Astroturfing Definition – Astroturfing Marketing


Astroturfing Definition - Astroturfing Marketing

I thought it was about time I offered some sort of ​Astroturfing definition as I’m pretty sure you’ve come across many examples of it without realizing!

Successful affiliate marketing depends largely on the quality and the effectiveness of the products you supply. If you convince someone to purchase a turd they are highly unlikely to use your site again!

So as an internet/affiliate marketer you need to have access to trustworthy and clinical reviews.

But what happens if the reviews you are relying on are nothing more than bare-faced lies…

Astroturfing Marketing

When I first started out online I was pretty ‘green’ when it came to people’s testimonials and reviews ( most of us are though aren’t we? ).

This newbie status resulted in me promoting a product that was a bare-faced scam. I did not know this at the time and it was only one ‘bad’ product among many good products.

It didn’t matter though – I had tarnished my reputation and I had lost a lot of potential long-term customers.

I had fallen for a Astroturfing marketing ploy and I had ended up promoting something that should of been binned instead!

Astroturf Definition

Astroturfing is the attempt to create an impression of widespread grassroots support for a policy, individual, or product.

The main problem here is that most of the time this policy/individual/product is not worth much at all – the system is being gamed!

Astroturfing ReviewsThis type of practice usually takes place on the internet these days but it has been widespread ever since newspaper editors first invented the letters page.

These newspapers usually dived into the method of Astroturfing when a large political event was upcoming ( usually elections ). On their letters page you would start to see concerned residents from certain areas.

These concerned residents would be slating the current government or council’s decisions with a view to a new party taking over in the area.

In a lot of these cases these people writing in letters were actually politicians themselves!

This was obviously a rather dangerous way of getting ahead in politics especially if you got caught. But the internet provides users with an invisible presence. Forums, blog comment sections and even newspaper websites are perfect places to post as someone you are not!

Astroturfing Reviews

Well this is the main reason I thought I would bring up this subject today – can you imagine how easy it is to Astroturf a review?

I see it happening everywhere – on work at home products, on internet training and even on new films on IMDb.

Astroturfing is an extremely effective way of convincing someone that a product or service is good when in reality it is complete crap!

So please take your time and carry out PROPER market research before you start promoting other’s products. One ‘bad egg’ can effect your site for days, months or even years to come!

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9 comments on “Astroturfing Definition – Astroturfing Marketing

  1. A really good post that addresses the concept on astroturfing. Your definition spells out just how easily some people or places could see about pushing a product that real just simply does not live up to there claims.
    I find that you have addressed an issue that has been and definitely still is being done through out the Internet with making a product sound so great when they are not even worth the time it takes to read them.
    Buyer be ware!

  2. Great concept. You are right, if a person is going to promote a product they need to be definite it is what they say it is. Generating a business online can crash fast if what you are misleading the consumer. Return business is truly the only way for success in the marketing business. This information is definitely something that marketers need to be made aware of.

  3. Thanks for this information. I knew of the practice but I had never heard of the term “astroturfing” before so it was great that you gave a definition. Your post is a good reminder of all the things we have to beware of in online marketing. I will only promote products that I have used. I think it’s the only way to really be certain that something is genuine.



    1. Hi Deb,

      Glad to hear it! Internet marketers who end up promoting dud products end up losing all credibility – it’s then back to square one for you and your website ( and nobody wants that! ).

  4. Hello Chrisevans, Thanks for remind me to write review only products that I have used before. I want to be trusted by my readers, so I have to show them the real honest review about my products that I have been used, otherwise it is not fair also for the products. Thanks for your articles. Best wishes for you

  5. I knew it was out there but didn’t know it had a name, or was used as widely as it appears to be.

    I’ve fallen fowl of this before, promoted a product that someone suggested to me, which turned out to be a turd. I have to say that I felt awful!

    The method relies on social proof – or, if others think its good it must be good. It’s a shame because it could make people suspicious about all new products they see.

    You are definitely right though. If you aren’t going to test the product yourself, then think of yourself as a prospective customer, do your research and make an informed decision as to whether or not you would actually buy the product or service.

    Thanks again for the review 🙂

  6. Wow! Very informative and helpful. I had never heard of “Astroturfing” before, though after reading your post I realized that I have been a victim to it myself many a times. I lost several customers who could have been life-long buyers, and much, much more.

    I am now working on turning all of that around but as you said, once you do the damage it is hard to undo. That is some great sound advice everybody should be reading and remembering.

    Market Merchant

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