Audience Growth Strategy – The Four Point Plan


Audience Growth Strategy

You may have noticed that I’ve been concentrating on the subject of website audience/traffic over the last week and that is down to a very good reason…

People are still getting this subject very, very WRONG!

Today I will be looking at a simple audience growth strategy that can work for any blog as long as the owner is prepared to put the work in.

It’s a four-point attack that you’ve probably already ignored but hopefully this article will point out the importance of taking proper notice of it.

The Audience Growth Strategy

Social media has become the go-to form of attack for most bloggers looking for extra traffic. And why not? Social media can bring in awesome amounts of traffic when used correctly!

Social Media TwitterUnfortunately in most cases you’re in for a major uphill fight going that route due to the amount of bloggers who choose to pay their way to the top of the social tree.

Most newbies haven’t got a choice – it’s the FREE way every time otherwise they might as well give it all up.

It’s disheartening, it’s cold and it’s unforgiving. Just look at what you’re up against…

  • In a 24 hour period there are millions of new blogs hitting the internet
  • People now realize that gaming Google is up and they must produce quality content to improve – the competition is good…VERY good!
  • Social media sites need to earn money, so they’re reducing organic reach and increasingly making it more necessary to pay to get your message out.
  • ​Google does not like SEO any longer and if it notices you doing it – it will kick hard!

​It’s enough to make you give up before you’ve started really isn’t it?

But not so fast – as I mentioned earlier, there is a four point form of attack that may just swing the battle your way…

  1. Honest Blogging
  2. Simple Video
  3. Podcasts
  4. Targeted Advertsing

​Let’s take a look at this four point audience growth strategy in a little more detail…

banner 2

#1 Honest Blogging

When I first started out online, many of the big businesses avoided blogging like the plague. They felt it was nothing more than a waste of time and left it for the bored housewives or the amateur photographers.

All this has changed!

The online advertising world has evolved tenfold over the last 4-5 years and it is nowhere near as effective as it used to be.

Advertising Has Changed

Do you remember the last time you took proper notice of a flashing banner ad?

No, I don’t either!

So these days advertising needs to be a little more delicate and thoughtful – social media or organic search for example!

Google and Facebook have changed their ad systems and no longer want marketers linking paid ads straight to an offer or landing page. They now want marketers to point these ads towards useful content!

So we must blog…and blog hard! 

The best adverts are now content related so get PLENTY of decent content out there!

This to me is music to my ears – all we have to do is keep on writing and sharing our opinions and we are essentially creating paid ads for FREE!

#2 Simple Video

I’m not going to sit here and preach to you that every marketing campaign needs video because that is total bulls##t.

What I will say is that video can and will dramatically improve your chances of success IF you decide to go down that route.

Simple Video

The medium of video allows you to build a relationship with your prospects that is near enough impossible to pull off through typed text alone. People are visual by nature and take to images a lot faster than the written word.

Video, if used correctly, will always bring you a super high level of engagement – if you have the time, include it in your marketing armory!

#3 Podcasts

Man, this form of getting your thoughts across has REALLY taken off and this is for one single reason…


When you are reading an article there is always something to the left or right of the screen drawing your attention away. When you are watching a video there is always some sort of advert popping up at various point on the timeline.

Most forms of engagement online need to be keep short and sweet due to people switching off after a few minutes – it’s the nature of the beast I’m afraid!

But podcasting has no distractions to speak of as people usually listen to them when they are on the move or looking for something to fill in the time.

A podcast is like a brand new album – it gets shot into people’s ears ans they have no option other than to listen to it ( well they could switch it off I guess but you get the picture right? ).

#4 Targeted Advertising

targeted advertisingAnd now we come to the devil itself – paid advertising! Unfortunately if all other forms of marketing attack have failed you may well have to consider putting your hand in your pocket – these are the times we live in!

There are sponsored adverts and posts all over the big social players now and they are VERY effective – it’s been termed as a ‘pay to play environment’.

But if you are able to go down this route keep this thought in mind – millions are still trying to do it the free way so how far ahead are you going to get when you pay?

You are going to leave them behind…

Your Plan of Attack

I’m not saying you should use all four points of attack provided above, I’m also not saying you need to put your hand in your pocket to succeed.

What I am saying is that if you can manage to implement ALL four into your blogging routine you will see more success – naturally!

For FREE training and guidance through your audience growth strategy I strongly suggest trying out the tutorials offered by the WA Community below:


11 comments on “Audience Growth Strategy – The Four Point Plan

  1. Of the four points you made above, I only do one – honest blogging (I think my content is original enough) and ‘half’ – I don’t create my video, but embed relevant YouTube video on my blog. I’ve yet to go into PPC, mainly because I am not seeing much ranking to my post yet.

    1) In your opinion/experience, what’s the prerequisite (besides having some money) before one invest in PPC?
    2) What do you mean by “​Google does not like SEO any longer”. I am a bit confused.


    1. Hi Cathy, Let’s try and tackle your questions…
      1) There’s only one real prerequisite before you invest in PPC – Knowledge! NEVER, EVER, EVER go into it without being educated in the subject first.
      2) Google is not interested in internet marketers or your level of SEO expertise – they are ONLY interested in what quality you can offer your audience. If they catch you openly participating in SEO they will drop your rankings – i.e. they don’t like SEO any longer 🙂

  2. Lots of good points in your article, I myself am now working on your second point Simple Video. In your experience, is it worth investing more time and money in creating simple video or should I be jumping to point #4 and spend my time on targeted advertising?
    Thank you,

    1. To be honest with you Jonathan I’d go for video over advertising at this moment in time, it currently seems to be working out for me 🙂

  3. Believe it or not, there are still so-called gurus out there teaching how to game Google and the other search engines.

    I really appreciate how you lay out the Audience Growth Strategy the Four Point Plan. I’m mostly using the Honest Blogging approach for now and focusing on quality content and free traffic.

    I was pleased to see you recommended Wealthy Affiliate. That’s where I’m learning now. It’s a wonderful community and I’m so glad I found it.

  4. You really show some very good 4 strategies to increase your incoming traffic. Like you say, blogging has been underestimated for long, but after market conditions have changed, is such a great way to go now!

    At one point you say Google doesn’t like SEO anymore. Do you really mean SEO or just black hat SEO? As far as I can see Google supports good SEO, because good SEO is equivalent to providing great, unique, helpful, captivating content! Why else is Matt Cutts giving many detailed tips on how to create and publish content that feeds Google properly?

    1. Google doesn’t like obvious SEO any longer – you have to be ‘cute’ with your efforts and use them sparingly. Matt Cutts has only worked for Google on and off over the last couple of years – make sure you are watching up to date videos and reading up to date content!

  5. Hello Chris:

    You have a good page here which explains your strategy for audience growth. I like your four-point strategy, although at this point I am only using one of them. I agree with you that we should produce plenty of decent content. There is an awful lot of information online from online marketers all pointing to the importance of quality content.

    You say that Google doesn’t like SEO any longer. But all of the information I see online including the training I am taking is geared toward SEO.

    Our posts and pages must be optimized for search engine rankings. Is this about to change?

    At this point, I am concentrating on simple blogging, no videos or podcasts. But I am sure that as my site develops I will be adding.

    I am hoping that slow and steady wins the race – I believe that I can catch up my competition if I constantly update my site. What was the main success route you used for this site Chris? Did you go slow and steady with it’s development?

    Thank you for sharing. You have made a lot of good points in this article.

    1. Hi Daniel,

      Okay I think you may have taken my words the wrong way really, try this – Google doesn’t like OBVIOUS search engine optimization any longer…

      Sound any better?

      There will always be a place for SEO but don’t think it’s the magic bullet…because it isn’t any longer. Your articles will rank for thousands of phrases – not just the ones you are targeting.

      In answer to your question, no, I wasn’t exactly slow and steady with this site when I first started out with it. I was quite the opposite really LOL.

      I am ‘slow and steady’ with it now though, as I’ve reached a level Google seems happy with…so I am too! 🙂

      My best success route?

      That will have to be content, then more content, then more content. Just keep writing and publishing mate…you’ll get there!

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