Autoresponder Madness Review – Email Marketing Aid

Autoresponder Madness Review - Email Marketing Aid

I’m not the biggest fan of email marketing but I’m not ignorant enough to think it’s not a lucrative process for marketers.

I tend to think it’s a little intrusive – a little ‘rude’ if you like!

I don’t know about you, but I hate receiving spam in my mail box! Now, autoresponder mail isn’t exactly spam, but sometimes it is unwanted.

I decided to put out this ​Autoresponder Madness review today because I’ve been staying away from the subject of email marketing recently.

I feel that if I stay away from a marketing subject for too long I become a bit of a dinosaur – a little bit ‘dated’ at best!

So, with a the help of a VERY generous friend, I got to test out this interesting autoresponder package for free ( cheers Mark! ).

Let’s take a closer look at it…

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Autoresponder Madness Course

The Autoresponder Madness course is the brainchild of Andre Chaperon and has been around since 2009.

Andre himself seems to be a rather successful internet marketer that has been in business since 2004.

The product itself is a 18-lesson email marketing course designed for online and affiliate marketers.

Autoresponder Madness Course

It’s actually targeting a certain ‘type’ of affiliate marketer – one who has their own product up for sale or have an email list of at least 1,000 subscribers.

Andre has been studying these types of affiliate marketers for some time now and he believes that he can at least treble their monthly earnings with his his email creation and broadcast tactics.

Let’s take a closer look at some of these tactics…

#1 Create Customer Personas

This was a little bit confusing for me at first – it involves building up customer personas, or avatars.

These customer personas, or avatars, will then allow you to identify your target customers and find out what type of product or solution they are searching for.

This process involves you mailing your entire list before you can move onto the second step…which is based on how many replies you receive from this mass mail out!

#2 Dividing The List

When the replies come back in, you are then able to segment the members who actually showed an interest in your initial mail.

You then use this list of members to move onto the next section…

#3 Release Your Story

This was a really interesting aspect of the setup – you start to release stories ( or what Andre calls Soap Opera Sequences ) to this segmented list of subscribers.

You are basically sending them the beginning of a story then cutting it short – like a cliff-edge ending to a soap opera episode!

The next mail you send them will carry on from where you left off, and the next mail will add to the story, and so on, and so on…

The more your audience reads the more and more comfortable and familiar they become with you. Remember – you are eventually going to put some sort of product in front of them!

Simply put – the more they read the more trustworthy and ‘household’ you become to them ( pretty neat right? ).

I was a little put off by this part of the process at first because I don’t consider myself a ‘story teller’. I’m a blogger by trade but I ain’t Stephen King!

Thankfully Andre has attempted to address this lack of confidence by including a complete Soap Opera Sequence he has used in the past!

This Sequence includes 27 emails that you can base your story on – it helps immensely!

#4 Splinter Soap Opera Sequences

By the time you get to this step you are looking for subscribers to join onto one of your splinter sequences. Andre reckons that subscribers are highly likely to buy off you at this point.

This splinter Sequence is centered around the product your subscriber has already shown an interest in. Apparently these side sequences come with a 31+% conversion rate.

The thought process behind this is that you are going to get high conversions through a low number of subscribers.

Autoresponder Madness Scam?

Na this isn’t a scam – it’s actually a pretty clever setup that has obviously worked before and will probably work again!

Andre provides lots of insights into how people buy online and the psychological process they follow when doing so.

Remember – this guy has been making his way through the internet marketing playing fields since 2004 ( he has had plenty of time to perfect his techniques! ).

I think I would probably have got a little lost within this product without Andre’s included examples of case studies and emails. This was a VERY clever move on his behalf!

Autoresponder Madness Scam?

By using this product I learned something new – and that doesn’t happen too often these days!

Some of the grammar was a bit dicey in places but overall the information provided was exciting and engaging.

I’m not the biggest fan of email marketing, as I mentioned in the intro to the review, but this certainly stoked a few fires in me!

If you already have an email subscriber list and want to squeeze more money from it – this is a great option ( in my humble opinion! ).

It will provide you will laser targeted lessons and easy-to-follow case studies – what could go wrong?

Well worth a look if you are into this sort of thing!

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