Are Neobux Rented Referrals Bots?

Are Neobux Rented Referrals Bots?

​It’s becoming an age old debate that nobody seems to know the answer to – are Neobux rented referrals bots?

I’ve been a member of this ground breaking PTC ( Paid-To-Click ) site for several years now and I am what you’d call an Ultimate Member. At the time of writing this I have just over 5000 rented referrals working for me on a daily basis.

I’ve seen it all and I’ve experienced good and bad times with the site – I feel I am fully qualified to answer this question…

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Neobux Explained

So what is Neobux?

Neobux is a PTC site where members can join for free and make money for free. PTC sites are essentially a cheap advertising platform for anyone that has a service or product to sell.

These PTC platforms pay members to view these adverts which is why the advertising costs are so cheap. Here’s a quick example below (the figures I’m using are purely estimates off the top of my head for demonstration purposes)…

  1. Advertisers pay something like $0.01 per advert view
  2. Neobux pays a member $0.005 to view this advert
  3. ​Both the member that viewed the advert and Neobux earn $0.005 for this advert viewed

​It’s not rocket science and it does work when done correctly!

The problem is that at least 75% of the PTC sites out there aim to game their customers AND their members.

Neobux on the other hand…DOES NOT!

To find out more about Neobux simply check out the site HERE

Neobux Rented Referrals

Earning $0.005 per advert click isn’t going to get you a holiday in the Maldives really is it?

This is where the rented referrals come into play – they are other members you can rent for a period of time with the view to taking a small percentage of their earnings.

Obviously they cost money but they give you the opportunity to multiply your earnings in style!

The problem is that not all members at Neobux find it right for them and stop clicking adverts after a day or two – what happens if you get some of these lazy sods?

Neobux Rented Referrals

Well you get the chance to recycle inactive (lazy) referrals for a small fee. This is where the argument starts to develop as some people believe these members (rented referrals) to be nothing more than Artificial Intelligence bots that are controlled by the people in charge at Neobux.

So, are Neobux rented referrals bots?

Lets take a closer look at the argument…

Controversy…or Just Wind?

It’s hard to know where to start with this argument so I’ll voice my own opinions on the subject first – I DO NOT GO ALONG WITH THE IDEA THAT NEOBUX RENTS BOTS AS REFERRALS.

You’ll find out why this is my opinion as we go through the rest of the article but lets start off with a blogspot blog that ranks pretty highly on Google’s first page of results at present.

Now before we go any further I should point out that blogspot is a FREE medium for people who are to tight to fork out $10 for a domain name. This never really fills me with confidence regarding the owners of these sites – if you have something to say then surely you can go the right way about it so people will take you seriously.

The page has the bold heading of – The Real Truth About Neobux

Boy does this FORMER member have a bee in his bonnet!

He/she rambles on for 4 posts on this homepage but I’ll only cover the post dated from Tuesday, January 31, 2012 here as I don’t want to give the idiot to much coverage. It starts off with this little beauty:

OK, so there’s quite a lot to digest there and none if it is positive right?

Let’s start with the members – Neobux certainly does have MILLIONS of members! Not all of them are active members but they are members all the same!

The last three statements above are a waste of my time and yours – the author here supplies no evidence whatsoever to back these claims up.

99% of people that come online to earn money end up at Neobux within the first 24 hours – why is this?

Well Neobux IS an honest and trusting PTC site – it’s not their fault if you use the services they provide incorrectly!

Then we arrive at the age old problem of a certain former member not making any money off his referrals:


So apparently the day you rent referrals, most if not ALL of them will click 4 ads. Well he/she must be the luckiest Neobux member EVER if that’s the case!

This has NEVER happened for me – real members just don’t act this way. Most of the new members sign up with Neobux, realize it will take hard work and patience and then quit to find a ‘get rich quick’ scheme. So the majority of new referrals that I have bought are not really active at all!

The clicks are bound to go downhill with the majority of members due to them losing interest – Neobux needs to be a long term plan if you want to make decent money out of it!

You’re not going to be lucky enough to hire a bunch of referrals that ALL have the same long term plan – NOBODY is that lucky!

They then go on to say that upgrading will then effect the amount of clicks your referrals give you – where is their evidence for this claim?

Upgrading is THE ONLY way you are going to make over $10 a day because you receive a higher % commission off each of your referrals clicks.

The Truth of The Matter

A simple Google search will bring up hundreds of unhappy Neobux members that have released some sort of post or article labeling the site a scam.

These members are individuals that invested in rented referrals and screwed their own accounts up through one of the following:

  • They got to greedy, to early on, and ended up with no money to maintain their referrals
  • They were not financially tuned in to the whole Neobux process
  • They failed to grasp the concept of averages and thought the whole thing would work on autopilot

Neobux spends thousands of dollars a day purchasing direct referrals off it’s members to then sell on as rented referrals – FACT!

Bots would be active every day to give the owner the illusion that they were real and worthwhile – FACT!

The Neobux rental queue for Ultimate Members is usually stuck at 180 hours due to them NOT using bots – FACT!

Neobux would have broken down financially within a year if they used bots – FACT!

REAL members make REAL money through Neobux – FACT!

NeoBux was built as a proof-of-concept to prove that success comes only with real users, not fake ones. It is popular for a reason – it’s legit and it pays!

It might not be the money tree you were looking for but there’s no getting away from the fact that it’s succeeded where others have failed due to it being honest.

Chances are if you’re on this blog, you’re looking for income you can sustain for the long haul. If this is the case, check out our number one recommendation HERE

101 comments on “Are Neobux Rented Referrals Bots?

  1. Oh really, you mean to say that the referrals we rent are humans. I have both rented referrals and direct referrals. My direct referrals are very active but my rented referrals don’t click any ads. Does that mean direct referrals are not humans ? Or I am very lucky that my direct referrals are very active and rented referrals are dumb ?

    1. Yep, take it from an Ultimate Member who handles 1000’s of referrals a day. People need to realize that 80% of newcomers to Neobux never log in again after they realize they can’t initially earn thousands of dollars a day. The Admin of Neobux, Fernando, knew from the start that the ONLY way to build a sustainable PTC platform was to use real members as referrals. This is why the platform has lasted so long and this is why people make money out of it. If you are not prepared to dedicate AT LEAST two hours of the day to studying and maintaining your rented referrals you are going to end up with dead members who are never going to log in again. That’s EVERY day folks – there is no easy money online!

      From the sounds of your comment you haven’t quite got to grips with handling your RR’s yet. I now handle massive amounts of rented referrals on a daily basis and it has been a long learning curve. I make good money every day but I learned the hard way. Your referrals get the attention first – YOU get paid last!

      Good luck with your Neobux journey Shoaib.

      1. This is nonsense. If 80% of newcomers never login again, what do I get renting referrals? I will just lose my money and that’s why PTC ‘industry’ still exists. They want everyone paying like a ponzi scheme.

        “dedicate AT LEAST two hours of the day to studying and maintaining your rented referrals ”

        Are there so many things to do?? :-O

        1. Yes there are ‘so many things to do’. The last comment shows me all I need to know – you have no idea how to maintain your referrals therefore you will NEVER make any money! I have been a member for over 5 years and in that time I’ve only ever had a handful of direct referrals – the rest are all rented. I get that you’ve lost money but you went into this thinking that it was going to be easy – if you withdraw anything during the first year forget about it…you have already gone into dept. You CANNOT earn money off rented referrals as a standard member UNLESS you have them set to 240 days – period!
          If you are pissing about with a standard or even a gold membership you are going to see small profits at best. If you want to make the big money your hand is going to have to go into your pocket and pay I’m afraid – Neobux is an investment. Myself and my ‘colleagues’ earn for two reasons – patience and hard work. Every referral is it’s own case and needs to be monitored as such.
          Why is it that we are able to rake in $$$’s every week when the rest of you can’t? Once you are able to answer this question you will see where you are going wrong!
          And please do yourself a favor – if you are not prepared to treat this platform as an investment quit now! Nobody wants to see you lose money ( which is what 95% of Neobux members end up doing! ).

          1. Hi,
            May you explain to me how my referals never click all orange 4 adds, if they click at all, they click 1 to 3 of the adds, what kind of user is that, who just click a couple of adds and log off for a couple of days?

          2. Ultimate members, which most of us are…and most of you SHOULD be if you are looking to make money, don’t need to click adverts every day. We just click a handful and log in to make sure our accounts are still running smoothly. Why would we purposefully sit there and click adverts for the benefit of the people who’ve rented us? We wouldn’t.

            Newsflash – if you are not a Ultimate member you are not going to make much money (most of the members at Neobux are at least Gold level).

            Standard is set up to fail – the majority of your referrals will not be the standard level

  2. Was just wondering around and came across your article on Neobux. I’ve also been a member over there for a very long time.. Pretty much since the site launched. I agree with you 100% that Neobux isn’t renting out “referral bots” – I think that anyone that makes those claims are just silly. I’ve had much success over time with them, but like you mentioned, there are some bad seeds that become lazy. Great article.

    1. It’s good to hear you’ve had some success there John! It’s a long path to making money with Neobux – that’s what most people fail to realize!!!

  3. I got into Neobux when I started to look for an opportunity to make money online. I didn’t know how to effectivly make money there so I lost my investment of 50 dollars. Now I never believed that rented referrals are bots, but there sure are many people who believe this nonsense.
    How long did it take for you to become ultimate member ?

    1. Hi Rolandas, it took me about two years to get to the point of ultimate member – mind you, it wasn’t all plain sailing ( I made a few mistakes along the way! ).

      1. Chris so did you upgrade to Ultimate with your earnings or was it your won investment..I am now off the opinion after being a member of Neobux for a year and investing hundreds of dollars that the only way to earn from rented referrals in Neobux is to upgrade to Ultimate…
        Ie Ultimate referrals have 7 day referrals inactivity days ie if a rented referral is inactive for 7 days they get automatically replaced free of cost..
        whereas a free o r golden member it is 15 days (Even though it says 14 days in Neobux website).

        1. Making money through a simple golden membership is very easy IF you extend ALL of your referrals first. Remember – it’s not about the amount of referrals you have, it’s about how long you have extended them for. You won’t make anything extending referrals for 90 days etc (ever!).

  4. I would have to agree with you on your post about Are Neobux Rented Referrals Bots?

    Far to many people expect to do next to nothing and have money roll in hand over fist. So when it comes time to act and do something that will start to generate money most people are not prepared to do what it takes.

    Also as you had mentioned when the get rich quick concept did not happen then all of a sudden the system is a scam.

    Good post about Neobux.

    1. Yep that’s the problem Travis – far too many idiots signing up there expecting to make thousands of dollars a week….

  5. Hi Chris,I have to say I never ever heard of Neobux so I had to read the page a few times to try and grasp what it is all about.
    Still not sure why advertisers would pay money out this way, something to do with stats no doubt.
    Your arguments are very convincing and very educational for someone like me who is only setting out on a journey which you have already travelled.
    I also went on to other pages within your site and took heart from the fact that one can earn some short term money alongside developing a longer term strategy through WA.
    Would love to know if you consider Neobux better than clixsense for me to get started .
    Excellent page and excellent site.
    On a less important note, and just to be pedantic, you might want to know that the page contains a typo in your use of the word “to” where too should be used but it doesn’t weaken the content quality.

    1. Both Neobux and Clixsense are excellent choices to earn online but they are very different beasts – I recommend trying them both out ( for free of course ) and then seeing which one fits best!
      P.S. Don’t worry about the typos – people don’t come online to read Shakespeare, they come online to get information 🙂
      ( We can live with a few here and there! )

  6. Excellent article! Really Loves reading it!
    Its really hard to get a good active direct referral in Neobux.

    So I invite Damien to join neobux under me.


  7. Hello,
    I’m using Neobux since 44 days now, and I’m active everyday, I heard of the idea of rental referees being Bots and i thought of it, the thing that is bothering me is the fact that we have no solid proof that they aren’t (“the Bots will be active always to bring up clients” is not a valid argument because if Neobux really want to trick people they have to be more intelligent and bring Bots that click some days and don’t click some others.. anyway it’s easy to simulate real human behavior in something not that complicated as ads clicks)

    The most important thing that bothers me is that people can show or not show their name but rented referrals names are hidden per default and I don’t get why is that.
    Have you an idea ?

    1. Many years ago Neobux used to have the rented referral’s user names included but they changed it for security reasons – the bigger your account gets the less likely you are to want people to know about you! There have been many changes to Neobux over the years mostly down to security reasons or people trying to cheat the system.

    2. Your argument makes absolute sense buddy. Bots don’t mean clicks every day, it means control over clicks. We programmers have something we call a “script” which can then be used to program/control these “bots” to behave the way we want them to. Also, I have experienced the claim “most/all clicks on the first day of purchasing RRs”, also, for the best part, whenever an RR is supposed to be “free recycled”(15 days for Standard, 7 days for ultimate), the shocking part is, they click right before the last day. So for standard, you only get $.04 on a period of 15 days. Cool huh? This has been happening to me now since Feb.

  8. I’ve been searching for online income we back 2008 and I found Neobux. I thought I can make money with this kind of business but I failed. Im tired of clicking ads everyday which is very hard to earn even a single penny. so i quit. However after 7 years I made a comeback to try again neobux, this time I tried RR, I heard so many negative feedback’s about this method. I hope this article can clear my doubts.

    1. I’m not going to lie to you John – it is VERY hard work getting Neobux to work for you! It’s all about dedication and patience with building your account at the end of the day.

  9. Hello Chris,

    Let me share my experience too. I registered in Neobux way back year 2012 but I never intended to invest anything since it was my first time to join such online activities.

    After some time, I was able to accumulate $2 which is the minimum payment. I withdrew it and lo, my first paypal payment. That was the most glorious day. Hahaha. Since then, I believe that neobux is a legit site.

    However, I stopped for 2 years because of some other matters to attend to, my mistake.. I joined again last year 2014 but was not able to click much. Only after 2 years when I was able to upgrade my membership to golden.

    Can you be my mentor for the journey I am about to take?

      1. HEY chris . How come that i have 2 rented referrals who are rented at the same day and after 12 days they both clicked 3 ads only out of 4 at the same time and both havr the exact same avg with 23 clicks?

        1. Hi Heshezb,

          Could you maybe give us a bit more info than that? Many referrals will end up with dud results which are very similar due to them realizing that Neobux is not a ‘get rich quick’ scheme. Remember that more members/referrals quit the platform than stay – most people are looking for quick cash and not to build up something over time. The more referrals you rent the more similar stats you will see!

  10. I completely agree with you, i remember i started on neobux to make “fast money” in 2014, after i saw i could only make some cents per day, i just gave up or i just clicked 1-2 advs per day, because i was not informed as i had too, in fact i remember perfectly that i got lazy to click for some cents and started to click only purple advertisments ignoring oranges one :D, so if i was referral for someone i would have been like inactive one. now i’m back to neobux since this august, i have read everything about tos and guides, i just invested 5 dollars, i have 15 referrals now, and i actually make around 4 dollars per months (november) so i can buy and extend for 240 days 3 refs, i guess with time i can buy 5-10 refs per month and extend them.

  11. hi man, good work!!! i need to earn 8$-10$ profit/day. i m ready invest 300$ into the system. tell me the strategy. i ll join under you.

  12. this is so true but you say the only strategy to this ptc is to extend to 240 days and manage your ads still you have to upgrade to golden pack for 90$, but i have a simple question how to manage? this is a mess

    1. In what way mate? Are you struggling with the recycling side of things? What exactly is a mess in your account?

  13. Hello i am on neobux since a year, now i am a gold member with 500 RR but i make nearly no profit.. maybe 10 cent a day if i click all ads.
    I think that normally humans would click 4 ads and not 2 or 3. 90% of my RR don’t click 4 ads, many click 2 or 3 and i never saw a RR click 1 which is kind of……. fake?
    Thats why i will quit Neobux i invested a lot and it did’nt work out how it actually should.
    I spended a lot of time in the forums but that was a waste of time for me.

    kind regards

  14. Another thing i wanted to mention is that the RR clicks were much higher wen i was a standard member like 3x higher.. but still i didn’t earn anything because i was only standard member.. when i upgraded to gold my clicks went down until i couldn’t earn again even with golden membership.
    Neobux is faking the RR clicks – that is a fact.
    Neobux is also faking their daily new members because this site can’t get 10.000 new members a day everyone know that – this is a fact.

    kind regards 🙂

    1. It’s all about referral extension Yang. I’ve told this to members time and time again. DO NOT think about withdrawing money UNTIL EVERY one of you referrals is extended to 240 days. It’s a dynamic environment and most members are not as dedicated as you and I – clicks will come all over the place. Don’t trust the forum – full of idiots that like to spout shit that means nothing.
      Download the Neobux Handy Referrals Manager (there is a free version that’s excellent) and monitor their progress every day.
      DON’T over recycle – VERY IMPORTANT. I have a huge amount of referrals and I NEVER recycle over ten a day – period.
      Don’t worry about who says what and what you think is fake – these claims have been going for years and they’ve never effected myself and many other long term members from making good money off the platform.
      Concentrate on your account and blow the rest of them.
      Remember – 99% of the time referrals will return to the site to give it ‘one last shot’. Hold off that recycle button and use your head.

  15. Hi Chris,

    First of all wan to thank you for such a great article. It really clears a lot of doubts.
    I am new to neobux, joined around 10 days ago. I have been an active member, clicking almost all the ads daily (avg 30 clicks\day). I am also active in clixsense, earned around $20 so far, and invested 5$ in neobux to get my first RR pack of 3.
    Problem is two of them haven’t clicked a single add since 2 days. Could you please tell me how long should I wait before I recycle them for new referrals.

    I am really focusing on investing in this system. I do it not out of my pocket directly but money earned from other site like Clixsense. Could you please guide me through the neobux journey. I understand it needs a lot of hard work, understanding of the system & patience to make money from neobux.

    Many thanks for such a good article there.

    Thanks & Regards,

    1. Sorry for the delay mate – been laid up in bed with a bug over the last week (caught it off my son!). I usually give referrals at least 15 days to prove themselves. The auto recycle will kick in after 14 days of inactivity anyway. If you use the contact form on this site you will be directed to my personal email – from there I can give you a lot more help. Find it HERE

      1. Dear Mr. Chris

        I recently started with NeoBux and i am so excited to improve it and i am patient enough to wait until to see that seed become a Tasty Fruit but t my question is how can i improve my self and my income with it ..

        i already rented 100 referrals about 35 of them made 512/4 days i don’t know if should i rent more referrals the next 2 days when they allow me or it’s going to be risky.. please i need your help sir and do you recommend me to buy the golden membership after 12 days ??? i dont want to waste my money i know that i have to invest to earn but i want to be sure that it worse to use it.. hope fully there is a way to contact you personally just to give me your advices

        I am so happy because finally i found someone positive


        1. Hi Jimmy,
          First things first – don’t even consider renting more until you have extended the referrals you already have to at least 150 days each (240 is obviously much better). When you get to this point ONLY THEN should you consider renting more referrals – this is the mistake most newbies make. Remember – rent then extend (every time!)

  16. I know the importance of extending Rented referrals but neobux rented referrals are not like normal human beings.

    I just have 20 rented Referral and one day out of 20 RR around 15 rr clicks ads and on 2nd day only 1 or 2 rr clicking ads. how its possible and even they only click 1 or 2 ads. I don’t know whether neobux RR are bot or not but they behavior is suspicious.

    For Example Today 4 of my Rented Referrals clicks ads and all 4 RR only clicks 2 ads each. It is possible in any case. I don’t think so, Even Rented Referrals are human still Neobux doing Something to reduced our Earning by not credit full ads.

    Sorry for my bad English 🙂

  17. Dear Mr. Chris
    I am planning on a big investment and renting 250 referrals and extending all for 240 days. I am a standard member. Will i make money with these 250 ref. to get a golden membership during promotions for 70-75 dollars. Please guide me. Any suggestions will be very helpful.

    1. Hi Nayan,

      First off – when are the promotions on for the Golden Memberships? If you extend them for 240 days you can pretty much forget about recycling and use the 15 days auto feature (everything will be pure profit from then on in!).

      I would advise you to stay at 240 referrals until you reach that Golden Membership

      1. Sir,

        I am planning for the promotion of 25th of March – Neobux birthday.

        And sir one more thing why do you advice on staying on 240 ref. when cost per referral remains the same till 250 ref. and changes from 251.
        Last Question :-
        Is it wise to rent 200 and extend them to 240 days and buy a golden or rent 250 and extend them for 240 days and earn money(IF POSSIBLE. Can I?) for Golden.

        1. Well if you are not yet a Golden Member – you are probably only going to lose money with more referrals. Look at it this way…
          As a Golden Member:
          – Extending referrals for less than 90 days will lead to you losing money
          – Extending referrals for 90 days will allow you to break even
          – Extending referrals for 150 days will allow you to make money
          – Extending referrals for 240 days will allow you to make A LOT of money!

          It’s VERY hard to make money from rented referrals as a standard member – the only way it can be done is by the 240 day extension.

          1. oh i understand that thank u very much but please can you answer me

            Last Question :-
            Is it wise to rent 200 and extend them to 240 days and buy a golden or rent 250 and extend them for 240 days and earn money(IF POSSIBLE. Can I?) for Golden.

          2. You can do both Nayan, the main point here is extending them for the full 240 day period. Once you’ve extended them for this long the recycle function becomes something you don’t really need to bother with that often – you will be making money, steadily, every day.

            I personally would buy golden outright but it depends who you are and how much money you have. NEVER invest money into Neobux that you can’t afford.

  18. Rented referals system seems fishy , they don´t give out a profit most of the time, or barely make it to a profit.
    The reason i think they are bots are: They sometimes click 3 times on ads, who the hell leaves one ad behind? . As soon as ur a golden member ur Average clicking starts dropping. (Fishy?) Yes.
    (Dont get me wrong neobux is still a great webpage but having to pay $800ish dollares to get full upgrade its just ridiculous.. and that rented referall system just seems a way to make a bit more money..)

    1. I was also dubious about the price of the ultimate membership Andrew…until I got it with all my referrals extended the full amount! It’s all about discipline at the end of the day. Get a calculator out and plan your moves – within a month you will have nailed your journey and you will be looking at making A LOT more than $800 a year (believe me!). The price of the membership will soon become nothing to you…

  19. Hi Chris,
    You had nicely and honestly written on this page.
    I had joined Neobux 2 months back. I had no direct referal, earned 1.40$ by viewing ads daily. When should I start renting referrals and what would be the strategey. Please guide me I am ready to work hard but not find myself fit to run for direct referrals.

    1. To be honest with you Praveen – direct referrals are not all that they are cracked up to be in most cases anyway!
      Just start off slow – grab no more than 5 rented referrals and extend them as far as possible (at least 150 days…240 if at all possible!). Most people tend to get the extension side of things wrong – they go for a load of referrals without extending them correctly!

  20. Hi Chris,

    Thanks for the helpful article and comments. I just joined Neobux a few days ago. I have little patience when it comes to making money, so I purchased 100 referrals and the full version of Neobux Referrals Handyman.

    My question is should I extend the 100 referrals to 240 days right away or wait until I upgrade to the Golden membership in 2 weeks? Also, should I continue to purchase 100 referrals each week?

    Many, many thanks!

    Russ 🙂

    1. Extend as soon as possible Russ – anything below 150 days will not make you money…they will actually lose you money! Always extend before moving onto the next batch of referrals.

      90 days = break even
      150 days = make a bit of money
      240 days = make decent money

    1. Yes definitely. Unfortunately a lot of the members on the Neobux forum are pretty much full of sh#t – they neglect to point this fact out and prefer to go on about their recycling systems, how successful they are etc…

      You need to be on 240 days before looking to rent any more. When you do this you actually don’t really need to worry about recycling as you’re self-contained!

  21. Thanks for your quick reply. I will like you to assist me with this whole neobux concept. If it works, I will share some refs with you. Here are some other questions. Don’t mind my grammar.
    Is it wise to extend referrals with points or the money you’ve earned? 30k points can buy you a golden membership and extending refs cost about 1900 points. What do you also think about recycling referrals with points?
    Do advertisers give special preference to golden members than standard? In my 1 month of using neobux, I’ve only seen some high value ads.
    What is the easiest way to get to level one in crowdflower. The mini job amount is very low and sometimes the jobs come in multi languages.
    I will be awaiting your quick reply as usual and pls don’t get bugged if I ask more questions?. Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Mac,

      Sorry for the delay. Right, points are Neobux’s free currency – use them wisely. I always try to save up at least 5000 odd points before spending them. Now, a golden membership is an awesome step up and you will be making more money – but you should only be going golden once you have all your referrals past 150 days extension.

      I also think that using the points to get free extensions is a good move – free days = free money

      As a Golden or Ultimate member you will see more higher value adverts – period. But remember – I actually know some Golden members that are making more money than Ultimate members!

      Once you are Golden and your referrals are past the 150 days point you really don’t have to bother with recycling – in my opinion recycling is ineffective anyway!

  22. Also, getting direct referrals from my view is not that difficult. I can get thousands of refs but it looks like the only way to convince them is to show them your earnings. As long as you’ve made $100 and above, you’re good to go. How I wish I found the site earlier.

    1. Direct referrals are great but rented referrals are referrals that HAVE been active in the past – new members sometimes leave within a day so direct referrals can be a pain in the ass!

  23. What would be more beneficial ,upgrading to golden membership or getting rented referrals and extending them to 150 days by investing your own money? if you already have only 8 rented referrals?

    1. Only 8? I would definitely think about extending them as far as possible first. Golden is great – but it doesn’t really work out for you unless you have a referral set that is extended as far as possible (and you keep on extending them this length as well!).

          1. LOL.. Teddy bear~

            Nice article, mate. What your username Chris? happy to learn from you in NeoForum. Thanks

            “Rent it. Extent it” exponential!!

          2. Ahhh I wish I could give my username out on here Wan but account security reasons stop me I’m afraid! You have to be careful. I will point out that you should be very careful on the Neobux forum – there are a lot of people out there with wild claims and feeding out poor, poor tactics and misinformation. Just concentrate on extending all your referrals as far as possible BEFORE earning money – this is the ONLY tactic that can work! 🙂

  24. Hi Chris
    Im 7 months old membre on neobux
    Ive earned 14$ without RR DR. My question is how can I invest this simple amount ? What pack of RR would u suggest me ? Thanks in advanne.

    1. Start small mate, and then extend EVERY referral for as long as possible before buying your next lot of referrals – this is the important step that most seem to miss!

  25. Hi Chris, love your article and agree with all the points (especially the people ending up at neobux within 24 hrs point)
    I joined Neobux around a week ago without investing anything (actually cant), without any RR or DR, I was able to earn only $0.2. I have a bunch of coins but they’re not credited yet.
    So my question is how much I should collect before starting to rent referrals and what to do with them right after I do it? Because a huge percentage of them are either lazy fa***ts or impatient morons. So I must be careful with my steps.
    please reply, thanks

    1. Hi Ryan, sorry for the delay.
      It’s important not to build up your referrals too quickly – otherwise you won’t be able to keep up with their maintenance!
      The single most important move to make once you have rented a few referrals is to extend them as far as possible – this is where everyone usually f##ks it up!
      Just concentrate on buying a handful at a time then extending them for at least 150 days.

  26. I rented my first 3 referrals and enabled autopay, Two of them clicked 4 ads the next day 1 did nothing. And for 3 days from then, nobody did anything. Should I recycle them or wait 15 days?

  27. Hey I have one more question, when I recycle a referral, do I lose its extension period or it continues with the replaced referral?

  28. hi Chris. read your article for 3rd times. before this i am pretty damn and f****d up sure that the RR is bots. reason : for 30 days. first 2 days they click. then they ‘rest/vacation’ for 15 days. then click 2 days and ‘rest’ again. so funny about that. i get banned because i opened a support ticket asking about the RR behavior.

    so today, i would like to take another shot at Neobux but this time i’ll do it according to your suggestion. I’ve got 6 referral. i don’t think i will achieve the break even with their stats. so what i should do now?

    1. I have heard that they are getting pretty ‘touchy’ over there at Neobux since their Paypal problems – banning people left right and center. First off, just try letting the referrals run without hitting the recycle button, this often shows how powerful they are going to be in the future…

  29. Hi Chris, I have 2 fine referrals extended to 150 days period and 3 referrals with 28 days left. Should I rent 3 more to speed up a little or extend my current 3 first?

    1. Hold on there a bit. Extend the 3 referrals on 28 days first – you need all your referrals wrapped up for a long period BEFORE renting any more!

  30. Hi chris. I loved your article very much.The best I’ve ever read and the first one to leave a comment. I have been working on various ptcs for about 2 weeks. I’ve membership on more than 30 ptcs and I’m clicking high paid ads to get about a dollar a day as a total from all the site.With this i think i will be able to make at least about 50-60 dollar in 3 months and I’m planning it to invest on neobux and familyclix. Will it make me profit.I’m ready to work hard all i want is profit. I’m a college student and I’m working with all my free time on ptc i want an opinion from one who is an expert at this.I also want you to write an article about renting and managing referrals on neobux.

    1. Thanks for saying so Arun! I’m unsure about FamilyClix because it is a PTC site I have no experience with – I only trust Neobux these days…

      1. I’ve 50 only 10 referals by now. But, with in a month i will be able withdraw about 70-80 dollar from all my ptc sites and will invest it on neobux.

  31. Hi Chris! This is a great article I got helped a lot!
    Chris? I am just a new to the site and think I’m about to put some dough on it as investment. But a problem is I really don’t have a very perfect idea how to grow my profit.
    (I’m never in a rush. It’s no matter of time consuming)
    Can you please share some strategy of how to do it a smart way?
    All I know about how to is just upgrade to gold member and rent 100 rented referrals every week until it reaches 2,000 under me. Love your help with your super expertise! 🙂 🙂

    1. I’d say Wow a bit there mate!
      Have you extended all of your referrals over 150 days yet?
      Please don’t invest anything else until you have!
      Get back to me.

  32. Hi chris..How much do you earn per month now with your ultimate membership and how many referals do you have…Please reply… I’m just curious whether i too can make money or not.

    1. Per month fluctuates Arun – referrals never work the same way, week after week. I’ve cut back on my referrals these days because I don’t have the time due to the success of this site. At my peak I was earning around $50 a day (yes you certainly can make money there!)

  33. Hey Chris. I really liked your article and I’ve been a member of neobux for about 2 months and I have rented 100 referrals 2 days ago and out of which 60 clicked yet. I liked your strategy and I’m thinking to extend their period for 240 days but I don’t have much money yet so I wanna ask you should I extend those referrals who haven’t clicked yet too or should I extend only those who clicked. And one more thing, as I don’t have much money I’m thinking of extending my rented referrals period one by one daily. Is it a wise idea? Please help

    1. Oh extend ALL your referrals mate – recycle them if necessary but don’t lose them! Extending one by one daily seems okay to me as long as the extension period is long enough…

  34. Hi again Chris, So I now have 24 rented and 1 direct referral, most of them are extended to 150/240 and im sure ill be able to extend the rest before I lose them
    But one thing is really bothering me that we pay 0.2$/mo. (not counting extension discount) for one referral. So with autopay enabled, referrals must click >50 ads in a month to get me profit (35-40 with disabled) which is like 1.2-1.3 average.
    So is it worth extending that referral? Recycling costs 7 cents but its still a slot-machine.
    Please explain, thanks a lot.
    (I’m a standard member BTW, scroll up if you don’t remember me)

    1. Being a standard member is the problem here – very hard to make money at this level renting. Have you thought about upgrading to Gold? The difference in earnings is drastic between the two!

        1. Once you have extended as far as possible (i.e. 240 days each at least) this should be achievable very quickly – every thing you earn goes straight into your profit. The key is always extending first, thinking about money second.

  35. I stumbled upon this page by a google search.

    One observation, covered by countless people, who experienced the same: once you become a Golden member, your average WILL drop significantly.

    Ok, the fanboys will start to tell you, that’s normal, referrals will get older and thus less active.

    Agreed, that could be the reason, yet it smells strange that they get inactive exactly when you become a Golden member – no matter if you upgrade after 3 months or 3 years. Given that you keep your recycling strategy as before.

    I decided to quit neobux and started to cash out a while ago. A process which started several months ago and is still running. Now, I experienced something REALLY weird, which is kinda proofing, that neobux is manipulating the numbers of credited clicks:

    Once my Golden membership expired and I became a standard member again, the AVG went up again. Mind you, I even stopped any recycling months ago! Nothing changed, I have the same (old) 200ish referrals for more than 6 months now – bar the few auto-recycled ones every once in a blue moon.

    I would like to hear a good explanation for this “coincidence” from neobux, but I got banned from the forums instantly when I asked about this issue via support ticket. Sadly neobux doesn’t allow any informed opinions, if they are sceptical against their business.

  36. I think the simulation curve is a good guide to find out when to rent referrals profitably and how much money to invest in case it is required for extending to 240 days.

  37. So when i rent refferals and extend them to 240 days what should i do with the ones tht are inactive ? after how much days should i recycle them ?

    1. Ahh – I just read your last comment before this one Naahil!

      Okay, I’ve left Neobux about a year back as I had too much success with the websites I own – I had no time to go through my referrals every day (so I took one last large withdraw and ran!). I used to wait 6 days until I recycled a referral, but I would take into account their past history (how much they had earned me etc).

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