Bad SEO Techniques – Out With The Old, in With The New!

Bad SEO Techniques

Over the last few years effective SEO techniques have suddenly turned into bad SEO techniques. If you are still stuck in the mud with your old tactics you really need to buck up your ideas and make a change for the better.

Old fashioned SEO won’t only cause your traffic to stagnate – it may also cause it to disappear completely!

1) Let’s Build Some Links! 

Many moons ago it was common place to build up as many back links as possible and sit back and watch your blog climb the rankings. In fact you still get of few deluded souls who believe this is still the case now!

Well I’m afraid it’s not!

Use of Back LinksThese days, you’ll notice new sites with only a handful of links outranking old authoritative sites.

This is down to the fact that webmasters are now chasing more relevant links that also appear a lot more natural. This is the way it should be – place a link to get traffic NOT to increase your back link portfolio.

Google’s Penguin algorithm update has really been a blessing in disguise – there is not much room for those looking to game the system any longer.

Now you have to concentrate on your content and hope it is appealing enough for people to link back to – you have to appear natural.

The only back links I have built on this site come from my posts being shared on StumbleUpon and Google+. I don’t spend any time creating back links these days and I still achieve fantastic rankings. This tells me one thing – Google ain’t that interested in the quantity of back links.

2) Keyword Density

When I was working my way through my WA internet training I was constantly reminded of the importance of keywords and keyword density within an article.

Well this technique has well and truly bit the dust these days!

I still like to include a couple of keywords within my content but I NEVER go overboard with the density any longer – there’s no need!


Google now uses a system called Latent Semantic Indexing to figure out what terms a piece of content should be ranking for. This means it can scan through unstructured collections of text and figure out what the topic is.

I now feel that the most important use of keywords is in the title’s of the articles and posts you use on your website. Not only will your article rank for the keyword in the title it will also rank for closely related keywords ( due to this Latent Semantic Indexing process ).

These days you have much more freedom to write content that is user-friendly. You are not having to concentrate on cramming in keywords that don’t really fit – you can write much more naturally.

3) Pages Mean Traffic

I’ve lost count of the amount of times I have had discussions with webmasters who believe the key to BIG traffic is down to the amount of published pages you have on your site!

Pages Mean TrafficSimply put – if you publish a page of space-filling content it will not rank well.

Mediocre content will do absolutely NOTHING for you in the long run. To be honest the way things are going mediocre content will at some point hurt your beloved site.

Remember that Google update that everyone was banging on about – Panda?

Well this update managed to finally get rid of all the assholes out there that were intent on marketing through poor content. Good old Panda is able to distinguish decent efforts from crap efforts – so if you put your back into content you will now be rewarded for your efforts.

NOTE – There’s nothing wrong with having thousands of pages of DECENT content. All I am saying here is that filler content will be weeded out and punished accordingly.

4) The Longer The Better

I have also come across many so-called ‘big players’ claiming that the longer your posts/articles the better. This does make sense but is it really the case?

When I am performing keyword research through Jaaxy I often use the Search Analysis function to see what the players on the first page of Google are up to. This allows me to take an in depth look at my competition for keywords I am thinking about using.

One of the parameters Jaaxy returns to me is the word count of the post/article that is ranking on the first page. You would be surprised at how many of these high ranking pages are under 500 words. You would also be surprised at how many 2000 word articles rank just below these shorter posts!

5) Top Rankings…Still NO Traffic!

This is something I experienced last year with one of my niche sites ( that failed miserably may I add LOL ). Just because you have achieved wicked rankings with your site doesn’t necessarily mean you are going to get a tidal wave of visitors.

A lot of people are going to see your listing on the first page of Google but will they be clicking through to your site?

If you are using lame titles or unappealing meta tags then the answer is no – people will not be interested in what your article has to say!

Another point to consider is the amount of TRUE traffic a long tail keyword will generate. If you are using Google’s Keyword Planner then you may be on the wrong track. The traffic estimations produced by this tool are not always realistic enough to follow – in a lot of cases they are well off the mark!

If you want a precise representation of keyword traffic I would always recommend Jaaxy as it’s the only tool I would ever consider using. Test it out for FREE by making a simple search in the box below:

9 comments on “Bad SEO Techniques – Out With The Old, in With The New!

  1. Very informative article on SEO and the tips you provided are simply invaluable! I agree, backlinks do not have the strength that they used to years ago. Also, good call on the Keyword Density issue, which I think can be overlooked and lead to keyword stuffing.. Something you definitely don’t want to do within your posts.

    Lastly, great recommendation for people who are struggling to get traffic. I can attest to the fact that Jaaxy has greatly improved my ability to get up to 1,000’s in new visitors every single day, so fantastic job here Chris!

  2. You have some great tips here. I couldn’t agree more with you on #4. I’m still somewhat of a newbie and I personally have a few shorter posts that are ranked.

    I find it hard to believe that you’re going to get more Google juice from a longer post when with such short attention spans these days visitors to your site may not want to read really long posts.

    Even if you are ranking for word count it still may lead to #5 on your list. Maybe not ranked with no traffic, but traffic with high bounce rate.

    1. Yeah that’s a difficult one to predict Chris! The truth of the matter is that Google loves content – the more it gets the better it ranks the work ( for better or for worse in most cases! ).

  3. Hello Chris,
    I love point #5, I have a lot of posts on Google first page but the traffic I’m getting isn’t as wide spread as I hoped and plus, they were not as numerous as what Google Keyword Planner mentioned. You’re totally right on the fact that its unrealistic, think I’ll have a go at Jaaxy instead and see how it goes, fingers crossed!

    1. Jaaxy is probably the best tool out there for keyword research Riaz – give the trial a go and see for yourself the difference it makes! 🙂

  4. Hi Chris

    The SEO world has changed a lot in the recent years. It is getting harder to fool Google and the SERP have an idea how good quality content looks like.

    Quality content is by far the biggest “metric” when it comes to rankings and the fact is that Google only cares about what your readers think of your blog.

  5. I actually like the updates that Google has made with its algorithms as I believe this will result to better, more quality sites – at one point in time there seemed to be way too many niche targeted sites full of filler content out there!

    Out with the old, in with the new not only in terms of rules but in terms of the quality of content that we now can expect online – this can only be a good thing right Chris?

    This gives serious internet marketers who genuinely want to build a business that will not only allow them to earn but that will offer genuine solutions to the online user.

    I have bookmarked your site to reference to it later on, you’ve managed to cover some great blogging subjects here that I am desperate to get into!

    Thanks for this great post.

    1. Yeah the updates have certainly dealt a severe blow to the niche marketers with very little talent out there. And let’s be honest here – there were WAY too many of them floating about taking easy money!

      Content is the only way forward these days – and quality content at that!

      The better your content, the more engagement you get in the comment sections and the more notice Google will take of your website! Don’t forget – comments also count as extra content on your site in the eyes of the search engines!

      Google is all about user experience at the end of the day – they want their search results to show up the top choices online. They DON’T want their results to bring up fluff and page filling crap!

      Great to speak with you Kathy. Thanks for taking the time to leave this comment and thanks for the bookmark as well. 🙂

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