Avoid Common Blogging Mistakes – Commitment is Key


Avoid Common Blogging Mistakes

The worst mistake newcomers to the blogging world make is not treating it as a real business. At the end of the day, you’ll only ever get out what you put in!

If you are looking to avoid common blogging mistakes then this is the article for you. Start off on the right foot and give yourself the best chance of reaching the giddy heights of internet success…

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Start Blogging Business

A few weeks ago a fellow entrepreneur pointed out to me how many blogs get started up on a daily basis. I forget the exact number but it was quite an impressive amount.

Our conversation evolved and we got to the point where we were putting in guestimates ( man I hate that word! ) on how many of these blogs would become floating blogs.

By ‘floating blogs’ we mean blogs that were started up and then left to rot for years in the internet wilderness. We came to the conclusion that most of these blogs would end up this way.

You see, people don’t realize what they can achieve with a little hard work and dedication. They master a bit of keyword research, they publish about 10 quality posts and then they give up when they see low results.

Many outsiders look upon blog owners as nothing more than geeks fulfilling a hobby addiction. Unfortunately this view seems to seep it’s way into new blogger’s thought processes.

Just because you don’t have to travel into a city office every day and wear a three piece suit doesn’t mean your not a businessman ( or businesswoman ).

This misconception causes many profit bloggers to treat their online business as nothing more than a pastime. A pastime does not really involve that much planning so the outcome is going to be very thin ( aka no money! ).

A business plan is extremely important in ANY sort of business – without it you are making your journey blindfolded…

YOUR Commitment

I’m sure you’ve come across numerous eBooks and courses online that try and persuade you that a few hours work a day is all you need to succeed.

You get up in your boxer shorts, make a quick coffee, sit down in front of the laptop and put in a few hours work.

After this you might as well hit the golf course because the money is apparently going to look after itself right?

When have you ever heard about a successful business being this easy – it doesn’t exist, does it?

Commitment is key – so plan to use plenty of it!

Many newcomers will still be holding down a full time job when starting up an online business.

This means that you must plan out the time needed to get your online venture up and running. You must also try your hardest to stick to this plan.

Rome wasn’t built in a day – internet businesses aren’t either!

How to Avoid Common Blogging Mistakes

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19 comments on “Avoid Common Blogging Mistakes – Commitment is Key

  1. Brilliant read Chris! I agree with you 100%. I think there must be so many half-hearted attempts at blogs floating around in cyber space.
    This might be an online business, but it is still an online business and it should be treated as such. With effort, dedication, planning and time put into it.
    If this is not done it will not work, just like any other business won’t work unless you invest yourself into it.

  2. Hello Chris Some great advice my friend. Love the words Commitment and Plan. You are so right many start off with passion and enthusiasm and then run out of steam when it appears they are not making the headway expected.

    Yet by having a plan and the commitment to stick to it (for the long term) and not having unreal expectations of your skills and abilities and the amount of money that’s going to come flooding in, you will not become disillusioned.

    Most overnight ‘success’ takes 20 years in the real world (a lot less online) and often the hard work behind the scenes goes unacknowledged as people focus upon the fruits of the labor and not the hard labor required to produce the fruit.

    So totally agree, create a plan and commit to it and let the success take whatever time it needs to materialize.

    Good work 🙂

  3. Hi!
    I agree most blogs do become floaters and very few get taken to the heights every one of them could obtain with the right training.
    I like your recommendation of WA for training, I am well aware of their top notch tutorials and live trainings, and the support there is incredible!
    Thanks for the tips and happy blogging!


  4. I can definitely resonate with this article because I also had a website which I left and didnt really do anything with. I left it because i really didnt know where to begin and of course, now i know it all begins with content and commitment. i also really liked about your comment how if you already have a full time job you need to plan when you are going to work on your online business – this is so true

  5. Hey Chris,
    I truly want to thank you for this blog, I read every single word of it and I try to use all your advises. You really inspired my try to succeed online. I’ve read a lot of things on the web but your words seem to be honest and helpful. Good luck with whatever you are doing and keep “teaching” us with your knowledge!

  6. Great read Chris. I totally agree especially in the first few months of the site’s existence.

    Generally bloggers don’t see much organic search traffic so it can be discouraging but if you’ve created a robust and thoughtful plan and stick to it then traffic will come eventually and they’ll be plenty of articles to read.

    1. Yeah it’s always pretty slow for the first 8 weeks or so on the organic front. I have a site I started up about a month ago and I’m only seeing about 4 to 5 visitors at the moment – soul destroying but it’s part of the procedure unfortunately!

  7. I think there can be a number of reasons why people start blogs and then just leave them. For starters, they realise writing regularly can be hard work, secondly results are not immediate. The major thing is a lack of direction which can only come with the correct training and a commitment to see it through.

    You post covers those 2 important key elements: Commitment and training. It’s only a short post, but you do a good job getting your point across in very few words. I like posts like this as I don’t always want to read pages of information. I just want to get to the important stuff.

    1. Commitment and training – you’re bang on the money there Darren! Great to hear that you enjoyed the post and took something from it 🙂

  8. This idea of floating blogs is intriguing Chris. Just kind of bouncing around out there waiting for some internet shark to gobble their expired domain. It creates that perspective you so eloquently describe. It’s out there, waiting for you to give up. The chasm. Don’t let it suck you in. Thanks for helping to keep those feet moving. Geoff.

  9. Its true that many people don’t see the task of crating a website though. It is hard work and it does take time and dedication. This is something that many people don’t expect when creating a blog. But I guess at least for those of us that do continue to put in the work, at least there is a bit less competition!

  10. HI Chris,

    I think you are absolutely spot on in this article. I have come to realise this really is a legit business model, but it takes a lot of hard work to get the results.

    The thing is once you learn the right skills and take regular action you can and will succeed. Learning + action + persistence = online success. Like you say, treat it like a real business.

    Thanks for sharing, awesome post!

  11. Hello again, Chris.

    Rome wasn’t built in a day – internet businesses aren’t either! This phrase struck me hard, and I love it. This is a great article and once that is pointing to the most important key in any kind of business, “Commitment”.

    You’ve said it, in order to see results, we must treat this online venture as a real business, not juts something on the side.

    This is what I’m doing, I’m working hard on my site every day and I know that it will take me months before starting to see the results I’m looking for. 2/3/6 months or more than a year, I don’t care how much it will take or what others are saying about it, I am commited to make this thing work and I won’t stop until achieving this goal.

    Thanks for this great reminder, everyone needs to read this post.


    1. Hello once again Imad!

      Yeah it’s all down to content at the end of the day – the more you get on your site the quicker it will grow!

  12. Informative article Chris!!!

    Commitment and training, those are two important points. As a you told one of my friend started blogging with very enthusiasm. He did that only for one month after never look at it because he does not want to do hard work. I fully agree with you with out having seriousness towards commitment you win your race

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