you write about them here too.
    I don’t really understand what it’s about though. Is it when someone leaves a visible hyperlink on someone else’s site to their site?
    Or does it matter if the link is visible or not?
    I mean, as I leave this comment here I note that there is a field where I can put my website link. That link won’t show if you publish the comment, but is it still a backlink?
    I find it all a bit confusing frankly.
    Good advice here though – so thanks.

    1. Hi Eoin,
      Yeah backlinks are hyperlinks ( usually visible ) that are left on other people’s sites. These links point to specific pages on your website. When you comment here you have the option of leaving a backlink in the ‘website’ field – the link WILL show up once you have published the comment and it has got through moderation ( i.e. it is not spam! ).
      Hope that clears things up for you 🙂

  3. Hey, Chris

    Thank You for an insightful post on bad SEO techniques. I can relate to this because in the past I have been a part of affiliate marketing training programs that just never freshly updated online business building strategies, that lead to my failure online because I was implementing bad practices.

    You have highlighted some important points when it comes to Search Engine Optimization, and your article will help those who are in need of practices that work today.

    Cheers. Neil

    1. Hi there Neil,
      Yeah, bad SEO techniques can really drag your website down to the point where it’s hard to recover. Glad to hear your marketing efforts are more inline now 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by and joining in with the article conversation!

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