Awesome Apps That You Can Earn Gift Cards With

Awesome Apps That You Can Earn Gift Cards With

I used to get really pissed off with certain reward sites that paid in the currency of gift cards – I’d done the work so I wanted cold hard cash in exchange for my efforts!

Over time I began to realize that these gift cards were not so bad – they could be exchanged for money via gift card-selling sites like Raise.

I don’t use these types of reward sites any longer – I’m way too busy running websites for a living…but I have noticed the gift card craze slowly creeping towards the ‘device’ territory.

So today we are going to take a look at a selection of apps that you can earn gift cards with. Check out the list below and see if something tickles your fancy…

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The MyPoints Coupon Code

I’d say that MyPoints is probably one of the most popular gift card earning apps out there at the moment – it certainly seemed to have the most coverage when I was researching them!

MyPoints Coupon Code

You earn points by downloading and using MyPoints Coupon Codes or you can view adverts (like a PTC site), videos and completing various offers.

It’s pretty much like a Clixsense for your phone at the end of the day!

It’s completely free to use and you need to hit a points total of 650 points before you can start claiming gift cards.

The Swagbucks Mobile App

Good old Swagbucks – I used to love using this site when I first came online to earn (completely legit work and ALWAYS paying on time!).

The app works on the same principal, well currency, as the main site – you get paid in Swagbucks for all the work you do with it!

The Swagbucks Mobile App

You can spend your time earning by reading articles and filling out surveys or my favorite…watching videos all day for money!

Yeah it’s true – you can simply run videos, one after another, with Swagbucks and earn as you go along. The payment for each video watched isn’t going to get you to Trump Tower but it’s easy money…or gift cards…at the end of the day!

The Mobee App Review

Mobee is an App that pays you to complete missions near you – more often than not these missions involve you turning into a bit of a mystery shopper!

Whenever you complete one of these missions you earn points that can be exchanged for cash cards or reward cards.

The Mobee App Review

I will point out that the Mobee app might not be worth it for some people who live in a rural area, but if you live in the city, you should have no problems getting missions.

Whenever you reach the payment threshold there is a 24 hour wait before you receive your reward.

The Shopkick Barcode Route…

This was one of the app systems I really didn’t fancy taking part in – there’s nothing wrong with the setup itself…I just wouldn’t feel comfortable scanning items in a store!

Shopkick Barcode

You can also scan your store receipts AFTER you’ve left the store for extra rewards. Shopkick pays for missions with ‘kicks’ – their very own currency.

This currency can then be exchanged for various gift cards (when you have accumulated enough, of course!).

Iconzoomer – Shoot it!

This was quite an interesting app, and pretty easy to use as well. All you have to do is take pictures of…well just about anything interesting you’ve bought…and get paid!

It could be your lunch, a new coat you’ve bought, some trainers/shoes…you get the picture right?


Apparently these images you send will be used to inspire developers and designers.

When you have earned enough points from your photos you can exchange them for various gift cards etc.

I-Say Mobile

Ipsos has been a very popular market research company for as long as I can remember now – I-Say Mobile is their branch out into the world of apps!

With their I-Say, you answer surveys and polls and are rewarded with cash or gift cards to use with iTunes and Amazon.

I-Say Mobile

The minimum you will get paid for the lesser surveys is a dollar – the more involved surveys reach as far as a whopping $95!

They are a well known company and very legit – a good choice to take on if you are looking to do surveys through your device.

Does Panel App Work?

Yes it certainly does…which is why we’ve included it here!

With Panel App, you basically walk around your local areas and take surveys which are locked into your location – pretty fun stuff really (and a form of fitness when you think about it!).

Does Panel App Work?

Obviously, this is more aimed towards mobile phones as you’ll need a GPS up and running before you can take part.

The points you earn from each location survey can then be exchanged for various Amazon gift cards.

Apps That You Can Earn Gift Cards With

There are a lot more apps out there that allow you to earn gift cards but they are all very similar to the ones I have covered here in the article.

If you know of any other (unique) apps that we could include in the list above please consider leaving info on them in the comment section below.

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2 comments on “Awesome Apps That You Can Earn Gift Cards With

  1. I was attracted to your entire site after reading this Post. You got my attention.
    These are great ways to earn extra money and build up points. I love the potential for gift cards also. Who doesn’t like giftcards where you can buy anything you want?
    I saved this Post to my favorites because I will need to come back after trying some of these apps to try more. Would you say one is better than another? Or, can you recommend which one to start with? Where can I make the most money…from which app has the most potential? Thanks this is awesome! – Matt B.

    1. Hey Matt,

      I’d say you are probably safest with the Swagbucks option – they have been going online for years now and are a well known and legit option for earning with!

      It depends really on what you fancy doing to earn money?

      Are the options that Swagbucks offer something you’d be interested in earning from?

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